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  1. Taz5150

    MSFS Custom Toolbar - Force Disabled Panel

    Hi everyone, I am desperately trying to force disabling certain in-game panels (such as VFR Map, ATC, etc.) when a given community aircraft is loaded. Is this possible? Within the Custom Toolbar (the gear icon), I can turn off any of these panels, and the option is maintained next time I open...
  2. Taz5150

    Turbine Oil Temperature Range

    Hi everyone. Oil temperature in MSFS seems to work as in FSX, with same variables: - Oil Cooling Constant: (left it at 0 although like in FSX it doesn't seem to do anything) - Oil Heating Constant: gives maximum oil temperature in Rankine - Oil Time Constant: sets the settling time (both for...
  3. Taz5150

    Takeoff-roll at TOGA Engine Issues

    Hi everyone, After some long months of design, tweaking and a lot of input from this community, I am facing an issue I’m bot sure how to solve. All engine tables have been set accordingly, specially tables 1503-1504, 1502 and 1506 (for net thrust). Everything works fine and is on spot more or...
  4. Taz5150

    MSFS DevMode Drag Polar Zoom

    Hi everyone. The aircraft editor has some nice visual features like the Cd-Cl debug curves. Question is simple: is there a way to zoom in or out of these graphs? Sometimes detail is needed and its impossible to get it as is. Thank you.
  5. Taz5150

    Some doubts on Table 1506

    I have come to a point where I need some expert and experienced opinions here. Just to clarify, I have read and searched extensively this forum and, of course, read Roy’s paper on thrust vs altitude. The thing is I have some real N1 vs Thrust data at different altitudes and Machs. As the...
  6. Taz5150

    Descent and Negative TSFC

    Hi all! This is just to confirm that what I am seeing and understanding, is correct. During descent of an aircraft (say A320), with throttle at Idle, you can get negative net thrust due to very low gross thrust but high ram drag at speeds from Mach 0.6 to 0.2. With negative net thrust, you get...
  7. Taz5150

    MSFS N1 and N2 do not change with Altitude

    So I keep testing and working on the A320 Neo engines.cfg. I was able to get the right Engine parameters at Altitude 0ft, ISA conditions and Mach 0, for Idle and Maximum Take-off (all static, with parking brakes on). When I move to a 5000 ft airport, I expected N1 to go higher (and thus N2)...
  8. Taz5150

    MSFS Confused with Engine Model (engines.cfg)

    Hey everyone, When I though I had a reasonable understanding of how the engines are being modeled, I find myself bumping against a wall once and again. As has been discussed in several posts, the engines.cfg file now includes the 150x tables from legacy .air files, some variables from the...
  9. Taz5150

    On "Ground Polys", "Textured Polys" and such ...

    Hey everyone! For the past couple of months (thanks to Covid and the addition of sloped "airports" with P3Dv5), I have learned to use ADE, MCX, SketchUP, and what not. Not an expert, but thanks to this community and to the great videos out there (i.e SoarFly et al.) I was able to get over the...
  10. Taz5150

    P3D v4 VR Mouse Pointer Size

    Hi everyone, I need some help with some tweaks I am working on for VR users. There are two key conflicts I experience regarding the mouse pointer in VR (the circle/ spherical pointer): 1. The color: The transition when hovering is not clear or perceptible within VR. 2. The size: The size of...
  11. Taz5150

    WebSimGauge control over XML

    Hello everyone, I have gone over FSD and Avsim looking for a solution to my problem, but was not able to come across a decent answer. WebSimConnect is a great product, but I am lacking some more detailed documentation and/ or tutorials to work with it (not trying to be critical). I am...