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  1. Microdude

    MSFS No Aprons,

    Hi all I need some help if you can, I started an airport, i got the runways and the taxi ways all set, i can't seem to get aprons, beacon, and scenery objects from the objects lib. to show up. Thanks all Tom microdude62@hotmail.com
  2. Microdude

    MSFS No Taxi Lights when adding a Taxiway.

    Still No Taxi Lights When Adding a Taxiway with ADE Alpha 18,
  3. Microdude

    MSFS Adding ILS with ADE Alpha 18

    I tried adding an ILS with the ADE 18, ALL went well and approach was perfect. WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO!:rotfl:😁🛩️
  4. Microdude

    MSFS No Buildings?

    Having A brain fart, why is there no buildings when loadind a stock airport in ADE for MSFS 2020, and they load for ADE for FSX.
  5. Microdude

    MSFS Adding ILS with alpha 17

    I tried adding an ILS to 4wi9 again with alpha 7, i was shooting the approch in to rwy 27 and I'm still landing 1/2 to 1 mile from the airport.
  6. Microdude

    MSFS Taxiway Lights

    Taxiways still do not have lights.
  7. Microdude

    ADE Pro Key

    Hi Jon Do we know yet if Pro key makes a diferance with anything?
  8. Microdude

    ADE BGL wont open

    I have a BLG from an airport that wont open, trying to add and ILS to KCGX, its a download airport.
  9. Microdude

    MSFS ADE Fault finder

    fault finder says no runway starts, so i deleted them and added them via fault finder, ran fault finder and it says no runway starts.
  10. Microdude

    MSFS Wrong Tower

    Some Towers Have the wrong tower, How can I change that.? the towers don't show up when i open a stock airport in ADE.
  11. Microdude

    MSFS Taxi way Lights missing.

    Ok i finished my airport, but only a quarter of my taxi lights are working.
  12. Microdude

    MSFS ADE keeps crashing

    ADE Keeps Crashing after About 20 to 30 min.
  13. Microdude

    MSFS Thumbnail Pack for MSFS

    Is ther a Thumbnail pack for MSFS?
  14. Microdude

    MSFS Exclusion Poly to clear trees and airport back ground.

    There is no way to add an exclusion poly in ADE MSFS. I need to get rid of some trees in airport.
  15. Microdude

    MSFS Still Can't add an ILS To Stock Airports

    I still can't add an ILS to a stock airport. Here i a compile list of errors.
  16. Microdude

    MSFS Editing stock default airports

    Hi Jon Is there a way to edit a stock default airport?
  17. Microdude

    MSFS Editing stock airports

    Hi Jon thank you for the Christmas present, I just had one question for now, is there a way to edit default stock airports?
  18. Microdude

    MSFS Control Towers

    Some of the control towers are the wrong size. How can you change the control towers? Example KDPA tower is too big, it needs to be like the one at KEAU.
  19. Microdude

    MSFS Default airport ILS

    Is there a way to add an ILS to a default airport?
  20. Microdude

    MSFS 2020

    Any word if ADE is going to work with MSFS 2020?