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  1. lionheart

    MSFS Max External 'Zoom', Pilots visibility, and LOD's

    Hey all, I am trying to get my pilots in external view to 'not' disappear on zooming in. I have them in cabin LOD01 (not LOD00) as like Asobo do. I have cabin LOD00 and LOD01 set at distances 500 and 499 (expermenting trying to keep them from disappearing). Still, when you zoom in, the...
  2. lionheart

    MSFS Interior Lights Turn Off when going to Exterior View and Back

    Hey all, I have a unique problem. My interior lights turn off when going from Interior to Exterior and back to Interior modes. It started when I made one of my interior lights knobs a 'Potentiometer' turning knob which is basically a dimmer knob. I have tried making my model a separate...
  3. lionheart

    MSFS Gauge Parts Names

    Hey all, Can you name these gauge parts from the FSX ModelDef? I am converting my plane in MSFS to 3D gauges. Ripped out my 2D XML's. The Behaviors are a nightmare to go through, and it occurred to me, I can use simple FSX ModelDef animations. However, the names of the gauge parts in the...
  4. lionheart

    MSFS Helicopters in MSFS with aircraft Flight Models

    Hey all, I hear (and see) there is a firm making a helicopter with an aircraft Flight Model config. Genius work-around till the real thing is available. Reminds me of years ago, we did this for helo's that were AI, as AI didnt do helo's so we did aircraft configs for them. I was curious how...
  5. lionheart

    MSFS Where are Houses and Tents possibly located in MSFS for adding to Scenery?

    Hey all, I have been learning how to place scenery and would like to know if we can place houses and tents into scenery? Some beautiful houses and hopefully tents. There are many airport objects, but hardly any of the Autogen houses. Many thanks. Bill LHC
  6. lionheart

    MSFS Pilots Loading up Half Outside of Cabins?!

    Hey all, I have tried all my tricks at getting pilots to load properly, but now and then, at least 1 out of 10, probably more, they will load sitting outside of the cabin, half way out... If I move them inwards, they are too close together. If I link them to a new dummy, or unlink them it...
  7. lionheart

    MSFS MSFS Door Animation

    Hey all, Can you see what I might be doing wrong on this code, what might be causing it to malfunction? <PartInfo> <Name>lhc_lh_door</Name> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code> (L:LHC LEFT DOOR HANDLE CONTROL,bool) 1 &gt; (A:SIM ON...
  8. lionheart

    MSFS Question on VS mode on Asobo Autopilot in Cessna 172?

    Hey all, I have the Asobo 172 KAP140 Autopilot in the Trinidad. However, it does not seem to have VS mode, where it does in the Cessna 172 Classic. Any idea's why? I wonder what it needs to be running that? I wish we had the configs for the 172.... Bill LHC
  9. lionheart

    MSFS Visibility Code for Engine Off?

    Hey all, Trying to get a Visibility Code in FSX format to function in MSFS. This is what I have, but no worky-worky... :S <PartInfo> <Name>lhc_power_off_parts_visibility</Name> <Visibility> <Parameter> <Code> (A:SIM ON GROUND, bool) 1 ==...
  10. lionheart

    Substance Painter Update Released; Jan 29, 2021

    Big update for Substance Painter today. 1.4 Gb download. :)
  11. lionheart

    MSFS What is that black no slip wing material called?

    What is that black adhesive no-slip material called on wings? Is there a technical name for it?
  12. lionheart

    MSFS Why cant gauges be seen through exterior plexi?

    Hey all, My XML gauges (none of them, including Asobo Avionics) are showing through plexi since adjusting 'Draw Order'. Any recommendations? Am I missing something? Below in the screenshot, you can see the $panel texture, but the gauges are hindered, not showing as they did before.
  13. lionheart

    Blender 2.93 Update, and Updates Tip

    Hey all, I found out... that Blender come out with 'small' updates continuously. Their big News related updates are a big thing, but they also have small updates and the way you find them is go to the launch date of their latest version, say 2.93 or 2.8x, etc, etc. Find the date and also the...
  14. lionheart

    MSFS Saving Weather in MSFS?

    Hey all, Can we save 'Weather' in MSFS? Save all the nearby cells and rain, etc?
  15. lionheart

    MSFS Hiding Pilots Option when 'in' VC?

    Is it possible... To have the pilot 'hide' when in the model? I am using the same model for interior and exterior. Can one possibly set a setting in the Flight Model config, or somewhere, that the pilot and co-pilot do not appear when in VC camera mode? Many thanks, Bill LHC
  16. lionheart

    MSFS Emmissive Instruments Control?

    Anyone figure out lights systems (emmissiveness system, how to turn off the glow)? I have no idea how to create a 'on off' system for MSFS 'instruments'. ($pan materials). I just tried another idea using a material with an Emmissive in it, visibility nodes controlled via 'panel switch on/off'...
  17. lionheart

    MSFS Blender 2.93 Alpha Released, Jan 20; 2021

    Hey all, The newest version of Blender, Beta (Alpha in this case) is 2.93. I got it this evening, created a 'copy' of my airplane (for MSFS) that I have been working on, opened it with 2.93, exported as MSFS glTF, and it appears fine in the simulator. Everything appears to function correctly...
  18. lionheart

    MSFS MSFS Legacy Importer Question; P3D V1 Models

    Hey all, I created my FSX models with the P3D V2-To-X format, and then P3D V1 X to MDL format secondary compiler system to make FSX compatable models (planes). I am finding that my plane isnt wanting to go to MSFS through the MSFS Legacy Importer. Does anyone else report this and do they have...
  19. lionheart

    MSFS 2D XML Gauge Emmissives and Turning them Off

    Hey all, Has anyone figured out a way to turn off illuminated gauges? To make them show up, I give them a white Emmissive in the materials (in Blender). But they are always illuminated at night. Panel Light Switch does nothing. They stay on. I would be massively grateful for any input...
  20. lionheart

    MSFS Dome Lights?

    The Spot Lights in MSFS are a bit harsh and they have light discs or disc targets, instead of lighting 'area's. Anyone know of a good dome light? Can we add our own, and if so, how would that be done?