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  1. YohanNaz

    MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

    Hello, This is a place for me to post updates and progress pics of assets and textures and anything else related to the construction of Show Low Regional airport. The main goal is to complete this airport! If I can maintain a high level of quality and keep performance where it needs to be my...
  2. YohanNaz

    MSFS Blender to Substance to MSFS

    Started my journey down the Substance Painter road to texturing things. Started out with a common texture that will be on most custom meshes I make and want it to be tileable and somewhat modular. This is a 2048 texture that will tile made from high poly to low poly bake in Substance. Both walls...
  3. YohanNaz

    MSFS 3DS Max Flight Sim 2020 SDK Materials in Blender

    Exported 3DS Max SDK Material samples then imported into Blender and matched all the settings exactly like they are in Max's settings. Exported for the sim and got some decent results. Seems like most everything is working correctly except for 'Hair' (strange opacity issues) and maybe the...
  4. YohanNaz

    MSFS Help on setting up textures and material for vegetation

    Trying to get some weeds/veg into the sim and my results are not what I'm expecting. I'm assuming it's my settings and or textures giving me problems. Unfortunately I'm working and can't post screen shots but suffice it to say the textures look crazy, nothing like what it should. Getting strange...
  5. YohanNaz

    MSFS Developer camera controls - If you didn't know, now you know!

    Just a quick little bit of info for those that don't know: Holding Alt + Left mouse orbit's camera Alt + Middle mouse pan's camera Alt + Right mouse or Middle mouse scroll dolly/zoom/etc **edit Tilde toggles the console window Middle mouse click on a selected object cycles through move / scale...
  6. YohanNaz

    MSFS Textures missing in simulator (SOLVED)

    Hello all, Quick thank you to all the people out there helping make all this possible for so many of us, really is appreciated and will be paid forward. My problem is this, I'm able to get my asset into the sim but can't get textures to show. I've researched and looked all around and haven't...
  7. YohanNaz

    P3D v5 PBR textured dumpster using Quixel Mixer

    Hello all, I've been away for quite a few years and was formally known here as VAEJonP, new nick name is Yoahn in Arizona. Wanted to get serious about PBR texturing and using Quixel Mixer + Megascans + Blender + Gimp pipeline. Used to use 3ds Max and loved it until I rediscovered Blender after...
  8. YohanNaz

    FSX "No Base Specular" not recognised

    Arno, After importing my .mdl file into latest dev release of MCX, the material setting for "No Base Specular" shows "False" when I have it set to true before saving out to a .X file. I compile that using the P3D SDK XtoMDL tool then import into MCX. This seems to be the only setting that...
  9. YohanNaz

    FSXA KDKB - DeKalb Taylor Municipal

    Hello FSDeveloper comunity, Here's a project I've been working on for the last few weeks that is planned to be released as freeware. The team consists of me, myself and I, and I have a lot to do and learn still. No release date yet. Questions/comments/ideas/crits are welcomed! Thanks for...
  10. YohanNaz

    Photo scenery growing pains

    Recently, I've been experimenting with photo scenery, resample, different resolutions, zoom lvls, and quality. I started out with much to high of a resolution so I had this brilliant idea of resizing everything and recompiling. My resizing method works but how I did it didn't... if that makes...
  11. YohanNaz

    FSXA MCX doesn't show animation correctly

    Hi Arno, First let me say what many others have said, thank you for your hard work on MCX (and everything else), it's a must have tool for any FSX developer to have in their pipeline. I wanted to bring something to your attention regarding MCX showing animations. I'm just getting back into...
  12. YohanNaz

    (FSX Multiplayer push/tug) I Need to know if this is even possible.

    Hey all, This question is for the multiplayer coding wizards or anyone that would like to help that has extensive experience with FSX multiplayer capabilities. ;) Question: Would it be possible for a person in multiplayer to drive a push/tug truck and actually connect to a plane and move...
  13. YohanNaz

    FSX Can we toggle different steering modes

    Making some progress but have a new question. I believe this push vehicle has multiple modes of steering and I'm wondering if it's possible to have a toggle switch the puts the vehicle into each mode? There are 4 modes I'm interested in applying to this model but not a clue where to begin...
  14. YohanNaz

    FSX Need help setting up a new vehicle

    Hello all, I'm in need of some serious help. I'm trying to put my F396 Push vehicle in FSX and make it drivable. After an exhausting search and testing phase, I have everything exporting from Max but cannot get it into FSX. My main question is how do I setup a new vehicle? I tried using the...
  15. YohanNaz

    SCHOPF Tow Tractor for FSX (work in progress.)

    Vehicle: SCHOPF F300 series Tow FOR: FSX Exclusively (may consider FS9 later on) Max poly count: ??? (Planning to keep this down around a FSX default GA airplane poly count) Hello fellow FS developers, I wanted to show this vehicle currently in development. I'd appreciate some critiques /...
  16. YohanNaz

    Can Pandasoft.X export scenery animatios for FS2004?

    Could I get a definitive answer on whether or not it's possible to export keyframe animated scenery objects from 3ds max/Pandasoft.x exporter for use in FS2004. I've tried every settings combination I know of to get this to work but every time I run makemdl.exe on the .x file I get these...
  17. YohanNaz

    Need help please (Gmax FS2004 SDK setup)

    I'm trying to get the FS2004 SDK environment setup and I think it's all installed correctly but, I'm still having an issue. Gmax 1.2 is installed with the FS2004 SDK installed after that. Basically, I followed this wiki article to the tee. I do not have nor have I ever had FS2002 or FS2004 SDK's...
  18. YohanNaz

    3ds max hangar door animations (SIM) controlled

    I humbly request some help. I'd like to have this hangar open it's doors in a multiplayer session via NAV2 radio freq or similar trigger. Using 3ds max 2008 32bit and FSX SP2/Acceleration SDK. The animation system in FSX has me in a loop (pun intended I suppose ;)). I made a large 10 door...
  19. YohanNaz

    Front gear bounces after location change in freeflight.

    First, I would like to say hello to this great community. I've been a game modder for about 4yrs and recently discovered FSX modding. I'm excited to dig into the SDK and start learning. I'm helping a friend test out his plane (A340) and everything works great until I want to change my...