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    Understanding the parameter full_Scale_Distance=

    I'm in the process of setting up a period sim, set in the late 60's and had a question about AI sound. I am having a lot of issues with ARRIVING AI aircraft. The engine sound plays far to early to be heard from the observers position, like 2-3 miles from where you are observing. making it a bit...
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    FSX AIFP leg sequencing

    Hello there, I am currently making up a lengthy once weekly AI flight plan that starts at YSSY-YPPH-WSSS-VABB-EGLL-TXKF-MYNN-MMMX-MMAA-NTAA-NFFN-YSSY. (a lap of the world, westbound, essentially) The problem I am having is using AIFP, the first 3 legs get added in order as shown in the first...
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    AI Aircraft spawning in reverse parked (WADD)

    Hello, I have noticed at WADD, at one of the gates (maybe 7 8 or 9, I'm not at my PC) any AI aircraft occupying that gate appear in sim as reverse parked (See Pic). It only happens at the same gate. Is this an easy fix, or is there a repository for fixed airports .bgl files? Many thanks! Chris
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    The relevence of file fs10.aircrafttypes.csv

    Hello there. I have given up on using Live Traffic in MSFS2020, and decided that I prefer to use OFFLINE AI Traffic. I have several FSX converted aircraft, which I think are converted correctly. I have used AIFP 3 to compile AIG* flightplans which have been placed in the Custom Traffic folder...
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    Assigning the 2 passenger views to buttons on J/S A320

    Would anyone know if the 2 passenger views be assigned to buttons on the joystick for the A320?. Its listed as Fixed camera 12 and 13 under showcase from the drop down toolbar, but there is no option for these 2 under fixed camera or external camera in the controller setup, so cant see a way to...
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    Controller .fx question

    Hi again. Just had a quick question re the controller file for sound.fx files I have spent the weekend creating a heap of 70's style airport announcements, which would suit any European Airport. After instruction from this forum, I originally created one long announcement, worked out how to...
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    XML creation and placement

    Hi all, Have been looking through all the threads to find out where you place the .xml file? Many folks say you need to create this .xml file, but no one says where it needs to be placed :-) As I understand it, you need to create a .fx file, a .wav file (for a sound effect) an .xml file and a...
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    Model converter x question and obj attachments

    Hello there. I am new to MCX and have been looking thru the MCX wiki for the answers to a couple of questions. I want to assign an effect to an airport building (Chimney smoke) When I select RANDOM, 2 other fields appear (Threshold and Range) I assume RANGE is miles from source this is visible...
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    FSX smokers in the evening

    Running FSX as a 1970 Retro sim, so pretty much all the aircraft are smokers. I noticed that during the day, the smoke displays as expected, but during my spotting activities in the FSX evening, the smoke trails display as horrific impending disaster flame trail. Was there any smoke effect file...
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    1 fs2004 texture not displaying properly in FSX (Transparency issue?)

    Hi there. I am using a FS2004 addon airport that displays almost perfectly in FSX, All the textures in the texture folder for the airport are .bmp There is only a single issue of a texture that is not displaying properly, see attached. I was really hoping there is a way to modify or somehow...
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    Unable to compile

    Hi Chaps, Using ADE for the first time, (P3Dv4) have set folders Versions: Application 01.76.6715.14291 Engine 04.75.6712.18978 Getting message unable to compile Cant access folder D:\P3Dv4 Have UAC turned off P3D not installed @ C:\Program Files etc, its on a different drive @...
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    FSX Java Solari Board using simconnect?

    Forgive my noobieness as it's very early days for me, but I saw a Solari Board project page at http://dev.basdesign.com/split-flap/ and was thinking of how to create a GUI in java perhaps that would mimic a Solari board that reads AI Traffic data. In the above example, this display apparantly...
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    ADE Environment

    Hello there. Some time ago there was a tool called ADE Environment checker. I realise that this is not an ADE Program as such, but was wondering if anyone is using it? I ask because of 2 reasons. When I load ADE Environment checker, it says it cant find my ADE Install, with no option to point...
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    FSX Multiple airports in same BGL

    Hello there. I am currently using Simon Jones's SuperTrafficBoard which gets the airport names from the BGL's in the Scenery Dir of FSX. Some of the airport names need shortening, importantly, so they can fit on the trafficboard display and be more realistic in the naming. I have managed to...
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    FS2004 Fiji 04 Apron

    Hello there. I am new to the forum, and enjoy flying in and out of Nadi, Fiji. I have been using Bill Melichar's Freeware Fiji'04 scenery. I have tried to contact Bill, but have been unsuccesful in doing so. The only problem I am having with the airport is the apron textures. In my old...
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    Nav/Landing lights

    Hello. A lot of the models I have in FSX have hideously big Nav/landing lights, and an equally big halo around them, which I thought looked totally unrealistic. Is there a MUCH smaller effect for these lights (even if it effects the runway lights) I could use? If not i would like to...
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    TrafficViewBoard for FSX

    Hello All, Sorry if this is a long post. I am making an enquiry to see if any one is interested in furthering the development of TrafficViewBoard (TVB) to make it compatable with FSX. I have attempted to contact the author of this super freeware ai timetable program, but have had no...
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    AI Sound engine

    Hello all. I am currently using fs9 for both flying and "ai spotting", more of the latter recently. I understand that FS9 is very limited in the "AI sound" department, compared to FSX. My question is this: What file, or what part of a file tells the sim to play a single prop sound for the...