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  1. Tasmanet

    Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World Available at AVSIM Search for Steve Rathbone
  2. Tasmanet

    FS9 Battery and Avionics Switches

    . FS9 Battery and Avionics Switches don't work at 2 new Airports. Not sure what causes this but a new panel I have constructed for dual monitors or a Widescreen monitor suffers from this problem. This Panel for A380's has worked at these Airports but I reloaded Fs9 to check for any...
  3. Tasmanet

    r23 Display Tower Scenery Objec

    . There is a problem in Error Checking with Tower Viewpoint Altitude Tower Data When Display Tower Scenery Object is ticked the Altitude should still be able to be changed as Tower Viewpoint would normally be higher. Steve Edit Also Print Airport seems to be far too large ie 1 to 9999...
  4. Tasmanet

    Put Colour/Lock /Display in one Window

    . Suggestion Put Colour/Lock /Display in one Floatable Window Steve
  5. Tasmanet

    Can Waves be put over Photoscenery ??

    . Hi all Can Waves be put over Photoscenery ?? Regards Steve
  6. Tasmanet

    One thing I cant resolve is the Taxi Light

    Hi All I have been modifying Robert Versluys Airbus A380-800 slightly and also created a half decent cockpit for this very easy to fly Aircraft. One thing I cant resolve is the Taxi Light. I can see the light in AI and outside but cannot see it in VC and Cockpit. Is there a way around...
  7. Tasmanet

    Did they improve GMax for FSX

    . Has GMax been improved for FSX. :confused: Tassie Tiger
  8. Tasmanet

    Any Progress or has this project gone down the gurgler .

    Hi All Any Progress or has this Project gone down the gurgler . :stirthepo Merry Xmas and a happy New Year. :santahat: Steve
  9. Tasmanet

    My wishlist for AFCADX

    My wishlist for AFCADX :p I know some things will be a bit different in FX from these Fs9 tools AFCAD with copy and paste FLATTEN and the ability to make minor changes to the mesh for ditches ,underpasses etc PHOTOSCENERY MAKER EXCLUDE with the ability to remove or move default objects Be...
  10. Tasmanet

    Photoscenery 70mm (3 inch) per pixel

    This is the texture quality we will be able to use on photoscenery 70mm (3 inch) per pixel With the new road system is one of the roads transperant so we can get the cars etc over the real photoscenery roads.
  11. Tasmanet

    Dumb question of the week

    Sometimes when I land a plane I see an 0 surrounded by a square for about a minute on 2 of my ILS gauges. What is it :confused: Thanks in advance Tas :cool:
  12. Tasmanet

    scenery's XML's and change the Lat and Lon to their new locations

    I am assuming that a lot of our scenery will have to be moved to be in the right location in FSX. :confused: Is there program out that would run through all of a scenery's XML's and change the Lat and Lon to their new locations ? ie offset them all by a set ammount If not , it would be...
  13. Tasmanet

    The scenery I am working on has had photo scenery

    Hi The scenery I am working on has had photo scenery added to reflect a more accurate positioning of the resort. But the Map Veiw water is now innacurate. How can I correct this and what would be the best tool , allowing I have a Radion welded into my AGP slot and I am running on 2 32 MB...
  14. Tasmanet

    Confirmation of a texture problem

    Hi All Just had a zoozy of a texture problem :censored: Saved a texture as 2048 x 1024 dtx3 and got the grey screen of terror in Fs9. Strange I thought as I have made some textures lately for Aircraft that were 1024 x 256 and they worked fine. Converted the texture to 1024 x 1024...
  15. Tasmanet

    Which versions of FSDS work with Windows 2000

    Hi Which versions of FSDS work with Windows 2000 :confused: Regards Tas
  16. Tasmanet

    Can we put links to our homepages here ???

    Arno Can we put links to our homepages here. Nothing to do with Fs9 but should help to get the page/pages rated higher in Google :rolleyes: Tas
  17. Tasmanet

    change a default colour

    Hi Where do I change this colour in Customize UI. Thanks in advance. :santahat:
  18. Tasmanet

    change default

    Hi Where can I change a .cfg/.ini file so when i export FlightSim Scenery Object (*.MDL) is the default intstead of FlightSim Cloud(*CLD) Tas
  19. Tasmanet

    Need fx_1.bmp

    Hi Could someone post as an attachment fx_1.bmp My disks are in my mates fire safe, many kilometers away :banghead: Thanks in advance Tas
  20. Tasmanet

    library objects

    What is the trick with some library objects that dont appear at the co-ordinates I set. It has been claimed on many posts that they are "LOCKED TO A LOCATION". I think they are offset to some co-ordinate. By that I mean that the "Leaning tower of Pisa" is offset to Rome so when I...