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    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    This has been keeping me occupied for the last couple of days. There are lift, drag, side_force, pitch_moment, roll_moment and yaw_moment fields in the [AERODYNAMICS] section of the flight_model.cfg. As most will know these were the main parameters in the old FSX .air files. In my experiments...
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    MSFS Resync causing CTD in aircraft development

    Seems like the latest update has caused an issue with Resync causing a CTD when developing aircraft. For now, loading the project file and editing seems to be working for me but it seems for others it is not. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ctd-during-every-aircraft-resync/450083
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    MSFS You can never trust a Microsoft SDK

    Looking at the example pictures in the MSFS SDK for defining a flight model you can see that the pictures for the vertical and horizontal tails show the aerodynamic forces in the middle of each surface. Looking at some of the default aircraft shows a different story. You can see that in these...
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    MSFS Anyone know how TOOLTIP_TITLE works in the new system?

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the new tooltips system introduced in the latest version. These are the things I've learnt so far: If you want your tooltip to appear using the new system set <TOOLTIP_ENTRY_0> to match the <Preset ID= Within the preset you can then set the icon...
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    MSFS Closing an MSFS C++ gauge

    I might not get an answer to this but I will ask anyway. With FSX and P3D you could use the FSAPI module_deinit function to close a C++ gauge and do any processing (or more importantly for this case, file saving) at the end of a flight. This function would work no matter how you exited the sim...
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    MSFS What sort of madman invented this UI?

    Visit pretty much any modern website and if confronted with this you would think that you could click and drag to scroll horizontally or at the least there would be big left and right arrows that appeared at the edges if you hovered your mouse over them. But not MSFS. For reasons best known only...
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    MSFS Interesting thing about how MSFS creates mouse zones.

    I was having a bit of trouble with a mouse zone extending beyond where it should. So I switched to another view and mapped out the area (in yellow on the attached screenshot) where the mouse zone is active. The blue highlighted seat part is where the mouse zone should be. It seems like MSFS is...
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    MSFS What's up with the checklists?

    Am I missing something or are the checklists for the default aircraft not finished? I'm using the DA40 as a reference and I couldn't figure out why I could only see 3 checklists (before start, engine start and after start). I thought MSFS was hiding the others depending on the flight state but...
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    MSFS Using Camera State and NodesToHide to hide pilots and passengers

    I am a lazy bugger so the thought of creating and maintaining separate interior and exterior aircraft models does not appeal to me. I like to create a single model and use the view to make things visible or not. In FSX and P3D the only way to do this is using simconnect to capture the camera...
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    MSFS Any ideas on how to animate a pilot's hand on a joystick?

    It's not so much the animation that I am having a problem with as what I have done so far works in Blender. The problem is while the animations work in Blender they do not work in the same way in MSFS. I need to move the pilot's hand/arm to hold onto the joystick which takes two inputs, pitch...
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    MSFS Just a rant about Wwise but maybe it will give some tips.

    I've slowly struggled through learning Wwise to create my own soundbank and have mostly been able to get it to work but today I realised me external engine sounds weren't working. I have spent so much time checking settings and copying and pasting sounds. Eventually, I noticed my soundbank had...
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    MSFS html gauge tutorial and samples

    Yahallo I've spent the last 2 months in the shed hammering away at html gauges. I've managed to make a couple of gauges, a radio and a fuel level for my aircraft. After much cursing and swearing I think I have a slight understanding of how to make a gauge. I have made this simple tutorial to...
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    MSFS How to get a VC texture to work without emissive

    I'm sure I've learnt this before but that was a few months ago and I've since had that knowledge replaced with a whole lot of html, css and js knowledge. So just a reminder mainly to myself in case I need to google this question in the future and hopefully it will bring me back here and I won't...
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    MSFS Radio COM frequencies. A heads up about potential issues.

    This is a warning for anyone coding a COM radio. Back in the good old FSX days COM frequencies would end in 00, 25, 50 or 75. Using the fraction inc or dec events would change the COM frequency by 0.025 increments. Well, it's 2021 now and many European airports are now using COM frequencies...
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    MSFS Variable prefix types

    As I am waiting for the latest update to download I thought I'd ask if anyone knew about the various XML variable prefix types. L: is, of course, the good old familiar Local variables M: for mouse variables K: for writing to events A: for simulation variables O: appears to be a very local...
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    MSFS Does anyone have a consistent method of reloading aircraft files?

    I'm still trying to figure out HTML gauges. (If anyone knows how to run these in a browser please let me know). My main issue is getting MSFS to consistently reload the aircraft using the aircraft selection screen. It works only sometimes. I can't figure it out. If I change the panel.cfg to call...
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    MSFS Here's how to write you own ModelBehavior code.

    <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Anim_Code"> <ANIM_NAME>a582_TailWheel</ANIM_NAME> <ANIM_CODE>(A:RUDDER DEFLECTION PCT,percent) 110 +</ANIM_CODE> <ANIM_LENGTH>210</ANIM_LENGTH> </UseTemplate> ANIM_NAME is the name of your animation part in your modeling program. ANIM_CODE is any XML...
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    MSFS Question about getting a html gauge into an aircraft.

    Slowly trying to wrap my head around this system. I figure that if you want to add you own custom html gauges to your own aircraft that you'd set it up like this in the Community folder: your-aircraft-folder -Contentinfo -Marketplacedata -SimObjects (this has your model and textures and...
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    MSFS A fun way to spend 30 minutes.

    So, you try to compile your airplane model but it fails. So, you figure maybe it's a syntax error in the animations xml code as that is what you have just been working on. So, you strip out the new stuff you added, no joy. So, you strip it all back to a simple model with only the rudder, no joy...