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    MSFS Win11 Pro Preview

    Jon, Just sharing that ADE Alpha-20 is working quite well for me using the Win 11-Pro Beta Version. I was able to open my current project without issue, was able to build project without issue and am now in a flight. All without issues. I will report in to this forum as I further explore this...
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    MSFS How To??

    Jon, just trying out A20. As you can see from the snip attached. My models are still in the project. They are just displaced. Is there a way to reposition them to their correct positions without having to delete them and then reinstall them? I seem to remember there was such a process a few...
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    MSFS Error Code 1

    Good Day, when building a package. i get the following error code. Any Suggestions of how to resolve it. Many thanks. Gelomare
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    MSFS Overjoyed!

    Jon, I have been trying for the last few weeks to get the runways from my project to show up in the nav-database of MSFS.. I had no problem creating them in ADE. Well, there is this great feature called Approach Creator that is a part of ADE. I was able to within twenty minutes get my runways...
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    MSFS Approach Help Needed

    Jon, I am trying to get ils approaches done for my project. All my runways and ILS show up in the project tree. But when i switch to the approach mode on the VOR is seen. Not sure how to proceed at this point. I am attaching snips of what i am seeing in my project and the log file from this...
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    MSFS Thumbs for Surface Textures

    Does anyone know where the thumbs for the surface textures can be found. I can see what the surface looks like by building the package and then loading it into the sim . Thumbs would help in that regard by giving a snapshot of what the surface is supposed to look like without having to load it...
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    MSFS A Word of Thanks

    Jon, just want you to know my appreciation of having such a program as ADE. I have not been able to get the flow of the in-sim tools. But with ADE, things are so much more flexible and open. The placing of jetways for example is such a breeze with ADE. Thanks for making ADE freeware except with...
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    MSFS <Move Action

    Jon, Just tinkering around with some of the features of ADE20. When moving an airport, should Jetways or even can they be moved when an airport is moved using the move command. I noticed that the painted lines do move accordingly. Thank you for that. Gelomare
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    MSFS ATC and ILS Question

    My project is progressing at a good speed. One question though. Will ADE compile the files of the SDK-Simple NavdATA when build the package? Not sure where ADE is with Navdata. Many thanks. Gelomare
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    MSFS Alpha 18 Report Back

    Jon, Thanks for the hotfix on the models. I was able to do the replacing of my project models with one exception. They appear in the sim with a heading that is 180 deg. opposite of what they ought be. Did i read correctly that you are aware of this issue? Secondly, am i understanding the jetway...
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    MSFS Memory Issues

    Jon, i am now getting the following out of memory message. Please advise. Many thanks. System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown. at System.Text.StringBuilder.ExpandByABlock(Int32 minBlockCharCount) at System.Text.StringBuilder.Append(Char*...
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    MSFS Taxi Way and Jetway Issues

    Jon, Can you please take a look at the attached log and if possible give me some guidance on resolution. The error comes wham i am building my project after adding jetways and parking. I checked the raw data view to make sure there was not double entries in this category. Many thanks. George
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    MSFS What Do I Need to Do?

    Jon i added a Library Object to my project and got the message below. What do I need to do to resolve this error as the building of the project won't happen until the failure is corrected. I have all the asset groups checked in project properties. Not sure at this point what to do. Sorry for...
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    Almost There

    Arno, I have been able to get most of the user models to shoe in my project. One exception though. I can't seem to bridge this one. I am able to import the object into MDCX fine (import.log and capture.jpg). The issues seem to happen on the export side of the task. When exporting the object. the...
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    Quick Questions

    Arno, If i convert an FSX MDL (ATLA.MDL) file to Gltf. Why do i get three or in some cases four LOD files, but have only one XML file for the converted MDL (See photo below)? Secondly, do i need to convert the texture files as well using the material editor? I can place model into MSFS, but it...
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    What am I doing Wrong?

    Arno, I imported this model into MDCX and i got this error message. I have place the textures files in a sub-folder of the scenery folder along with the bgls. Yet MDCX is not reading them. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? Thanks George
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    MSFS Can't Add Models to ADE20-Alpha17

    Whenever i try to add a custom model to the list, i get the following error code. Any thoughts on how i can resolve this? Thanks in advance System.InvalidOperationException: There is an error in XML document (0, 0). ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file...
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    MSFS Please Help!

    I am trying to learn through trial and error. Got this log when trying to place a concourse building in my project. Any thoughts on how to address this will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. project XML: E:\ADE_2020_Alpha_16\F20\Projects\kmdn-madison-regional\kmdn-madison-regional.xml temp...
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    MSFS Painted Lines Removal

    Good Day, When moving an airport from one location to another. Is it possible to make the move without the painted lines or is there a way to delete the painted line from the airport before the move using a multi-delete option in the raw data view or otherwise? They can be remove one at time...
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    MSFS Deleting Taxi Points Cause CTD

    I am working on a project that use a stock airport for its foundation. I want to delete all the taxi point all taxi pints so that i can redo them as i see fit. When i try to delete them using the list menu. ADE@)vAlpha16 crashes. I have posted the error message below for reference. I also sent...