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    P3D v3 EDIT - Compile Error - SBX 315 & P3Dv3

    After reading the manual and listening to the tutorial I am finally back on track with using SBX315 and P3Dv3. However, during the compile to check the .TIF 'mask' I received this error during the compile: [Source2] Type='TIFF' [Source2] SourceDir = '.' [Source2] SourceFile = 'NAPS Project'...
  2. J

    FSXA Editing Parking

    I am a novice even after using ADEX for quite some time. So please forgive my question if it is common knowledge. I have a third party scenery I am trying to edit parking, as some of the spots are too small and some need changes to assignments. Plus I would like to add a few.. I have no problem...
  3. J

    FSXA Fences & Helipads

    Two questions; 1. Is there a way to make a fence follow the contour of the mesh? 2. Is it possible to have a helipad with out the ground markings showing up? I've tried checking the 'transparent' box. Is there some trick similar to the 'transparent' runway?
  4. J

    FSXA FSX went south. Need help with Re-install

    My installation of FSX went south. Never could find the problem, so my last resort was to uninstall and reinstall. I have backups of all my addons - scenery, aircraft, utilities. I uninstalled everything FSX (had it installed on a separate drive - E: ) , cleared everything FSX related on C...
  5. J

    FSXA Faster Startup ?

    When checking the results during development of an airport using ADE, much time is time is spent (wasted?) waiting for FSX to restart. Other than removing all but the basic scenery what else can be removed? Aircraft ?(All but one). How would one set up a dual startup - one full blown and one...
  6. J

    FSXA A Beacon Question

    I ran into a situation while developing an airport. I found double rotating beacons. As I investigated further, I found the same doubles at other airports. Here's my original post on another forum: http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?256970-Double-Airport-Rotating-Beacons At the...
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    Backwards ?

    Okay, I've obviously not found it in the manual and searching through the posts have left me empty. I thought it could be done. Most users want to take an FS9 airport and upgrade it to an FSX. I have an FSX ADE and want to compile (degrade ?) it to an FS9. I've saved my .ad2 file, compiled as...