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  1. consta

    MSFS Day Night Cycle

    did you bright up the emissive color?
  2. consta

    P3D v5 placing dynamic lighting through sim director without attaching to a object?

    Sorry for being laconic. I assumed you knew this, you can place the effects at the center (world space) and export each one separately (at least 3DS, I don't know about blender), then convert them to mdls. By using the library creator, convert them to a library. Finally, place the generated bgl...
  3. consta

    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

    I'm working on the kythira airport (lgkc)
  4. consta

    LEMI - Murcia International Airport

  5. consta

    P3D v4 Paros Airport LGPA

  6. consta

    Wigwag light V1.0

    Hello, so I decided to make something for the community. free to use in free/commercial projects
  7. consta

    P3D v4 Paros Airport LGPA

    Thank you guys ! :)
  8. consta

    P3D v4 Paros Airport LGPA

    Big thanks to @Christian Bahr for his help !
  9. consta

    P3D v4 ModelConverterX noob question .

    -> Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\Global\scenery αλλα ειναι libraries.
  10. consta

    Ioannis Daskalogiannis (Chania) International Airport (LGSA)

    εξαιρετικη δουλεια φιλε , μπραβο! :cool:
  11. consta

    P3D v4 3D grass look

    I recommend you to turn of the shadows on trees
  12. consta

    Ioannis Daskalogiannis (Chania) International Airport (LGSA)

    Βαλε καμια photo τρελαθηκαν ολοι :D
  13. consta

    P3D v4 Gpoly edges do not export

    I tried it, unfortunately, it didn't work.
  14. consta

    P3D v4 Gpoly edges do not export

    Hey, I have checked they are on the grid and flat. The alt is already 0 Z-axis min and max are also 0 I didn't get your point about assigning various layers. I usually just work on workspace without changing anything and making all the polys on that. I export it as .X file using p3d sdk for...
  15. consta

    P3D v4 Gpoly edges do not export

    So I tried increasing the size of lofts but the issue is still unsolved they are messed up when I try to import them on gpoly wizard however the weird thing I noticed is when I import normally using import it appears there without any error but if I import it again it shows this mess again and...