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  1. B21-soaring

    MSFS [SOLVED] Can I correct the pitch attitude of MODEL?

    Hi the aircraft I'm working on has the model aligned to the GROUND, i.e. the Z-axis is parallel to the ground when the aircraft is parked (the modeller took the side-profile of the plane when parked to bootstrap the model) The result is after much flight_model.cfg tuning I now have a plane...
  2. B21-soaring

    MSFS Detect when plane is viewed in "My Hangar"?

    Anyone know a sure way in either model XML or gauge code (e.g. via some simvar) how to detect when the aircraft is being viewed in "My Hangar" ? My objective is to have animations in a different position for the "My Hanger" view than for starting a regular flight (e.g. animate some doors to...
  3. B21-soaring

    Why do my mouse events fire but not LeftDrag?

    I think this question would probably equally apply to MSFS, FSX, P3D although I'm using MSFS. I would like to use 'basic' animation / mouserect code to support clicking or dragging my throttle lever (i.e. define the mouserect, capture the mouse events, update variables in a...
  4. B21-soaring

    MSFS How to stop the prop windmilling when engine off?

    I have a piston engine/propeller defined in my engines.cfg (it's on a glider with a retractable engine/prop) and I'm finding it extremely difficult to set the parameters so the prop stops when the engine is switched off while airborn. The real aircraft has a prop brake which operates before the...
  5. B21-soaring

    MSFS Engine/Propeller take-off performance vs. climb performance

    Any quick (haha, as if) clues for how to tweak prop/engine parameters for 'ground run to takeoff' performance VERSUS climb performance with a fixed-pitch prop? I've been able to adjust engine power and prop beta to get my aircraft to lumber down the runway and get airborn, but then it climbs...
  6. B21-soaring

    MSFS Can anyone hint how 'Community' aircraft addons might clash with each other??

    Hi - I have a problem I don't understand with layout.json -any clues appreciated. My aircraft project is designed to fit as normal entirely in a '<fs packages>/Community/<my aircraft>' folder, with Community/<my aircraft>/SimObjects/Airplanes/<my aircraft>/ and Community/<my...
  7. B21-soaring

    MSFS how to stop propeller windmilling?

    I'm working on an aircraft (glider) with a retractable propeller and would like advice on the best way to stop the propeller rotating before it's retracted. Currently at normal retraction airspeeds the prop will windmill at 110 rpm. Options I've considered so far are adjusting engine friction...
  8. B21-soaring

    MSFS [SOLVED] simvar to set wheel brake % ?

    And... while positing this I was still trying multiple ways to adjust the wheel brakes, and came up with this solution, so posting that up anyway in case it helps anyone else. I'm unsuccessfully trying to smoothly adjust the wheel brake with a SimVar. I.e. to set the left wheel braking action...
  9. B21-soaring

    MSFS [SOLVED] Plane spawns on runway gear-up

    I reckon there's a simple answer to this but I'm a bit stumped: My development aircraft has what seems a perfectly reasonable [CONTACT POINTS] gear definition: gear_system_type = 3 ; gear system type (betweeen 0 and 4) 0 = electrical, 1 = hydraulic, 2 = pneumatic, 3 = manual, 4 = none, 5 =...
  10. B21-soaring

    MSFS simplest click area for HTML/JS touchscreen

    Hopefully a quick question here... if I have a happily working HTML/JS gauge connected to a $texture on the panel, how can I define an area on that gauge that if I click it, code gets called within the gauge? I have the following clues: In the gauge JS class, define: get isInteractive() {...
  11. B21-soaring

    MSFS c:ITrafficInfo

    With the idea of building a Flarm gauge, I've just discovered the C:ITrafficInfo simvar data for AI/multiplayer aircraft in FSX. Anyone tried accessing those custom vars in MSFS?
  12. B21-soaring

    MSFS [SOLVED] stepping through the C:fs9gps: flight plan

    Programming a MSFS html nav intrument I'm stepping though the waypoints in the loaded flightplan by the standard process(?): writing C:fs9gps:FlightPlanWaypointIndex, and then reading e.g. C:fs9gps:FlightPlanWaypointIdent for each waypoint. There seem to be MAJOR MSFS quirks with a simple...
  13. B21-soaring

    MSFS How to add the simplest XML gauge code to panel.cfg?

    Can anyone provide the (hopefully simple) .cfg file linkage that means MSFS will know the XML code exists so it can wake up on the update cycle and do its thing? I'm more concerned with reading and updating variables than the bitmaps and mouseareas. I'll be easily able to work out what 'works'...