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  1. AndyPaul

    Apt.dat usage and license

    Hi, I’m curious if anyone has any info on usage restrictions of the data in apt.dat regarding distribution of derivatives? In the most recent specification of apt.dat it is mentioned that the data is GPL and usage even for commercial applications is welcome. However, afaik apt.dat is only...
  2. AndyPaul

    MSFS Troubles seeing models in MSFS

    Is anyone else having seemingly random troubles getting their models to display in the sim? I'm using the most recent version of the exporter, in Blender 2.83. Following the same steps every time, sometimes the model will show in the sim but more often than it will only show in the list of...
  3. AndyPaul

    MSFS Emission texture not emitting light?

    So, I've created a street lamp as a test object in Blender, and exported the model with diffuse, metalness, normal and emission map. The model compiles okay and I can see it in MSFS. However, the lamp does not emit light where it should. So, I'm not quite sure if I need to add lights manually to...
  4. AndyPaul

    MSFS Scenery troubles: compiled package works on one but not on another PC [weird]

    So, I've just happily finished a little test project, in which I place some objects in the world. Works fabulously, and the scenery is shown correctly when it is placed in the Community folder. However, two other simmers tried the scenery, with exactly the same files, and it didn't work for...
  5. AndyPaul

    FS2004 Problem with resample for landclass

    Hi there, I encountered a problem with resample for which I do not have a solution: For a side project, I created a FS2004 land classification from Corine Data (2006, 100 m res) and saved it as an 8 bit unsigned integer geotiff using GDAL in QGIS. At this point, everything is fine, the raster...
  6. AndyPaul

    Landclass tiles placement

    Hello there, I am currently struggling to understand how landclass in FSX works. One of the things that I am wondering is whether it is possible to influence the following parameters when placing landclass polygons: 1. Is it possible to force FSX to use a specific texture from a landclass...
  7. AndyPaul

    Azores X - Azores island group

    Hello there, a quick introduction to this project: I will be re-creating the Azores island group in FSX which will eventually include mesh, landclass and the airports. The reason for this is that I am missing a decent freeware out there, hence this project came to life. No phototexture will...
  8. AndyPaul

    FSXKML - Water exclude and new island coastline not working

    Hello there, I've encountered a problem with FSXKML, which I am unable to solve. I am trying to change the coastline of an island, simple as that. I created a .kml file with one large polygon with the tag 'Exclude_Hydro_Polygons_Generic_Ocean_Perennial' and a second one, the new coastline...