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  1. Kaiii3

    AutoGen Exclude not working in P3Dv5

    Hey, i downlaoded the latest Version today (.7417). After compiling I ran in the sim into a small problem. I have a photoreal scenery with autogen added using the xml-methos as well as the Airport added using the xml method. Photoscenery is below the airport in the scenery library, but the...
  2. Kaiii3

    Compile default V5 Airport - Error

    Hey, i just wanted to test something: Loaded deafult EDDH (v5) into the latest ADE Version and then compiled without any modifications, got this error:
  3. Kaiii3

    AIG AI Manager

    Hey, some of you might already use "AIG AI Manager" others might never heared of it. Alpha India Group (AIG) has been developing flightplans for many years now, World of AI (WoAI) has used them in their packages a long time ago. In December 2018 AIG has released a extension to AIGAIM called...
  4. Kaiii3

    P3D v4 [Answered]Get Sim-Time

    Hey, maybe I'm just blind but I haven't found a SimConnect-Call to get the current Sim-Time (UTC) I know that there are Simulation Varibales that will return the UTC-Time and the date but how do I use them in my C# App? Accessing the AI parameters and the Airport FacilityList is already...
  5. Kaiii3

    Update footprint of Library Object

    Hi, I would like to suggest a similar feature to the "Get Footprint" from a model, for the Library Objects. Currently the footprint is not updated if you delete the object from the LOM and add it again with some different contours. For example: I work at the moment on NZAA and created the...
  6. Kaiii3

    FSX Kaiii3' AFCADs

    Hey Guys, some of you know the Thread over at AIG about my AFCADs for FSX, I have decided to open a second thread with previews here at FS Developer to reach people who are not so active at AIG or not so intrested in AI Traffic. And to get some feedback from other developers. Here are some...
  7. Kaiii3

    FSX [WIP] Kaiii3's Airport Object Library (current Version: 0.9)

    Hello, some of you probably know me from the AIG Forum any my AFD Thread there. My prime objectice at each AFD is to get it as close as possible to the real Airport without creating a whole new scenery. For that I'm using ADE and the GP-Editor, and for quite some time now some objects from...
  8. Kaiii3

    Compile Error

    Hey I wanted to check out the new ADE - GP tool today but i can't compile the complete Airport to FSX. The Airport itself and the CVX is there but my Ground Polys are not there and while compiling i get following massage. I attached the AD3 and ASM File. I hope you can help me with...