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  1. Av8rThor

    Blender Material/Color Id replaced the Alebedo

    Since I made the model in Blender 2-9x I’ll post in this thread however this may be a Blender2msfs exporter issue and perhaps 3ven Quixel, though I doubt it. i baked a multicolored albedo in Blender for import into Quixel and subsequent material painting. I exported the albedo, the normal and...
  2. Av8rThor

    SketchUp Massive file deletion upon new build. Blender2msfs

    Hi, this has happened twice now. Most recently, I tried to use the blender2msfs to rebuild a model utilizing the window settings from MSFS which went wall. In the past with another model the same thing happened. i used the sterna tool to build the package. All textures were properly named and in...
  3. Av8rThor

    PBR vs Texturing

    Well I am not sure which way to go. I am attaching a picture of same model done both ways. The textured model is all planes and had an a/o bake that was overlaid in the graphics editor when coloring out the texture. It has the windows overlaying the texture for reflection but allows the color...
  4. Av8rThor

    Blender Airport HDRi for Blender

    Here i am attaching a 360 png from an air museum in Sacramento McClellan. It has a hanger and windows with asphalt and a few aircraft for reference. I used it to model my windows (although in eevee they don't quite look the same). I find this a bit helpful as it more represents where I will be...
  5. Av8rThor

    Blender Buiilding a package with new files causes MSFS package builder to delete textures and their models

    I built a cube with two UV maps. I put the files in correct places and then (using the the fspackagetool.exe) built the package. it deleted half of my other models and theircorresponding textures! I removed the cube and texturees, ran the tool again and they came back! What gives? While I am at...
  6. Av8rThor

    Blender My Blender2MSFS settings for emissive texture alone and under glass panels. Glass settings included

    Hey comrades, after many hours of figuring this out and tinkering I thought perhaps I may save someone else the struggle. Getting the emissions to look similar to the ones already in the sim was long an arduous. In real life glass is both reflective and transmissive and trying to recreate that...
  7. Av8rThor

    Blender How to use PBR in blender for one object in MSFS2020

    Ok I am somewhat stumped. I have made a texture and using materialize gotten a somewhat decent normal out of it. It is one object i manually unwrapped and then painted the UV layout so each wall is one surface. See attached. How would i combine PBRs in this image? Make multiple objects for the...
  8. Av8rThor

    Working on KEDU, University Airport, Davis CA

    Started this project a few days ago. Had to learn Blender to do it. Having issues on how to best texture the buildings. See yellow one in the picture. It still looks a bit, cartoony.