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  1. falcon409

    Replacing a default Island with a photoreal version

    I was successful in doing this about three years ago when I did Tangier Island, however I've slept since then and I never write anything down. Now I'm doing Kelleys Island and I cannot remember how it's done. Any suggestions that might trigger some brain cells in as simple an explanation as may...
  2. falcon409

    Extracting a bmp image from a bgl

    I want to extract a bitmap satellite image from a bgl in order to make corrections to the image. Is that possible and if so, how? Thanks
  3. falcon409

    Phantom Hangar

    Is there any way to rid myself of this errant hangar? I have tried an exclude with various options checked to no avail. I've checked the list of scenery objects and it doesn't show up there. It is most likely a left over from a previous version, which by now has been overwritten. Any...
  4. falcon409

    Folland Gnat Speed Brake animation

    This probably sounds like a joke you've heard before but. . ."I'm asking this for a friend". I guess you would call me a Project Manager. I have two folks doing an FSX Conversion of the Folland Gnat and we, collectively, have hit on a function that has eluded us. On the Gnat, the undercarriage...
  5. falcon409

    FSX Doing a sloped Runway

    I thought I had this figured out, but apparently there's more to this sloped runway thing. I am building a back country airport in Idaho (Lewis and Clark Airstrip_8ID8). Since is isn't a default airport I'm building it from scratch. The area has a slope going up the valley it's located in and I...
  6. falcon409

    Minimize Drawcalls clitch

    I don't know how many use this function to build texture sheets, but I've been doing it for years and it works perfectly. . .or at least it had up until a month ago. Once I've loaded the scenery object and processed it in the textures tab, I go to the drawcalls tab, select texture size and then...
  7. falcon409

    Adding Ambient Sounds

    I came across a post by Scruffyduck while trying to see how to add ambient sounds in FSX. He stated that as soon as the FS9/FSX version was completed (ADE) that it would be possible. . .he said "Don't worry we haven't forgotten". Is this possible?
  8. falcon409

    TmfViewer Question

    Something I have wondered about. . .when using the worldlc map to decide what vegetation to use for a particular airport, is there a way to be more precise. . .as in adding an overlay that would pinpoint a location?
  9. falcon409

    Odd Terrain/Texture Issue

    Below are screenshots of an area I'm working on. I was almost finished with this airport (42B Goodspeed/East Haddam, Ct). Everything had gone well, I was placing a few last minute buildings. . .I saved what I had and closed the Sim. When I loaded the airport again I was greeted with a royal...
  10. falcon409

    A Future Option?

    Something I'd like to see included at some point is the option to "Hide" Ramp poly's in order to see the underlying satellite imagery without having to move the ramp segments and then realign everything when you're done with placement of buildings/hangars/objects. Scenery BuilderX has an...
  11. falcon409

    Ground Poly Edit Required?

    I have been doing some small airport scenery that involves using the ground poly tool to add parking lines and perimeter lines. Every time I go to compile the airport I get a pop up that requires that each of those lines be "edited", and it won't compile until I do so. Basically I have to click...
  12. falcon409

    SBX-"TIFFReadDirectory: Warning"

    Does anyone know why I would be getting the error message highlited here? The resulting compile is fine, no problems there at all that I can tell. tiff_error by Ed Wells, on Flickr
  13. falcon409

    ADE_P3D_Compile Error

    I am working to complete a scenery and already have the ADE_FSX version complete. I brought that file into the P3D Version of ADE to re-compile. After changing the information in the "Settings" drop down for "Projects" and "Folders" I selected "Compile" and got this: ADE_Compile_Error by Ed...
  14. falcon409

    Question Concerning MCX-Drawcall Minimizer

    The model shown below was rendered and textured in Sketchup, converted to a dae (collada) file and imported into MCX for conversion to a bgl. This is a relatively simple model despite the physical size and certainly I have done others that were far more detailed. The problem I have run into is...
  15. falcon409

    FS9 to Native FSX Conversion

    I am attempting to get my brain around the process and started with a simple aircraft with a minimum of animations. After saving all the animations with their FSX equivalents I decided to export what I had to that point. During the conversion to an FSX MDL, this is what I was greeted with. Any...
  16. falcon409

    Material Editor Error

    When attempting to "Minimize Drawcalls" I get this message" I have attached the full text of the message as well.
  17. falcon409

    ADE (V1.77) Complile Glitch

    I built a new airport, saved the airport and went to compile and got this error: Problem is, there isn't any such path (obviously) so I went looking to see if an XML file had even been saved. . .it was in this folder (!AdeTempWorkOnly). So I went to see why ADE was looking for that folder...
  18. falcon409

    ICAO Code Change_Mishap

    What I thought would be a simple process once I got the ProKey, turned out to be anything but. I take full responsibility for screwing the process up. . .somewhere along the way, but I'm hoping that with the screenshots supplied someone will be able to put me back on track. I am working on...
  19. falcon409

    Removing an imported objects footprint

    I am working on a Control Tower for a scenery I'm doing and have run into a problem. I needed an antenna tower from another object I had designed a long time ago, so rather than rebuilding the tower I imported the entire building it was attached to, deleted the building and kept the tower...
  20. falcon409

    Changing ICAO Code

    I don't come across a need to do this very often, but it does happen occasionally. I'm wondering why that option is only available to those who have a Pro Key? Why isn't it available to everyone?