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  1. Osian

    P3D v4 Convair 440

    Hi guys, I've got new motivation to work on models again (see Fokker thread for update on that). I have made some drastic changes to all those projects I had running...... yeah they are all cancelled except for the F130. With my new found motivation and inspiration I have decided to make one...
  2. Osian

    P3D v4 A220-100 / CS100 (Restarted)

    I have been trying some new things recently and it turned into the A220-100 :P possibly a new release after the F130 is finished ? Anyone interested ? ;)
  3. Osian

    Can someone help me making wingflex in Blender ?

    As the title states :) I really have no clue how to do it, I want to use bones, but 1 it doesn't look good and 2 in FS my wings are completely gone. Thanks in advance.
  4. Osian

    How do you guys animate airliner flaps on both sides ?

    As the title says, how do you guys do it ? I have been stuck at animating the flaps for 3 years now and have still not found a solution for "mirroring" the animations so I have smooth even animations. The program I use is Blender. I just need a general idea, as I am about to give up on...
  5. Osian

    P3D v4 How does one make wingflex ?

    As the title says how does one make wing flex in Blender when flaps etc are already animated ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Osian

    P3D v4 Export error

    Hello guys I am using the Blender2P3D plugin but I get this error ? How do I fix it, thanks in advance. PS with the Blender2FSX plugin exporting goes fine.
  7. Osian


    Hello everyone ! Here is another project of mine, which I intent to release after my Fokker 130, the COMAC C919. I have made this model entirely from pictures, as there are no blueprints at this time. I really like the way the C919 looks, so I couldn't resist. The F130 is currently on hold...
  8. Osian

    FSX Jerky fan animations.

    I am trying out my model in FSX and it has the classic jerky/shaky fan animations. I have seen FSX models with completely smooth fan animations. Is there a solution for the shaky fan animations ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Osian

    How do I make proper flap animations ?

    As the title says, How do I make them? I am having the greatest difficulty animating them symmetrical on both wings, I can do one wing but then the flaps on the other wing just wont line up at all ! How do you guys do it ?
  10. Osian

    Mirroring Part With Animations.

    Hello, I want to mirror the flaps of my Fokker 130, however I have no idea how to do it. whatever I try it just doesn't work out. Does anyone have some tips ? Thanks in advance
  11. Osian

    P3D v4 Fokker 130

    I just want to show off an project I have in development since October 2016 and WILL be released It is the Fokker 130 which is based on the real life project https://www.ngaircraft.com/ I have had help with this model by a lot of people and therefore I see it as an project ran by the entire...
  12. Osian

    FSX My current projects.

    I just want to show off my current projects I am working on :) First off: the TU-144 prototype, this project kind of started as a test to see if I could create a drooping nose but I couldn't stop and continued with the entire aircraft XD 2nd aircraft is my long running Fokker 130...
  13. Osian

    FSX Douglas DC-5

    I'd like to show off my Douglas DC-5 project. I also want to ask a question, some of you may have noticed I have had quite a few unfinished projects, I would like to ask if some of you have the same problem as me that you start a project and you are working on it and at some point you lose...
  14. Osian

    Cockpit windows

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know a good tutorial on how to properly model cockpit windows, mine are never accurate or it looks very rough. I've tried Google, YouTube and a lot of other places to find information and I even asked it here before but I need a video or images to work from, I am...
  15. Osian

    Is there a way to delete my old threads ?

    My question is in the title :)
  16. Osian

    FSX Weird "transparent" lines (Blender)

    Hello everyone, I've asked before about this problem but I was never able to fix it As you can see in the pictures I have these weird lines on my model (to me they look transparent), and I have no clue on how to fix it. Someone suggested it had something to do with having "double sided"...
  17. Osian

    FSX Odd shadows on my test aircraft.

    Hello everyone, I seem to have stumbled on a problem, when I export my model (without textures) to test in FSX and ModelconverterX etc I get these odd shadows (see tail of the plane and nose) do any of you know what I am doing wrong with the model and or materials? I work with Blender3D if...
  18. Osian

    FSX Help With Cockpit Windows

    Hello everyone, I still have a lot of problems modeling the cockpit windows on any aircraft (exterior). I was wondering if there are any good tutorials available on this subject ? I know of one tutorial but it is done with an easy cockpit (ERJ-145) I need a more complex tutorial on cockpit...
  19. Osian

    FSX Odd artifacts in FSX

    Hello everyone, I've recently been working on a learjet 45 with a team, (I am the exterior modeler) and I've found a weird little problem with the model when it's loaded in FSX. I see these thin weird lines in FS but I don't see them in Blender. They appear to be the actual edges in the 3D...
  20. Osian

    FSX Learjet 85

    Hello all, I just want to show my latest project, the Learjet 85 This project has been going on for a while now, due to a lot of problems but so far I think it looks decent. What do you all think ?