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  1. mdm248111

    Twin County Airport (HLX)

    Located between the towns of Hillsville and Galax, Virginia, the Twin County Airport (HLX) is airport #1 of 9 in the Blue Ridge General Aviation Series produced by The Airport Guys. The Blue Ridge Series is made of nine general aviation airports in Southwestern Virginia, each priced at a modest...
  2. mdm248111

    P3D v4 Ground Poly Offset

    Gents, Converting some current work from FSX to P3D. Using the same Afcad file and Ground poly coordinates, I am for some reason noticing that in P3D the poly seems to be offset. This happens regardless of whether the "Optimize Reference Point" box is checked or not. Everything appears to be...
  3. mdm248111

    Tiling Issues

    When downloading tiles within SBuilderX, I keep getting this awful tiling problem. This occurs with Google Satellite and Virtual Earth satellite. I have tried 3.13, 3.14, and various combinations of Run-as-Admin and compatibility mode, all to no avail. Anyone seen this before?
  4. mdm248111

    Volumetric Grass Conversion

    Hi Arno, I am currently using MCX to export my 3D grass through the Ground Poly Wizard as specified in this thread and the tutorial Tic made (which I can't seem to locate). What I have noticed is that when I import my .X or .MDL file that has been exported from 3DSMax, the Ground Poly Wizard...
  5. mdm248111

    Autogen Exclusion?

    Hello again; After exporting my custom terrain to FSX, I have noticed that it seems to have removed autogen in the area within the blend outline. I have only used sculpt nodes and had AB_Flatten selected in the top bar when compiling. Am I doing something wrong or is this another issue? Note...
  6. mdm248111

    Corrupted .TSD File?

    First I want to thank you for such a great program! The idea of a similar process to sculpt terrain was something I have had for a while now, so I was ecstatic to see this program when I did. It has been working great so far. However, I think I've run into an issue. I was making huge progress...
  7. mdm248111

    Editing USGS DEM Data

    Howdy folks, it's been a while. It's also good to be back. Lately, I've been dabbling in the addition of accurate terrain data courtesy of the USGS National Map Viewer and the subsequently-retrieved 1/3 arc second DEM data. All of the data that I have been able to find for my project areas...
  8. mdm248111

    FSXA Stanly County Airport [WIP]

    This is still a work in progress but I just wanted to show off the ground poly! We hope to have this done before too long. We are also planning to release this as freeware! All pictures shown are in FSX, but it will also be compatible with P3D. Enjoy! ......and one from P3D with...
  9. mdm248111

    Ground Poly Flicker

  10. mdm248111

    Ground Poly Flicker

    Working on night lighting again, and I have the day/night switch working properly, but the poly is flickering. I have the poly sliced every few hundred feet or so. When you're in the air, it looks fine. However, once you slew down to ground level, the whole poly disappears :eek: Any suggestions?
  11. mdm248111

    RAM Problems

    Hey guys! I know this isn't exactly a hardware forum, but I trust y'all over folks I don't know (as well) :p Anyhow, the story goes...I was doing a new computer build, got everything installed and it's running like a beauty. However, I have one small problem. I have 2 sticks of 8GB DDR3...
  12. mdm248111

    Oklahoma Tornado Relief

    Hey guys, I'm sure we are all aware of the tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma, USA earlier this week. Current reports are that 24 people, many of whom were children, lost their lives. Countless more have had their lives changed forever. Jon and I have been heartbroken by this and have created an...
  13. mdm248111

    SCASM Lights Cause dots

    Using SCASM to make runway lights, I'm getting "dots" instead of nice looking lights. I've read and re-read these: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21793&page=2 http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=SCASM_Runway_Overlays Here is our SCASM code: Header( 0 N32:19...
  14. mdm248111

    FSX BGLC_9 doesn't keep _LM

    While attempting to get our night lighting working, I ran into a big issue. I have tweaked the ASM and _0.ASM codes to allow for no autogen exclusion and for the poly only to show from dusk til dawn. Everything works great, except for the fact that once I recompile the .BGL through BGLC_9 after...
  15. mdm248111

    Changing Airport ICAO

    Discussion thread for Changing Airport ICAO. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  16. mdm248111

    Ground Poly Wizard Crash

    Hi there, Just got finished reinstalling W7 and getting back down to business. I've set up my file paths as seen below but every time that I try to compile the poly, the entire program stops responding and it never outputs the file... is there something wrong I've done in setting up my paths...
  17. mdm248111

    Reverting to Windows 7 from Windows 8

    So this probably isn't the best place to put this post, but I trust y'all know the correct answer... :) I got a free Upgrade version of W8 Pro through my school. Installed it on my FSX/development rig and have been having so many issues. UAC is a B**** to work with compared to W7 and 50% of...
  18. mdm248111

    FSX Mackall Army Airfield

    Hello guys, We have just finished the Mackall Army Airfield (KHFF) for FSX. This project is freeware, so feel free to follow the link below if you want to try this airport out for yourself. Enjoy! :D Luzon Drop Zone (DZ) This is used by the pilots from HFF and nearby Ft Bragg...
  19. mdm248111

    Yet another ground poly issue

    Not sure if this is related to terrain or MCX... Basically Ive done the same ground poly modeling technique that I've always used. I've double-checked and all of the altitudes are the same. However, as you can see from the picture, at low altitudes the poly pretty much vanishes into the fsx...
  20. mdm248111

    Favorite aircraft to fly

    Now I know how it is being a developer, you spend many more hours in front of gmax and photoshop than actually buzzing around (slewing doesn't count! :D) enjoying your creation. My question is what is your favorite aircraft to fly when you do take a break? I personally prefer the C208b Grand...