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  1. charlymorton

    Blender Normals/Shading issue

    For my aircraft model I'm struggling with a shading issue which I am positive is caused by the normals of the model. When I cut out the flaps, spoilers, main gear doors and main gear wells, I had set shading of the wings to flat. When I set shading to smooth the shading of the different wing...
  2. charlymorton

    FSX:SE Fan animation issue

    I've started modeling AI aircraft in Blender and am using the Blender2P3D/FSX plugin to export my aircraft to FSX and the first one to be released is the Cessna Citation I. All animations apart from the fan animations seem to work ok in FSX. I've tried to both use the .mdl file generated by...
  3. charlymorton

    Only parts of model showing

    I've come across an issue displaying the JBAI Learjet 40 and 45 aircraft, available from http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004aia&DLID=72929 and http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fs2004aia&DLID=79719 It looks like only the wings and tail are visible. This is in MCX version...
  4. charlymorton

    Autofill of image coordinates

    Hi Jon, In my tutorial for adding a background image to ADE, one of the options included is using SAS.Planet. When you save an image file, you have the option to save a kml file as well, which includes the corner coordinates. Would it be possible to have ADE look for this file when adding a...
  5. charlymorton

    Generate Object Image crash

    Hi Arno, I've been using the Generate Object Image to create preview videos for my AI repaints. I select Make multiple images at 2 degrees offset and generate the images. For the first couple of objects the images are generated ok but after a while MCX will crash with the error Parameter is...
  6. charlymorton

    FSX Steam Edition sale

    As part of testing of some new software I am developing, I decided last night to buy the FSX Steam Edition and discovered much to my delight that the it has been reduced to £3.99 on a one day sale. So if you want to get it for almost no money - now's your chance. Also, FPS using the same...
  7. charlymorton

    Traffic files prefixed with underscore

    Hi Don, Just updated AIFP to v3.1.10 and found that all compiled traffic files are prefixed with an underscore. The filename is in the Compile Parameters dialogue box does not start with an underscore. Also, every time I compile the Compile Parameters dialogue box comes up, instead of just...
  8. charlymorton

    Combine Aircraft script

    I have started working on a script to combine aircraft folders where possible. This will scan aircraft folders for duplicates, and move textures and update aircraft.cfg if duplicate *.air and *.mdl files are found. Please see the attached readme for more details. This is written in PowerShell...
  9. charlymorton

    Experience with unauthorised uploads of files

    I have just noticed the ADE Satellite tutorial I compiled last month (which I uploaded both here, and in a modified version to AVSIM and Flightsim.com) have been uploaded without my permission to both FS2000.org and Simviation. I have also noticed an application I created years ago have been...
  10. charlymorton

    FSXA Reusing FAA LIDs

    I'm in the process of creating an AFCAD for Schoepflin Airport in Washington, which is a new (at least to FSX) airport opened in 2006. Its FAA LID is WN26, which previously belonged to the since closed Ed Large Field - a stock airport in FSX. If creating a new AFCAD using the WN26 identifier...
  11. charlymorton

    Background Image in ADE

    In my planning on creating a tool to download and create images from Google Maps, I came across a program called GMapCatcher, which it turns out does exactly what I wanted. So instead of reinventing the wheel, I created a tutorial on how to download a high resolution satellite image and add it...
  12. charlymorton

    FSX Airport runway data structure

    I'm struggling to read parts of the airport runway data, specifically runway length and width, in FSX AFCAD files. I'm following the information in Winfried Orthmann's FSX File Format document and I've identified the bytes for both runway length and width, but I'm unsure how to calculate it, as...
  13. charlymorton

    One Click Bridge

    I left my main laptop at work today, meaning no development on One Click Hangar for a day, so I decided to make a spin-off of One Click Hangar, called One Click Bridge. :) I'll treat this as a little side project for now. Screenshot of the first bridge type attached.
  14. charlymorton

    One Click Hangar screenshots

    This is the official One Click Hangar screenshot thread, which contains screenshots from both SketchUp and FSX. If you have any screenshots of hangars or other buildings you've created using One Click Hangar, feel free to post them here as well. The first lot of screenshots, which are all...
  15. charlymorton

    Imageshack test

  16. charlymorton

    MAXScript, airport design, animation, SimConnect and more

    In connection with the future of my hangar plugin for SketchUp, I have a few questions which concerns several aspects of flight sim development. I'll keep all the question in this thread, just to make it as simple as possible. 1. At some stage in the future, I'm hoping to port the SketchUp...
  17. charlymorton

    ad2 file format

    Is the structure of the ad2 file format public information? I'm currently creating a "one click hangar" tool for SketchUp (current version in the SketchUp forum), and I'm planning a feature to read AFCADs and place hangars automatically over parking spots which are located inside hangars...
  18. charlymorton

    One click hangar

    One click hangar (Updated 03 OCT 2015) I've created a one click hangar creator plugin for Trimble SketchUp. This is intended to work with SketchUp 2014 and backward compatibility with SketchUp 8 or SketchUp 2013 cannot be guaranteed. This needs to go into the Sketchup plugin folder before...
  19. charlymorton

    Piper Super Cub for AI

    I've created a repaint for LN-KCM, which is a Piper Super Cub, however I've discovered that I actually don't know where I got the AI model and paintkit from, and not been able to find the source despite extensive searching. I therefore wonder if anyone could help based on what I do know about...
  20. charlymorton

    Fllightplan Splitter

    I've created a tool which automatically updates AI flightplans if you have a repaint installed for a specific aircraft in the flightplans. It's just been uploaded to AVSIM and Flightsim.com and I would appreciate feedback. Link to file...