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    FSX Dresden X [EDDC/DRS]

    Looking great, keep it up!;)
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    Kilimanjaro International Airport 2015

    Trully amazing! I was fooled by the screenshot before I read it was actually a screenshot and not a real photo. Keep'em coming!;)
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    FSXA Developing Cape Verde, Sal Island scenery (GVAC)

    Big WOW!:yikes: It looks amazing! Is this your first scenery? Thanks for this, Africa is really lacking works like this in FS. Parabéns!;)
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    FSX "Very Light Scenerys" and patches for Africa

    Amazing! Too bad I'm away from my sim pc.:(
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    FSX "Very Light Scenerys" and patches for Africa

    Awesome, your work is God sent for those who wish to fly in Africa!:)
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    FSX "Very Light Scenerys" and patches for Africa

    Very good looking!;) Thanks for your work. In case you accept requests, what about Maputo FQMA and/or Lusaka FLKK? I can send you photos from Maputo. Cheers!;)
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    FSX HAAB Addis Ababa Ed Bole International Airport

    Wow, it looks amazing! Keep it up!;)
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    Azores X - Azores island group

    Awesome! This will be great to use with TropicalSim's Azores airports.:cool:
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    FS2004 Falcon 900

    Ahah, nice choice!:p Bolivian F900 doing the rounds of the day.;) Great piece of work!:cool:
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    FSXA airport in africa ;)

    Just kidding Stew.:D It's looking amazing, keep 'em coming!:cool:
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    FSXA airport in africa ;)

    :eek::eek: Please don't fool use by posting actual photos.:D
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    Casarrubios del Monte LEMT (Spain)

    :eek::eek::eek: Incredible textures! Keep it up!;)
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    FSX Beira airport

    Great work indeed, Stew!:cool: Landed there a few times IRL.
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    Hi! Due to the high number of requests I will try to ask permission from ISD to publish my ISD LIPX 2006 adaptation to FSX.
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    Bloemfontein international airport

    Great work, guys! Both FABL and Bloemfontein city look superb, really awesome!:cool:
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    Wattay international airport - ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติวัตไต

    Wow! Looks great!:cool: Great to see you making good progress.:)
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    Hi! Thanks for enlightening me to Verona, now I have another Italian destination to fly 737NG's.:D I've made it work in FSX. I've created a new flattening CVX and ditched the FS9 format originals, then converted a few models to FSX with MCX by Arno Gerretsen, just to fix the transparency...
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    Hosea Kutako International

    Good progress, Frits!;)
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    Mogadishu X

    I'm a Dropbox user already, so it's all set here.:)
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    Mogadishu X

    Hi Frits! Thanks for that, but I can't also download the file. It says the file is unavailable.