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    MCX Feature modification request

    Arno, It might just be that I don't know some option setting that would help. I'm wondering, if it wasn't too much bother, if you could increase the zoom in amount. I often want to look at some small object to see what I've messed up with the textures on it. In the case of the object in the...
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    MCX Visual C++ runtime files not installed error

    Arno, Apparently the VS2019 update I did today installed a version of these files that MCX doesn't recognize. This is what I got today:
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    FSX RMI needle animation [I figured it out]

    It took a long time before I got this to apparently work correctly. It seems that there is a lot that I don't know about gauge animations and if anyone has any comments, they will maybe help me to avoid a lot of trial and error in the future. This is the code I used...
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    MCX Error regarding C++ runtime files

    Arno, I'm getting this error today and I didn't have it yesterday: Is there possibly a problem with the way MCX recognizes these files. Today there was an update to VS 2019 and the files in this image were installed by it: I "reinstalled" MCX and still get the error.
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    FSX Attitude indicator pitch bar and coordinating animation with bank indicator

    It's my first try with an attitude indicator and I'm clueless. I've looked at a few other threads about these indicators, but didn't find whatever it is I need to learn. I have the bank indicator keyed with rotation keys. No problem with it. I cannot figure out what needs to be done with the...
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    FSX [SOLVED] Animated VSI shows ~1/2 the value it should

    I have a window that displays various performance readings. This is where I see that the gauge is reading the low value. It uses this: Vertical Speed\t%((A:VERTICAL SPEED, ft/min))%!d! to show the vertical speed. My gauge has this code: <AnimLength>80</AnimLength> <Animation>...
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    MCX Failed to locate MakeMDL error, but exporting to FSX

    Arno, The version of MCX (I think it is the latest) in the image throws the error shown in the image: No problem exporting with 6/21/2020 version.
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    MCX What does the below XtoMDL generated warning mean?

    . I realize that it's only a warning, but I'd like to know what it means. :scratchch
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    MCX Another .dae file import problem

    Hi Arno, I'm guessing that this may have something to do with object complexity and the new Assimp library. I get this error when I try to import the below attached Collada file: I can import other less complex objects with no problem. Also, the attached file imports with no problems using...
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    FSX .DAE file import problem last 2 MCX releases

    This image is from the 4/9 release showing the object imported correctly on the Y-axis: This image shows what happens in both the 4/18 and 4/21 versions. The object is mirror imaged on the negative side of the axis:
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    Is there a file size limit regarding an attachment to a PM?

    The title says it all. TIA
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    XML code problem

    I've added two reference markers to an altimeter. They will indicate an altitude value based on what the altimeter barometric setting is. I want them to move only when I change the KOHLSMAN setting. I made the below test code to see what happens when I change the KOHLSMAN setting. The code...
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    FSX SBX set as hole problem

    Maybe I just had brain fade, but for some reason I can't get some islands to appear in FSX. I have done several of these islands previously without any problem, so I think that I must have "spaced" on something when I did this group. I had just done the two on the left and as far as I know...
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    FSX ExtDigit Macro and rotating numbers with a decimal

    I have a three digit DME that displays the distance with tenths when it is less than 99.9 miles. I'm trying to follow the Extracting Digits Wiki for the following: "Rotating Drum Example To simulate a Rotating Drum number using a value of three integer digits (for example (L:Var, number) =...
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    Possible new Collada reader problem

    The color in the attached .dae is from a .png I imported into Sketchup 8 and then set the transparency on it to 20. If I import it into any version of MCX prior to the reader change, it appears like the glass pane that I expect to see. There are display issues with it in FSX, but I think that...
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    Attach file

    Lets see...
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    FSX XML hydraulic system engine map

    In the threads that I looked at on hydraulic systems, I didn't find anything similar to this. This is a plane with four piston engines. I wanted to have pumps on engines two and three only, so I changed the engine_map in an aircraft.cfg to this: [hydraulic_system] normal_pressure = 2600...
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    XML gauge conflict?

    This is in a VC in FSX. This is supposed to be an oil transfer system. The oil goes from a reserve tank to one of four engine tanks. The oil quantities are stored between sessions using dsd_xml_config. To transfer oil, you open a 2D window, click on a tank number selector gauge which sets...
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    Elementary XML L:Vars question

    I have very little experience with XML and gauge programming. If it matters, this relates to gauges in a VC in FSX. The gauges use FS9 syntax. A [Windowxx] is opened by clicking an icon. Two L:Vars are set by clicking on gauges in that window. In [Vcockpitxx], I would like to increment a...