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    CTD on approach 5NM before touchdown

    I have made a scenery -> Scenery. Few users have asked me that its causing it to crash on approach. Rebuilt the package again, also checked the primary and secondary start points are defined. Can anyone suggest what possibly would be the cause??
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    MSFS Crash on your scenery when touching the runway since the last performance update ? Read this

    I tried rebuilding the package, the secondary start was also configured. Its still crashing on 5NM approach. any clues guys on it??
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    MSFS Crash on your scenery when touching the runway since the last performance update ? Read this

    Hellow guys, even I have been informed about my project causing CTD on runway, going to recheck the secondary start. I hope it fixes the issue ;) Thanks
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    Create red hatched boxes for jetways and bigger gate numbers

    Can anyone guide on how to make those red boxes under jetways.. I did not find them and also getting those bigger gate numbers instead of the asobo one
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    MSFS Texture failed to convert [SOLVED]

    I am having a similar problem. After I fixed the image sizes the textures are still not showing up. I have attached the console screenshot of the error its giving me. Please help coz it doesnt seems to work for me. I have also attached the blender file.
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    Modelling help in Blender 2.9

    I am away from my pc... and seeing that image is the perfect thing I wanted. I would try following the same steps u mentioned and check out the results. Thanks alot guys for the help.. God bless you all
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    Modelling help in Blender 2.9

    I have attached my blend file with this.. if someone can help me on it. All I need is the window edges to be extruded out so I can match it with the terminal building color. I have attached the pic of the current state.. its just one plain black mirror. :(
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    Modelling help in Blender 2.9

    I am pretty new to blender, trying to do my best with the tutorial videos I have watched. I am attaching 2 images with this, as I am not able to create the glass frames around them. Can someone give me a quick tip. I need white lines around the window/glass frames as shown in the last picutre...
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    MSFS Model not showing colors in MSFS

    Also is there a way to remove the autogen blocks around the airport?? Flattening did not remove them
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    MSFS Model not showing colors in MSFS

    Thanks @Pyscen for the advice, it worked now. But I ended up in something different. Tried Exclusionsrectange and Polygons to remove default blocks but does not seems to work. in the below picture they are removed but when im back in the game I see them. Is there a way or do I have to flatten...
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    MSFS Model not showing colors in MSFS

    Hellow everyone, I am pretty new in blender so please don't mind my questions. I had made a model in blender 2.9 and used diffuse bsdf for coloring it. When exported to msfs it only shows me the shape but the colors are absent. If anyone can guide me on this.. ill be thankful