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    SDK 0.14

    Having downloaded the latest SDK, the installer Browse button is greyed out so I can't select my desired location, anyone else?
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    MSFS Glass texture advice- newbie

    OK, moving on now and need some help with the dome glass to the extreme left, on the roof. I have created a cylinder, shaped it as required and applied a material with MSFS Glass properties. To get the stripes I have applied a colour ramp via the node mode. In Blender this renders fine and looks...
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    MSFS How do I get my model into MSFS?

    When MSFS was released I discovered my favorite airport was missing. So I built it through the MSFS tools with the help of ADE for FSX. The not very alike terminal was already on the airport and must have been built by MS or is auto generated. The airport was once in MSFS in the pre-release...
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    Blender Newbie -Hints appreciated

    Can anybody give me some hints about how to model this building/roof? At the moment there is a cube shape here. Thanks
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    ATC- ignores-wind-when-allocating-a-takeoff-runway.

    I have built a couple of airports now using the SDK developer mode. In testing I got the taxiways / parking and comms set up right and the runway properties I am trying to get ATC to offer me takeoff on my primary runway. Despite changing the wind to a gale force direction opposing the secondary...
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    MSFS Missing ILS frequency in added airports

    Having added an airport to MSFS by reference to the helpful documents on this forum I have noticed that any added airport or added nav data will result in no ILS frequency appearing or being available in the planes MCDU or FMC etc. I am wondering if there is something we are missing in the SDK...
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    Airport/ Runway coordinates in MSFS2020 from FSX?

    Hi new guy here. My project is to build an airport that is missing from MSFS2020. LFOT, Tours Val de Loire. Can I use the coordinates of the airport and runway from FSX ? I have the XML from ADE as I was looking to add the ILS details to the newly built airport on MSFS from this source. It then...