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    MSFS Package or Asset?

    Wondering about variants and whether variants like floats or skiis should be added as packages or assets during project creation and are there pros/cons to either. Thanks
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    Blender Animating Light Illunination?

    Curious to know how to animate dimming in potentiometers. I see this in the overhead and floor lamps on the c172. The Blender toolkit exports lights but illumination either isn't supported or MSFS doesn't support? Any response greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    MSFS Can Blender Export Lights?

    I created a Point Light Source and animation and wondering if its possible to export. There is information for 3D max in the SDK but don't know if the Blender exporter handles light sources. Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    MSFS Light Types in Aircraft Editor Bugged?

    Not able to assign certain light types in the Aircraft editor (i.e. Recognition, Taxi, Wing, Cabin, etc.). Only one that seem to work are Beacon, Strobe, Landing and Nav. Any feedback welcome Thanks
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    Question on Fuel Priming

    Curious to know if engine primers do anything in the sim. There are specific Event ID's that are engine specific but what do they do exactly? I would expect that you could not start a cold piston engine (not fuel injected) without it but the sim doesn't seem to simulate this. Am I missing...
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    Question on sounds for payware projects

    There are so many fine freeware sounds packs out there for specific aircraft and plane. I am curious what to do for payware projects. I know some developers record all their own sounds but for the rest is there a resource for specific engine sounds, a community of sound developers, or just use...
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    Question about loading initial aircraft

    Is there a simple way to set specific variables when the aircraft loads. For example, aircraft always loads with Nav Lights ON but Wing Lights OFF I'd like to set both to be in sync with one another but so far I've been unsuccessful. Any help.. greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    How to remove flickering created from normal maps on spinning items

    Curious if anyone knows how to address this issue that's been bothering me for a while. How do you get rid of the flickering that is caused on spinning items that have a normal/bump map? For example a wheel hub or tire that has a spinning animation. The flickering would be casued by the...
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    some questions on UV unwrapping and textures

    I've noticed that when creating UV maps for my mesh that the direction of the mesh seems to affect how the object is shaded in the sim. So if I rotate the UV map 180 degrees or flip/ mirror the UV map of a particular mesh, I get some funky shading. Is there a specific methodology or just...
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    Some help with Fuel Selector bug

    So I have a simple fuel selector gauge animated and coded along with a visual tag to initiate the selector but keep seeing this bug. The fuel draw upon loading the aircraft always comes from my center 2 tank regardless of the position of the selector. Only after I mouse click and change...
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    Question about default vclight effect

    curious to know if the fx_vclight.fx effect file can be attached to a 3D object and work as in the .cfg.
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    Help with 3-way Switch

    I'm attempting to create a 3 way spring back gauge switches between volts and amps and could sure use some help. Animation works fine but the needle is not responding correctly. Any thoughts, greatly appreciated. Wally <PartInfo> <Name>volt_ammeter_switch</Name>...
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    Piston 2 Stage Supercharger Help and Suggestions

    I've been reading about some of the limitations with Super and Turbochargers. I want to try modeling a two stage supercharger in FSX/P3D v3.4 with a lever in the VC to control each stage ( high, low, neutral). Hoping for some thoughts on how to do this. Simconnect? XMLTools? I feel like I'm...
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    Any way to have effects visible at specific viewing angles?

    Curious if there is a way to create effects like lights that only show up at specific viewing angles.
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    Help with Export Error Blender to P3Dv.3

    Working on a project and been getting this error off and on... meaning sometimes it will compile and others it will not.. which I find to be extremely strange. The project is pretty large (30MB mdl file, 90K vertices). It feels like I'm reaching the limit of what the XtoMDL compiler can handle...
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    Help with animation flicker on spinner and wheels

    I'm working on a new model and having some issues with what looks like shadow or texture flicker on fast rotating animations specifically on spinner and wheels. Not sure what is causing this. Texture, UVmapping? Any help suggestion greatly appreciated. Objects are solid and not...
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    Help with 3D gauge

    Well I've been trying my hand at making a 3D altimeter gauge and having a heck of a time getting the kollsman knob, disk and altimiter needles to work in sinc. I'm using the stock modeldef entries for knob_kohlsman (0-360)) and cylinder_kohlsman (0-340) but cant get them working properly. Any...
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    Skinned Mesh and Bones Help Pls

    I am experimenting with bones and trying to duplicate the skinned mesh tutorial using the latest FSX/P3d Toolkit with Blender but I have been unsuccessful. I created my vertex groups, added armature modifier, ticked the 'skin mesh' in FSX/P3d material properties, and exported, model...
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    Bloom for HUD Text and Symbology

    Anyone know how to activate Bloom for HUD Text and Symbology like gun reticules. I see this effect in some models but not in others and looking for a way to add it.
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    Object Editor points to wrong fx texture folder

    I've was using the tool to convert some FSX scenery to P3dv2.0 and noticed that for added effects, the effect textures were always loaded from my FSX folders. I discovered this since I have my fsx and P3D on different drives (C: vs E: ). For some reason P3D effect textures were always being...