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    MSFS You can never trust a Microsoft SDK

    But sometimes the SDK has some useful information: ParticlePosition Clicking this button will add the particle Position property to the block, which defines the position where the particle will be initially created relative to the emitter (in meters). IMPORTANT! Currently the orientation...
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    MSFS Cylinder head temperature and exhaust gas temperature for each cylinder?

    RECIP ENG CYLINDER HEALTH:index is an old FSX:Acceleration variable. No idea whether it even worked back then. You could use day of the week to create offsets. So on Sunday cylinder 1 runs a bit hot, on Monday it's cylinder 3. Or maybe in the morning it's cylinder 4 that's a bit warm. Or maybe...
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    Images with MSFS JavaScript or c++?

    I don't know how to write to a file (to save aircraft preferences) with html/css/js. I'm not familiar with html/css/js but from the brief look I had it seemed it wasn't really possible (for security reasons) and then I lost interest in trying to find out if it was. I also don't know how you...
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    Images with MSFS JavaScript or c++?

    Yes, see the MSFS SDK/Samples/Aircraft/GaugeAircraft for a C++ example which does exactly that. Having made a javascript and c++ gauge I'd go with c++. I found it easier to work with plus, the samples are right there which makes it even easier.
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    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    Thanks Delta The aileron drag coef can also be edited in the FLIGHT_TUNING section as aileron_up_drag_scalar and aileron_down_drag_scalar but then there is also flap_induced_drag_scalar in FLIGHT_TUNING
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    MSFS Model XML file is not valid, only reading glTF file

    I think the only change I would make to Peter's corrections is he didn't remove the dot between Animation and name and I don't think you need the curly brackets in the guid. I think you need them in the ModelInfo but the Animation is legacy code and you didn't need curly brackets in the old...
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    Blender Animating Light Illunination?

    Haven't done this myself and only had a brief look a while ago because it seemed interesting. It looks like the lights are effects files and can be controlled in the Systems.cfg file in the [LIGHTS] section. In the case of the C172 lightdef.15 and 16 use LIGHT_ASOBO_CockpitSpot which is in...
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    MSFS Resync causing CTD in aircraft development

    Version released today seems to have fixed this issue.
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    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    Thanks Delta. Any chance you can share that list? I think it probably only contains the drag_coef fields. It seems that at least drag_coef_zero_lift still works. I don't think any of the roll_moment or yaw_moment parameters work anymore. I've put some outrageous numbers in there and it's had no...
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    MSFS Do most of the legacy aerodynamics fields not work in the modern FM?

    This has been keeping me occupied for the last couple of days. There are lift, drag, side_force, pitch_moment, roll_moment and yaw_moment fields in the [AERODYNAMICS] section of the flight_model.cfg. As most will know these were the main parameters in the old FSX .air files. In my experiments...
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    MSFS What SDK engine parameters affect manifold pressure?

    No, you set the max to 42 and the min to 25.
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    MSFS Resync causing CTD in aircraft development

    Seems like the latest update has caused an issue with Resync causing a CTD when developing aircraft. For now, loading the project file and editing seems to be working for me but it seems for others it is not. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/ctd-during-every-aircraft-resync/450083
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    Anyone else ride an eBike?

    34kg (74lbs)!!! I thought, in the pictures it would be a small little thing (maybe 20kg) but further down there's pictures with people for scale and it's massive.
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    MSFS What SDK engine parameters affect manifold pressure?

    In FSX it was (and in the MSFS it is in the engines.cfg) turbocharged = 0 ; Is it turbocharged? 0=FALSE, 1=TRUE max_design_mp = 29.92 ; Max design manifold pressure, (inHg) min_design_mp = 2.992 ; Min design manifold pressure, (inHg) You need to have supercharged or turbocharged set to 1 to...
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    MSFS You can never trust a Microsoft SDK

    Continuing on with this theme: Never put lift_coef_aoa_table = -3.15:0, -0.8:-1.029, 0:0.257, 0.26:1.5416, 3.15:0 into your flight_model.cfg file. This line comes from the SDK (Defining a Flight Model) and the SDK says it's the minimum you need for the lift table. What it doesn't tell you is...
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    Dual bus avionics - How??

    9 times out 10 it can be a syntax error like that. Which can drive you mad. The simvar tool can be invaluable for debugging as it is an easy way to check the values of A: variables which can help you figure out if the error is in your code or it's the A: vars not returning what you think they...
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    Dual bus avionics - How??

    Need to see [ELECTRICAL] in your systems.cfg. If you haven't setup your busses correctly there then MSFS isn't going to work how you want.
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    MSFS Introduction to Animations

    "Does change" or "does not change"? If the gear steer angle is not changing then it's a problem with your contact points. Post the whole section and someone might be able to spot the issue.
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    HTML code question... (SOLVED)

    On this forum? The three vertical dots (more options) to the right of the Insert Table icon. Click on that then select the code icon. It moved sometime ago and took me a while to figure out where it had gone to.
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    MSFS Here's how to write you own ModelBehavior code.

    Remove PART_ID for a start because it's not used. Secondly, you don't have any animation code (ANIM_CODE). There needs to be some sort of code otherwise it will show keyframe 0 all the time (ie it won't animate). The result of the ANIM_CODE equals the keyframe. If you want your animation to...