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  1. Kaiii3

    AI Boat/Helicopter Question

    so far this has only been prove of concept. But I am sure at some point we will add support for it to AIGTC (already incl. custom AI logic for landbased operations).
  2. Kaiii3

    AI Boat/Helicopter Question

    not 100% correct, we at AIG have been able to develop a tech-demo for a landing AI helicopter on a moving object: http://www.alpha-india.net/2020/11/19/tech-demo-lcs1-landing-demo-ns-san-diego/ https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=34801.0 And with a unique Helicopter FDE they...
  3. Kaiii3

    Where to host freeware scenery?

    there are different filehosters around the web, depending on the size of your file I would suggest look at their offers
  4. Kaiii3

    P3D v5 How to increase AI traffic at specific airport?

    to get AI to an Airport you need flightplans for Aircfrafts that will fly to/from this airport. Without the flightplans you will not see any AI traffic. The Sim comes with a default file that contains some generic flights to many airports
  5. Kaiii3

    FS2020 AI

    It seems you need to create a whole new "package" yourself with both JSON files and so on. We are still in the process of getting all sorted out, as soon as we have a workable solution we will make it public. So far it seems like there is some extra work needed compared to adding Traffic in...
  6. Kaiii3

    FS2020 AI

    AIG has been playing around a bit but without success so far.... We were able to move the default traffic file to a new location and get it loaded but SimObjects and custom BGLs have failed so far
  7. Kaiii3

    MSFS MSFS2020 SDK, is it available??

    ok, would have been nice to have a look at the documentation and some of the samples.
  8. Kaiii3

    MSFS MSFS2020 SDK, is it available??

    ok, in the list of games it was no listed yet. So I was not aware that it is already downloadbale via the gamepass, thanks :)
  9. Kaiii3

    MSFS MSFS2020 SDK, is it available??

    any way of getting it without the game? I do not want to spend $$$ only for the SDK....
  10. Kaiii3

    FS2020 AI

    no infos are currently public regarding that. ALPHA/BETA-Testers migh have already tried some things regarding "offline" AI Traffic, but as long as the NDA is in place you have to wait
  11. Kaiii3

    P3D v5 Germany Photoreal

    Er meint das die ORBX OpenLC noch unter den ORBX Airports stehen, also direkt über den Default einträgen und unter allen Addon-Einträgen - so lese ich das jedenfalls (und habe es auch bei mir so eingestellt) I configured ORBX so that the OPENLC entries are jsut above the default scenery and...
  12. Kaiii3

    P3D v4 Autogen Packages for different countries

    Thanks for providing the AGN files... Kind of sad you no longer provide the Image, but I can understand the reason. I am looking forward to a possbile script for getting the images by myself (I am using currently FSET to get me some basic photoscenery)
  13. Kaiii3

    P3D v5 Sloped Airport Taxiway Creation

    The way i wrote about was not for the runways, more for taxiways. For example EDDH has the Lufthansa area about 2-3 meters above the rest of the airport. So when drawing a taxiway there i have to edit each node
  14. Kaiii3

    P3D v5 Sloped Airport Taxiway Creation

    for sloped airports I would suggest using the altitude of the last taxipoint. This is imo the best way for a fast way off adding new taxiways/taxipaths without changing them later on. You only need to set the new altitude for the first point and then you can darw the next points without editing...
  15. Kaiii3

    ADE 1.79.7422 Development Version

    Hey, no clue if this is a bug or just something not added yet: When working on a sloped Airport each new taxinode is always at altitude 0. It would be great if you draw taxipaths/taxiways that the last altitude will be used on the new node automatically.
  16. Kaiii3

    AutoGen Exclude not working in P3Dv5

    Hey, i downlaoded the latest Version today (.7417). After compiling I ran in the sim into a small problem. I have a photoreal scenery with autogen added using the xml-methos as well as the Airport added using the xml method. Photoscenery is below the airport in the scenery library, but the...
  17. Kaiii3

    ADE [SOLVED] Airport Flatten issue (P3D v5) + Default scenery objects showing.

    import that stock objects in ADE of v5 and remove them again, this will create the missing exclusions for you
  18. Kaiii3

    ADE Version 1.79.7415 Patch

    can confirm that it is working: Loaded a old ad4 project file (FSX) into ADE and compiled directly to v5 -> looking as it should in the Sim. Thanks for the update :)
  19. Kaiii3

    Compile default V5 Airport - Error

    thx, sorry must have missed that one :)
  20. Kaiii3

    Compile default V5 Airport - Error

    Hey, i just wanted to test something: Loaded deafult EDDH (v5) into the latest ADE Version and then compiled without any modifications, got this error: