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    MSFS Material Colors not Displaying in MSFS

    Why do colors of untextured materials not display on objects in MSFS as designated and shown in MCX? All untextured materials are showing as bright white. This is on .gltf objects converted from .mdl objects using MCX.
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    LODs with gltf objects for MSFS

    I am using MCX to convert my FSX models to gltf for MSFS and am having problems with LODs. When the object is placed using ADE with the latest hotfix, it appears in ADE and builds with no errors. However, the object does not appear in MSFS. If the last reference in the object's .xml file that...
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    MSFS Different Source of Taxiway Lights

    I am currently working with taxiways at KDAB and find that Asobo apparently has a method to include taxiway lights that is not supported by ADE. The airport originally had the lights misplaced as with all airports, and at some point corrected them so that they are uniformly placed along the...
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    MSFS Model LODs

    How do you add a model with LODs using ADE? If I create LODs for MSFS objects with MCX, it generates a single .xml file plus separate .gltf and .bin files for each LOD. Models are added to ADE by selecting a .gltf file, which doesn't make sense when the object has LODs. It would make sense if...
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    MSFS Ground Shear

    Pilots are mostly familiar with wind shear, but MSFS has added another crash-causing hazard that I term ground shear, shown below. What causes it, and how do I get rid of it. Most likely in this case I caused it somehow using ADE.
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    MSFS Start Flight Freeze with ADE Modified Airport

    I have been modifying an airport with ADE alpha 19 (no two-way editing) for a few weeks. Yesterday, I started MSFS to view some recent changes and was presented with update after which MSFS started as if I never used it before asking for acknowledgement of controllers connected and...
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    MSFS MSFS World Map Star Icon

    Someone has asked me why my airport package in the community folder doesn't generate a yellow star icon on the world map while others do. I thought it might be because I didn't include a ContentInfo folder with thumbnail in the package, but found it made no difference. Can anyone tell me why...
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    MSFS Runway Display in ADE

    I have mentioned previously that I encountered an issue with depiction of runways in ADE not always being aligned with what displays in the sim, and I am now seeing that it is not a one airport issue. Is this possibly a magnetic vs true heading issue that needs fixing? Currently, I have to...
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    MSFS Parking Type

    RAMP_GA_EXTRA and GATE_EXTRA are included in parking types. What does the EXTRA mean and what affect does it have? I notice that it was not a type in FSX.
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    MSFS Parking

    Thanks Jon for adding the Max wingspan allowed rings on parking spaces in alpha 18 and the explanation that aircraft may not park next to each other if the rings are overlapped. I have diligently edited my airports to honor this requirement, but has anyone tested it? Default airports seem to...
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    MSFS Taxiway Lights and Links

    I have totally abandoned the inclusion of lights using link settings. Settings in one link affect other adjoining links and you never get what you want. It was an issue in FSX also but had a solution that mostly worked, and at least the issue didn't leave 3D objects sitting within the taxiway...
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    MSFS Create Project from XML

    I exported an XML file of my project, then tried creating a new project from it. There was an error message which was forwarded, but the project displayed properly in ADE except for models which were absent from the model list as well as the source files. I deleted all models and compiled...
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    MSFS Takeoff Direction

    ATC directs aircraft to takeoff downwind at one of the airports I updated with ADE version 17. This does not occur using the default airport, so I assume something I did with ADE is causing the problem. I continue to use alpha 17 for this airport due to objects appearing backwards in alpha 18...
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    MSFS Library Objects

    With the issuance of alpha 18, what happened to generic.bgl library objects?
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    MSFS Hold-Short Node Locations

    I assume much of what is in current ADE alphas for MSFS is left over from ADE for FSX. Does the hold-short node limit circle apply to MSFS or have the rules changed?
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    MSFS Apron Attributes

    What do numbers mean in Raw Data Attributes for aprons? Falloff: -1 gets a fading off of edges. Does a larger number get a broader fade? Does a plus number cause fade beyond the apron edge vs within? Heading: For joints (indentations) in paving? 0 seems to create a north-south...
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    MSFS Path Edge Lines and Projected Mesh

    For the first time, I have tried adding a vehicle path with edge lines. While the centerline curves, the edge lines do not in the resulting path per the attached screenshot. Is this something that needs to be fixed, or will it be necessary to use vector lines? I also found out that copying...
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    MSFS Coloration

    I didn't see anything in the instructions issued with ADE Alpha 17 about coloration of aprons, polygons, etc., so I thought I would express my findings. The Raw Data View (Ctrl-Enter) includes a Coloration list which can be modified to set the color of aprons. Alpha is set to 255 for opaque...
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    MSFS Runway Location

    I'm encountering an issue where the runway seems to be laterally offset in MSFS about 10 feet from where it shows in ADE relative to aprons and markings. What would cause this? Screenshots and the ADE backup file are attached.
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    MSFS Parking Codes

    So far in my personal experience, I have seen no indication that adding a parking code with ADE to a parking space has any affect on getting an aircraft with that code (atc_parking_codes=) directed to that space. Is this something that ADE is not currently implementing? Setting the parking...