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  1. marijnjc

    Constant CTD in Dev Mode

    In Scenery Editing mode get CTD when clicking weather 100% of the times. need to adjust when no project is selected.
  2. marijnjc

    Best version of 3ds Max for MSFS development, also Windows 11 compatibility?

    Most developers are eligible for the Indie license from Autodesk, covering all versions I'm using switching between 2018 and 2021, for scenery this has all functions I need I believe. Not sure about others but I'm not updating until i'm sure its better than what I have now, don't try to fix it...
  3. marijnjc

    MSFS Grumman S2F-3AT (S2T) Turbo Tracker

    100%! Very nice work.
  4. marijnjc

    MSFS KSZP- Santa Paula - Available

    I can't figure it out, I have never seen them there, seems you got the car traffic at the airport set at max right? seems they are driving on the taxiway.
  5. marijnjc

    MSFS KSZP- Santa Paula - Available

    Yeah.. thats the one: kszp-Santa Paula
  6. marijnjc

    MSFS KSZP- Santa Paula - Available

    Thank you so much!! it means a lot to me to see you using it! for sure runway 22 is tricky! First time seeing those fork-lift trucks though, are those an add-on or default?
  7. marijnjc

    MSFS Setting up Viewport Materials

    Thank you Christian, thats it, I was blind but now I can see,
  8. marijnjc

    MSFS Setting up Viewport Materials

    Try Turning on DX mode in viewport.. felt like its good now for me.
  9. marijnjc

    MSFS Setting up Viewport Materials

    Not sure if this can be fixed, tried different render settings in viewport, I notice it sometimes changes when I save or reopen the file.
  10. marijnjc

    MSFS Lines across scenery

    Not sure but looks like the same as I been having too, started after Su5, found this on the MSFS forum, hopefully will be fixed. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/persistent-cracks-in-ground-tiles-not-water-since-su5/439671
  11. marijnjc

    I'm working on scenery... (2021)

    San Luis Obispo KSBP (70% done, planned release November 2021)
  12. marijnjc

    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

    It helps to save your project, close it, and reopen it. did it for me. or you can create a business.json yourself. This happened for me also before SU5 though. The second issue you're describing I'm having too, started to occur at SU5.
  13. marijnjc

    Weathering Aircraft Carrier Ident Numbers?

    Different layers with different brushes and brush sizes and different opacity are your friend here. You can google for some wear brushes, but I find myself using the stock most of the time.
  14. marijnjc

    P3D v5 VTSP - Phuket Airport

    premium stuff 👍
  15. marijnjc

    MSFS KSZP- Santa Paula - Available

    Please feel free to let me know how I can help, I'd love to! LaGuardia sounds like a handful! must be an enormous amount of work for you. I think since I fly in person to the airport before I model them I like to remember the things I notice, like in KSZP the electric wires are everywhere...
  16. marijnjc

    MSFS KSZP- Santa Paula - Available

    Thank you man! means a lot, great job also on Las Americas! Saw it come by the other day.
  17. marijnjc

    MSFS List the things wrong with Sim Update v5

    With all the mentioned above. It seemed like the ground elevation in general was raised, some of my ground details were now (half)invisible. Also, I think it was when I went to change the version of the package the name of the company disappeared, when I want to type in the name of the company...
  18. marijnjc

    MSFS KSZP- Santa Paula - Available

    Released and available since yesterday, just wanted to show these screenshots as a final post. An amazing experience from beginning to end, could not have done it without FSdeveloper, thank you all!
  19. marijnjc

    I'm working on scenery... (2021)

    Oceano Airport L52 - (on hold due to significant airport upgrades, will follow construction closely) Planned release Q1 2022
  20. marijnjc

    P3D v5 CYZF Yellowknife (P3Dv4 v5 MSFS & XP11)

    Really like the texture of the ground, may I ask are those "cracks" embedded in the texture or you created an overlay?