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    ADEX parkings

    It sounds like you might have had a node out of index order. At times I've seen airports where the link from a parking spot to the connecting node somehow gets confused and the lines from several parking spots will converge across long areas of an airport. I really don't know what causes...
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    FSX location of default apron textures

    I believe Chris Arrington said the textures used on aprons and taxiways are the same textures. That's how he did his Airport Environment Upgrades. They are in the main texture folder and start with taxi_ For grass, there are textures for the five seasons of FS. ADE doesn't use any...
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    Happy Birthday Arno

    I'd settle for just being young again. Congratulations. See you here again in 30 years, I hope.
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    [FS9] AI parking on wrong "gates"

    Which parking codes are you using in the parking spot properties? That will assign a PRIORITY to aircraft with the same code. The ONLY way to keep an aircraft from parking in a spot, is to make the spot too small for the aircraft size. As far as wing span - the aircraft wing span is...
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    FS2004 Special landing slope for AI Planes?

    Tom is right - except in some cases the terrain prevents the aircraft from descending to the FAF altitude. Just wanted to point out that if you have very high terrain near the airport, that can significantly impact the approach.
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    Help with Scenery Area Problem

    Note that this specific entry will only appear if you have FSX Acceleration installed. Default FSX installations without Acceleration have 115 scenery layers, Acceleration has 120 scenery layers. If you are having trouble with layer 124 - it is a scenery you have added. Possibly you...
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    Flatten and exclude airport background

    Did I see this correctly? You have two polygons which are Exclude Airport Background? You need to use only one. Having two over the same airport background polygon could confuse FS. I always put my polygons to exclude the default background in the area of the runways and taxiways. To...
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    FSXA Parking Problem

    What are your scenery slider settings? One lesson most of us have learned the hard way is that when designing and testing airports - we need the scenery sliders set to the maximum possible. We also have to set ADE to the Extremely Dense setting. That way we see everything that can...
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    FSXA Parking Problem

    From your attachment above The file with the .ad2 extension is the project file. ADE gives you a lot of information and data which cannot be compiled into an airport. For example, when creating complex military parking areas - I use a lot of guidelines. I need those to be available when I...
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    My wild a$$ed guess is that MS put the field there so that someone working with a magentic heading for a runway would be able to see how much to shift the true heading to get the runway right. My view has always been that it was information for us to view, not information for us to modify or...
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    How to raise Airport elevation?

    ADE tells me that the default LPMA airport is in the 0502 folder in the APX43200.bgl file. I used TMFViewer from the Terrain SDK. I select File -> Open and browse to the 0502 folder and open the cvx43200.bgl file. I use the plus sign key and arrow keys to zoom in the airport background...
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    FSXA Exclude Specific Airports Backgrounds Flatten: Not working?

    The polygon to exclude the default airport background needs to be "Exclude Specific - Airports Backgrounds Flatten Mask ClassMap Autogen" That is what default airport backgrounds are - so using another type of exclude will not cause them no longer display/ impact the scenery. Also, make...
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    FS2004 Something strange issue with taxiway

    I have seen this, but only in very special circumstances. Case #1: The airport needs at least two runways taking landings at near the same time. Two aircraft will touchdown on different runways and rollout while the other aircraft is still on the runway. Both aircraft are assigned to...
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    How to raise Airport elevation?

    You need one small polygon on the airport, but not over the airport reference point, to exclude the default background polygon. This polygon needs to be Type "Exclude Specific" and Tag "Airport Backgrounds Flatten MapClassMap Autogen" You need a new polygon - the Flatten Mask Class Map...
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    Line up & wait

    Not trying to be a SA, but the name of the program is "Flight Simulator" not "Airport Simulator" It was never designed to have lineups of more than a couple aircraft waiting for takeoff, for having more than one or two aircraft in the pattern for landing, more than 20 aircraft at any airport...
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    How to raise Airport elevation?

    Some background first. If you use SHFT+Z the elevation you see for the trike is not the airport elevation. It is the eyepoint elevation above the ground contacts point as set by the aircraft.cfg file. FS uses the airport altitude in the FIRST file it reads for an airport. So the ADE Change...
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    FSX Adex Parking codes

    For military aircraft, we often use an aircraft type code - i.e. F16 or VC10
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    Aircraft speed

    Very likely the engine and aerodynamics of the aircraft could not achieve a speed higher than 203 kts. Beechcraft's web site says the Baron has a max cruise speed of 202 kts. So if that is all the FS aircraft will do, the engine and aerodynamics modeling of the aircraft must be pretty close...
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    FSXA Beacon effect

    If we are going to start going through FS2004 and FSX to remove the ability to add all default objects that have problems and issues - we will end up with a very bleak world. It it is part of the default FS, my opinion is that it should be an option to add. However bad it appears in the sim.
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    Aircraft speed

    AI flight plans cruise speeds and AI aircraft cruise speeds are two different things. The speed used in the flight plan is used by the traffic compiler to calculate the grid location for the AI aircraft at various times along its route, and it's arrival time. The times go into the traffic...