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  1. Av8rThor

    MSFS 3-D Lights in MSFS

    Why can’t asobo simply make available the taxi lights they use. Pick one, place it, select color and move to next? I seen taxi light that are blue but they don’t light up!
  2. Av8rThor

    MSFS Multi-room Parallax material. Finally!

    I relied in your other thread. I abandoned the pane in front of window method, too time consuming! I used Quixel to make the window areas reflective. Great for general, distant buildings. However I need to learn this parallax thing, great effect! Well done
  3. Av8rThor

    Blender My Blender2MSFS settings for emissive texture alone and under glass panels. Glass settings included

    Big question again, in a room with multiple windows over the same room, do you have a texture for each window? Can I do pbr in another program and edit the window areas in the albedo, or use albedo texture. A tutorial on this process would be awesome!
  4. Av8rThor

    MSFS Removing buildings in default airport.

    Lol now I get cars in the parking lot which were excluded in the previous sdk and can’t get them to go away! Exclusion rectangl, polygons and airport, buggers are still there, looks aweful!
  5. Av8rThor

    Blender My Blender2MSFS settings for emissive texture alone and under glass panels. Glass settings included

    That looks reallly nice, and .I have a few questions. Link to seperate topic? That nit withstanding, I can see this as an advantage for a “feature” building such as a terminal or large jet center, close to the tarmac, small fbo at small airport, not sure same with stand off (more distant)...
  6. Av8rThor

    Blender My Blender2MSFS settings for emissive texture alone and under glass panels. Glass settings included

    Sorry for late response, was out of area for a while. Sometimes in blender they may show lighter.. it’s weird. The best way is to build it, put package in community folder and run the sim. Btw, I stopped with the window panels. Excess not needed. I decided to divide (add rectangles into) the...
  7. Av8rThor

    Blender My Blender2MSFS settings for emissive texture alone and under glass panels. Glass settings included

    Yes it will be available shortly, doing my last testing. Not sure where to have it hosted. It will be a free download. I will then complete Nut Tree (Vacaville), Yolo County, Rio Vista as a pay ware combo for $10 and include KEDU in that package as well. This summer I will then have completed...
  8. Av8rThor

    PBR vs Texturing

    Oh and yes I use up to four maps. Albedo, (emissive/ if lighting needed), normal and RGB (roughness-metallic-ambient) those are exported in Quixel. In the graphics program I paste the signage onto a flat surface in the mapping so it is possible to incorporate it after the maps have been...
  9. Av8rThor

    PBR vs Texturing

    I use 4096 if there’s going to be signage and I actually use my paint program to paste the signs in on the texture map. My long building is 2048 by 4096 here is the whole airport
  10. Av8rThor

    MSFS Requesting assistance with taxi light

    Not yet treid, my were close togetehr. too close but at time they seem to revert to one single lamp.... the reason not sure but at my field there are only two on each exit
  11. Av8rThor

    MSFS Requesting assistance with taxi light

    sounds nice... but you still need to balance texture vs frame rate. As an example, while i am taxi my airplane in the real world i nevr look directly at the taxi lights but use them in the periphiel (spelling) and in game i doubt anyone would really notice glass covered blue bulb vs blue bulb...
  12. Av8rThor

    Creating MSFS scenery, some questions. (windows, streets, textures, MCX)

    1. There is a post on here about in games msfs windows. Do a search on that. As I have figured out, there are 3 ways. a. hand texture using photos and real glass as either references or input. Pro - easier. Con- time of day picture vs sim. b. use msfs2020 glass parameters in exporter on seperate...
  13. Av8rThor

    MSFS Custom .DDS textures quality

    One thought I have is to make sure your texture resolution is the same as screen res. 96 dpi. Then it doesn’t have to rescale it...... it a thought
  14. Av8rThor

    fuel pumps

    I don’t think you can. The new airport could be created with limited exclusion, sim object in that area only Maybe... hopefully someone else will chime in, as for me the fuel was nit the only error in this airport so a remodel is necessary anyway.
  15. Av8rThor

    I'm working on scenery... (2020)

  16. Av8rThor

    MSFS Substance Painter help...

    roger that. Finally almost done with mine, small airport only the outlying hangers (singles) and the aircraft are sim objects, well the fence and cars too....
  17. Av8rThor

    MSFS Substance Painter help...

    Very nice, I have just completed,my freeware/training project as well and be freewaying it too! Was the grass there or did you texture that it in, gravel base... look good. My one and only critique would be to add some dark near the bottom, dirt or staining whatever, will make the transition to...
  18. Av8rThor

    PBR vs Texturing

    You have to watch the you tube video on creating your own corrugated metal, awesome. When you drive around check out all the different types on commercial builds, being able to make your own, can be useful when needed. Where Quixel does shine is in its special layers where the weathering and...
  19. Av8rThor

    PBR vs Texturing

    I hear what you’re saying, just a for me, to build textures from scratch and/or copy and paste in Photoshop or gimp then make normals, seems to take quite a long time. In quixel I can do it in a matter of minutes. Textures dirt cracks fading everything. Even the glass was done there and it...
  20. Av8rThor

    PBR vs Texturing

    Well I have what I think is the fastest and most realistic given the time. I have done two buildings and a fuel object this way. Build in blender, export as wavefront to quixel and texture the model. Export albedo, normal and rgb. Tweak albedo with paint software for signage and make emissive...