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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    Hi guys been attempting to get the above to work with my FSX steam on a new win 10 machine (not bragging - old one fell over) Its been 3 months and nothing! - Ive gone through just about every post I can find and done all the suggestions plus of course a multiple amount of uninstall reinstall...
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    On for the conspiratorial amongst us

    This is coming up with the steam version of FSX from day of posting this - New beta branch available on Steam! We've released a new beta branch for FSX that will help us gain valuable new telemetry data that will help us in the development of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you are...
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    Airport Scenery -Hit a conundrum - what do you guys think

    OK! Started a project few months ago mixing it with learning Blender as well for model creation. Airport will be Aruba - TNCA. family just back from there and it inspired me that this little know AP is actually growing in popularity across the globe. However, Im aware some people have created...
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    Bet there isn't a simmer world wide that would not be envious of this

    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/travel/news/brit-dad-flies-easyjet-plane-to-spain-himself-after-pilot-doesnt-show-up/ar-AAGNGoI?MSCC=1567681124&ocid=spartandhp this is what you call being in the right place at the right time and with the right documents
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    Errrmmm Foxtrot Sierra Delta

    ATC = Errrmmm Foxtrot Sierra Delta - I said "Expect landing Runway THREE!!!!!!!!!!!". However, all ends well Im pleased to say! Pilot John Gregory was not hurt in the Monday night crash, which happened when his single-engine Piper Cub PA-18 lost power and a wing strut became entangled in...
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    Taxiway/Gate ground numbering plates.

    Just a note for those who pm'd me for the graphics on the taxiway gate numbers . I've dropped them on to 10 plates both 24bit bmp and their corisponding dads files. Now I'm more or less back to base camp with the rig I've had to reinstall a life of software I'll just retest the random numbers on...
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    ADE - Texture folders

    HI Guys Im just trying to check some issue im getting here with either ADE or DTXBMP In Ade there are textures folders in there I thought back in December 2019 that there were 4 folders; Textures Textures_Base_Mipped Textures_Base_NonMipped and Textures_Dpy_Base User created BMP files would...
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    FSX:SE ADE-SDK - Just making sure Im getting this right!!

    As many are aware Ive had the week from hell. For those interested the film is coming out and Tom Hanks is playing me:banghead: Im now getting (attempting) my system somewhere near back to where I was. Im now on steam Edition FSX and glad I am due to the raft of reinstalls I was forced to do...
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    FSX Steam Edition

    Hi guys - Thought id drop this one in as I sit arguing with Microsoft about failed registrations Has anyone have FSX steam and have migrated from ye' old cd version - whats it like?? Do they compare, is there the same options to added Airports and Scenery like the old version , making...
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    FSX Installed a boxed version of fsx and ........................................ Its turned in to steam ?

    Well this is one of the best silly things Ive come across to date. - Last week major crash of my HD - Lost, gone past on to another world - Fried to death. Installed new drive , fought with Microsoft because the drive would not accept win 10 or any other platform of windows I had. Turned out...
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    Airport Ground Navigation - The search for eternal peace

    HI Guys - Just thought Id drop this one in as its closing 2018. Like many I've searched for the everlasting answer to add a gauge similar to those we now see in RW that can be used to navigate to and from the gate/stands and to runways around airports. There are 2 such pieces of work out there...
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    CAB file creators

    Simple Q guys , Ive a cab file that's possibly going to need a file edited - I understand I can use some of the off shelf packages to extract the whole file to a temp folder and then overwrite the file that there is an update for saving it into the temp folder. Is there something out there that...
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    Fsx radio frequencies possible change decimal steps

    Just throwing this out there. the UK in 2018 have changed many of its comm frequencies. This will require the decimal part of the frequencies to use more three digit formats ie 113.702. The fsx radios , all models have their decimal numerics increment by .25. Has anyone looked at or...
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    Thinning out Fsx workload?

    Apologies if I've landed this in the wrong area. I've started looking at what Fsx loads in on boot up. E.g the more aircraft you have in the listing the longer that sector takes to load etc. I'm planning to weed out all AC' that either I don't use leaving only one in each category (focusing...
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    Flood Light issue in Fog

    Hi Guys.......... Ive search through a number of areas cant seem to get a grasp of an issue thats occured today. I created my version of LOWI (Innsbruck) for my own learning use really. I followed advice here and from vids made by the guys at soar fly concepts who made a great teaching aid for...
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    FSX Atis and handling frequency changes

    Having ventured back to fsx after a few years sabbatical I find that there are many Atis frequency changes (plus of course others like ATC etc.). I wondered how are we dealing with these. Are we making our own changes to APs as we go along using ADE etc and saving these back some how, finding...
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    Triggers/triggering an event

    Sorry if I've dropped this in the wrong part of the forum. Mods please move me as as appropriate. OK. I'm pretty new to model, scenery and airport building but I've come from an adventure game background with Photoshop/sketchup as my main work based tool kit. So can get my head around most...