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    P3D v4 confusion reigns

    Hi, Well I'm trying and failing miserably in converting an ai fs9 model for personal use in p3dv4. I have read and reread a tutorial on the alpha india group on how to do this but I have reached a point quite early on that has me stumped. it states this Once you have the model imported into...
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    what else will i need?

    Hi I'm creating my first bit of modeling for an airport upgrade.I'm going to start very small until I understand more on what I'm doing. I have both gmax and found an old copy of 3ds max.I've never used either of these programs and only know that gmax is a cut down of 3dsmax,so as I have it I...
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    smooth slope over a short width

    Hi I wondered if someone could tell me if its possible and if so how I can create a slope and smooth it all out around my airport. The height of the airport is 6.41m and the water is at 0m between the airport and water there is a slope of about 15metres between the 2 heights most of the way...
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    P3D v3 Excludes and flattens

    Hi Looking for some advice as I'm completely stumped. I'm trying to flatten and exclude the airport and area around my first airport update but i'm having a real hard time with it. I'm not sure if it's an Sbuilderx issue or me,or possibly both. I'm running sbuilderx3.14 64bit version and trying...
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    SbuilderX FT or M

    Hi I probably should have asked this one before creating a flatten an airport boundary exclude,but I'm a noob As the title says when it comes to setting the height in sbuilder for my flatten and exclude I have not been able to find what Sbuilderx use.Is it Feet or metres? I've searched the...
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    ADE aligned but not aligned

    As a noobie too airport designing, i'm starting with the runway at the moment,but I seem to have a small issue with the runway alignment. I think it has something to do with the background images but I have no idea how they are out. I have created quite a high res sat image in SbuilderX...
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    P3D v3 P3dv3.2 crashing with Ade afcad file

    Hi I'm very new to all this,so this is most likely my fault,However I do not know whats causing it. I have created my airport using a Sat image of the area and created my blend mask using SbuilderX. I have put it into P3d and checked that it shows up and all is good. I have then gone into ADE...
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    warnings while compiling

    When compiling with SbuilderX I noticed these messages in the dos window TIFFread directory :warning; N:\Sbuilderx313\tools\work\L17x138212x138251Y84725Y84756_W.tif: WRONG DATA TYPE1 for "XMLPACKET";Tag ignored TIFFread directory :warning...
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    missing water mask

    Hi I'm kind of new to all this and have been fumbling along a bit with some success but have hit a bit of a road block I am trying to create my first airport update with a small amount of surrounding scenery I downloaded a satellite image fine and have created the .bmp map that I plan to work...