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  1. Keven Menard

    Ability to "Generate object image" in PNG?

    Hey, I'm looking for a way to batch-export images from models in PNG. I want to script the removal of the background to transparent but I can't do that with the JPG compression we currently have with this method. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated Best Regards, Keven
  2. Keven Menard

    Looking for someone to find a few sim memory offsets

    Hi, title says it all Paid project PM for details!
  3. Keven Menard

    ROTATION VELOCITY BODY X giving absurd numbers

    Hi, I'm doing a C# app and after an "AddToDataDefinition" and "RequestDataOnSimObject" at each "SIMCONNECT_PERIOD.VISUAL_FRAME", "ROTATION VELOCITY BODY X" with "FEET PER SECOND" unit as "SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE.FLOAT64" gives me all sort of numbers that aren't reflecting what's in the sim. I have...
  4. Keven Menard

    Testing Grounds

    Hi everyone! I'm curious to know, when we're not talking about scenery, where do you go in the virtual world to develop your add-ons? Personnaly, most of my visual effects development and scripting is done in the Bermudas (TXKF) for performance reasons and because it has a large empty tarmac...
  5. Keven Menard

    C++ Gauge Programmer needed

    Hi everybody! I am looking for a simple C++ Gauge programmer to build a source code to set L: Variables into FSX. Quick and easy for a knowledgeable programmer. I pay for the service, contact us directly via private message with your pricing. Future projects are on the table, if you are the...
  6. Keven Menard

    FSX C++ Gauge programmer needed

    Topic moved
  7. Keven Menard

    P3D v2 Effects and ground level

    Hi there, I'm trying to build some effects using the Visual Effects Tool provided in the SDK. When a particle reaches the ground, it goes straight through instead of bouncing on the ground like it does in FSX. Thanks to anybody telling me what the ** is going on!
  8. Keven Menard

    FS2004 Efects not displaying within aprox 1000m

    Hi there, I need the help of a master (again)... I've made Apron lights and when I spown, there are no effects within aprox 1km... outside of that, effects are displayed. That,s in FS2004, In FSX everything is displayed fine. tell me what line of code you need! thanks for your help!
  9. Keven Menard

    FSX My FS don't understaind the command "DAY=0"?

    Hi there, I'm working with apron light effects and I can't get them to disappear when it's the day! <SceneryObject lat="45.48266009515634" lon="-73.73028251912415" alt="0.4M" altitudeIsAgl="TRUE" pitch="0.0" bank="0.0" heading="0.0" imageComplexity="VERY_DENSE">...
  10. Keven Menard

    Zooming in with night lighting enabled

    Is it possible now to zoom in with night lighting enabled ? thanks!
  11. Keven Menard

    Large Size Backdrop prolem.

    Hi here all! I'm trying to put my airport in backdrop of my FSDS Project but when I try to scale it using the 2 click technic, the backdrop goes oversize!. I don't know what I'm doing wrong... all units are in meters, I'm using the distances from Google Earth and the numbers make sence in GE...
  12. Keven Menard

    Installer error

    I'm running Windows Vista and when I try to install FSXPlanner, I get this error: an error occurres while attempting to create the directory: E:\Documents and settings\Keven\Mes documents\Mes images Retry / Cancel Thanks for your help
  13. Keven Menard


    Unexpected problem with a such small software... The application don't start... I double click, the process apear and disapear faction of second later (in the Task Manager) Thank you for your help. I'm running Vista Ultimate 32Bits.
  14. Keven Menard


    How can I transfer my FSDS project into .API or an ModelConverterX compatible format ? I've look on the Wiki and on google and no trace of API format thks Keven
  15. Keven Menard

    AFCAD Effects over layout

    I've made a ground layout for my airport and I would like to have effects of the afcad over it (Apron lights, runway lights etc.) My bgls files are tweaked with ASM codes... thks Keven
  16. Keven Menard

    Add ?

    What is this button for ?? (attachment)
  17. Keven Menard


    Hi there! Some of you I'm sure already saw posts on other forum section here, I did post screenshots of my project on FlightSimWolrd's forum http://www.flightsimworld.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=149809 www.cyul2008.ift.fr
  18. Keven Menard

    Hundred of bgl files

    Hi everyone... an easy one here.. I used Ez-Scenery to pllace objects on my airport (245 objects)and I would like to have them in 2 or 3 bgl files. is it possible? if yes, how great thks ;)
  19. Keven Menard

    Move a scenery objects

    is it possible to move scenery object with the airport? usig the "move airport" button... I've put a background image and the airport is like 10meters from perfection If now, is there another way ? with 636 apron lights... it's big deal and long to reposition :P thks
  20. Keven Menard

    testing.. testing... 98

    I'm testing FS98 right now ;)