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  1. TBryson2

    MCX MCX Error "A maximum of 64 are supported per model part"

    Using the latest development release (and was doing the same on a previous recent version), I load some A2A aircraft .mdl and even though the aircraft loads properly, in the event log I get a constant "Object Renderer" error that states ""A maximum of 64 are supported per model part" This is...
  2. TBryson2

    Blender LOD instructions?

    I've been doing a lot of searching on this website for instructions on how to properly do LOD's and not having any joy yet! Is the information I need piecemealed throughout this forum or is there a step by step procedure somewhere? I'm creating some very detailed hangars and other buildings...
  3. TBryson2

    LOD questions, need clarification

    I have questions concerning "LOD" as it relates to FSX, P3D and MSFS2020. I have made several steam locomotives for Trainz RR simulator and for their simulator you make 3 models of the same engine, each with less detail for "far away" exterior shots. Closeups would have ALL details of the...
  4. TBryson2

    Cannot launch ADE 1.79 after installing ProKey

    I'm attempting to evaluate ProKey, installed it as instructed. When attempting to launch ADE 1.79 (latest), I get "Could not load file or assembly "file://D:\MSFS\FS Design Tools\Airport Design Editor 179 Test\Plugins\infralution.Licensing.dll" or one of it's dependencies. The file is...
  5. TBryson2

    Is there a way to edit ORBX .bgl files?

    I'll assume (yes, I know) that ORBX files are somehow protected, but I'll ask anyway. I would like to use MCX to open an ORBX "objects.bgl" file supplied by ORBX for a specific airport but MCX cannot open those files. I have taken the time to recreate in detail all of the hangars and buildings...
  6. TBryson2

    Blender Blender 2.9 UV texture question

    I used Blender 2.79 for a ton of work I did recently. I'm now evolving to 2.9 and wondered if the below is possible? In 2.79, I always used the <filename.dds> as the texture, and the <filename.psd> or <filename.tga> as the UV map image. Even though the .dds files are always upside down that...
  7. TBryson2

    Blender Can anyone recommend a good Blender (2.8 or 2.9) / Photoshop tutorial for texturing?

    I was doing REAL good with texturing and Blender 2.79, but now I'm attempting to (re-)learn Blender 2.9. I'm having a LOT of difficulty understanding how to texture our models and especially ones that have alpha maps so we can see through stuff like railings, support beams etc. I can...
  8. TBryson2

    ADE Is it possible to slightly move EVERYTHING in an airport I created?

    I spent a lot of time rebuilding and perfecting KOCF with accurate airport details, buildings, runways, etc. Then I recently purchased ORBX's "True Earth US Florida" and after installing it, literally everything in my airport is about 6 feet north west of where it "should" be. "True Earth" is...
  9. TBryson2

    Blender Ok, I’ll be the first to ask,

    Will Blender2P3D/FSX work in Blender 2.9? thanks! TB2
  10. TBryson2

    P3D v5 Question about placing airport files

    Since P3D v4 and 5 have started using an "add-on" directory, is this a valid place to put generated airport files? I've been creating several airports and have used the "\Documents\P3D Add-On" directory structure to place my new (recreated) airports successfully, (using #2a below). I have two...
  11. TBryson2

    Two questions

    1. Is there a users manual for SAMM? 2. When an aircraft is converted, does the conversion reduce the size (byte) of the aircraft? Seems some of the aircraft I converted are “big” in file size. I’m concerned about overhead if I place a lot of static aircraft. TB2
  12. TBryson2

    How to use "Livery" dropdown?

    I saw an article on the A2A forum that implied that after loading the model, you can select the individual Livery from the drop down on the tool bar. But my "Livery" dropdown is blank and will not do anything. Is there a setting for this? Thanks, TB2
  13. TBryson2

    Where are config files located for MCX?

    Somehow, I may have whacked the config files (Options) for MCX. It was exporting just fine, had my scenery in the sim and now even though it exports without errors, my scenery is not showing up all of a sudden! The ONLY thing I can think of, is that I was fiddling around with the options...
  14. TBryson2

    Rotating Beacon and Open hangar issue!

    . Rotating beacon light goes through walls into hangar. P3D 4.5 (Used ADE, Blender, Photoshop and MCX to create hangar / airport) Any way to prevent this? (Roof is double lined, i.e. has separate roof and ceiling faces since hangar is open) Thanks all!!! TB2
  15. TBryson2

    Why are all of my library objects floating about 3-4 inches above the terrain?

    Using the latest ADE, for FSX I have been extensively rebuilding KOCF in Ocala Florida. I have used terrain exclusions and created a new background as described on the "help site". All looks good, but, all of my library objects are floating above the ground about 3-4 inches (approx). The...
  16. TBryson2

    Can someone explain correct procedure for object editor MCX?

    I almost have it figured out, I can correctly place a light, (Need red light for top of antenna) but cannot get it to set properly for Day, Dusk, Dawn or Night. I need help with effect parameters and understanding how to use it. I opened Object Editor, Add Light, it created a file...
  17. TBryson2

    Building orientation (Library object) vs. actual building orientation?

    I need to know what the correct procedure is for building orientation in BLENDER prior to exporting it into MCX and into the Library Manager in ADE. I have several buildings that "look" right in MCX, but when I add them to my Library Object manager, the yellow building icon is 90 or 180 degrees...
  18. TBryson2

    Floating building, NOT in xml file

    I'm deep into "rebuilding" an airport, lots of buildings etc. I've done well so far, but noticed I have one floating building right over the runway! I know what this building is, (it is one that I created). The original building is in it's correct place, but there is a second one floating about...
  19. TBryson2

    Blender2FSX/P3D “Set Default Transparent” option?

    Hope I’m wording this correctly, I was having issues with transparent items and found this excellent link which resolved everything. Problem With Custom Trees Following this routine every time I tested a model was beginning to get tedious, then I discovered that (almost) all of the options...
  20. TBryson2

    Problem with Hanger Model

    Hello all. I'm having a unique issue and do not know if it is related to ADE, ModelConvererX, Blender (2.79) or something I'm doing wrong or overlooking. Except for Blender, I AM using the latest versions of all programs / utilities. In Blender, I'm using the latest version of Blender2FSXP3D...