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  1. skysoftsimulation

    FSX Skysoft Simulation Yulin Airport ZLYL

    Hi, we just completed another airport scenery in China. Yulin Yuyang Airport (Chinese: 榆林榆阳机场) (IATA: UYN, ICAO: ZLYL) is an airport serving the city of Yulin in Shaanxi Province, China. The airport opened in March 2008, which is located 15.5 km from the urban area of Yulin. Its construction...
  2. skysoftsimulation

    FSX Skysoft Simulation Lijiang Sanyi International Airport

    Hi boys, a new international airport scenery of China has been completed. It is located in Yunnan Province in Southwest China. Release date of scenery is expected within next week. Lijiang Sanyi International Airport (IATA: LJG, ICAO: ZPLJ) (Simplified Chinese:丽江三义国际机场, Traditional...
  3. skysoftsimulation

    FSX Skysoft Simulation Haikou Meilan International Airport

    Skysoft Simulation Developer team has almost completed another major airport scenery in Hainan, the southernmost province of China. Till now, terminal buildings and Tower are still under construction, we will report to update. The biggest feature of this FSX scenery would be animations we...
  4. skysoftsimulation

    FSX Skysoft Simulation Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport ZGSZ

    Skysoft Simulation is currently developing a large airport in southern China region on the platform of FSX. Here we deliver some pictures of the construction in progress.:D Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (Chinese: 深圳宝安国际机场; formerly named Shenzhen Huangtian Airport) (IATA: SZX, ICAO...
  5. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 Skysoft Simulation Sanya Phoenix International Airport

    :rolleyes:Sanya Phoenix International Airport (IATA: SYX, ICAO: ZJSY) is an airport serving the city of Sanya in Hainan Island, the southernmost province of China. The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination. Known for its small size, the...
  6. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 Skysoft Simulation freeware Xi'an Xianyang International Airport

    Another freeware scenery made by Skysoft Simulation will soon be released! The airport is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi province. Xi'an has a history of more than 3100 years, the city was also known as Chang'an before the Ming Dynasty. It's well known to the world as the eastern terminus of the Silk...
  7. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 Skysoft Simulation upcoming freeware scenery ZSNT

    A new freeware scenery will be brought to you by S.S, the airport is Nantong Xingdong Airport (Chinese: 南通兴东机场) (IATA: NTG, ICAO: ZSNT). Located in Southern Jiangsu Province, it's only 120 kilometers from Shanghai, and many airlines select ZSNT to extend their routine flight training. Among...
  8. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 Skysoftsimulation ZULS Lhasa Gongar Airport

    Airport of the capital city in Tibet is scheduled to be released in this January by S.S :D
  9. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 Skysoft Simulation ZBSJ Shijiazhuang airport

    Another Skysoft airport is almost finished. Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport (Chinese: 石家庄正定国际机场) (IATA: SJW, ICAO: ZBSJ) is an airport serving Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, China.
  10. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 SkysoftSimulation's next program

    As one of the newly built and fast growing FS scenery developer teams in China, Skysoft Simulation is always devoted to making good quality scenery, reflecting the real world as much as we could to make you a better flying experience. The next airport done by S.S will be Nyingchi Mainling...
  11. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 SkysoftSimulation's freeware Chinese airport scenery

    Hi! Skysoftsimulation is about to release our latest Chinese airport scenery. It was scheduled to have been released in August, but problems occurred and it took us another 2 months to work it out. Here comes the data of the airport, information provided by wikipedia. Hefei Luogang...
  12. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 freeware scenery by Skysoft Simulation

    some small airports of China have been released, some more underconstruction. :D
  13. skysoftsimulation

    FS2004 ZSOF Hefei airport

    :D our latest FS2004 scenery work, coming soon in August