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  1. consta

    LEMI - Murcia International Airport

  2. consta

    P3D v4 Paros Airport LGPA

    Big thanks to @Christian Bahr for his help !
  3. consta

    P3D v4 Gpoly edges do not export

    Hello everyone so I have been encountering this error. I have made edge polygons(lofts) for Gpoly . When I export it to MCX it does not show there when I load in the exported .X file into ground polygon wizard. Now if I import the file normally using the import option it loads up the same thing...
  4. consta

    P3D v4 PBR puddles not showing in simulator

    Hi everyone ! so i tried to make PBR Rain puddles for my scenery . I have made PBR albedo on photoshop and metallic and normal texture too . I placed the puddles using 3dsmax and export as .X file and then load it in MCX and it loads up perfectly fine .i donot know when i export the puddles...
  5. consta

    FSX Compile error !

    Hi , i tried to compile my project for FSX but it gives me this following error . I initially made project for p3d v4 and compiled for P3D sdk for p3d v4 , now in settings of ADE i have changed location of Flight sim ,BGL comp, Shp2vec Location to FSx and FSX SDK folder i have latest SDK...
  6. consta

    P3D v4 Flattens not working

    Hi everyone , I am having this issue where i am trying to flatten the shore of this airport (CHIOS LGHI) , but it doesnt seem to work . I created the Flatten polygon ADE the left part Vertices of the polygons have the AIrport alt value set and i have set 0 meters for the right side vertices...
  7. consta

    P3D v4 [SOLVED] How to do animations ?

    Hi everyone , so i wanted to make an animated beacon ( on top of ATC Tower that rotates) . I have the animation set from 0 to 100 frame of the beacon rotating . I was wondering if there is a guide / tutorial on how to select tags or the things to make the animation work in simulator . I tried...
  8. consta

    P3D v4 [Released] Chios Island National Airport ( LGHI / JKH )

    Here are some previews of our upcoming Chios scenery , note that the scenery is in early stages .
  9. consta

    [Solved]Wierd Reflections

    Hi , so i tried to make reflections using the reflection guide in the fsdeveloper Wiki . i have a normal window texture and other than that my other texture is specular , for reflection area i am using Blend environment by Specular Alpha , i tried increasing decreasing the values of Specular...
  10. consta

    P3D v4 [Solved] Wierd lines on 2d volumetric grass

    Hi everyone so i am having this issue where some wierd lines appear on the top of my 2d grass . I have checked the alpha of the image and there is nothing there moreover i tried increasing the alpha test level option in MCX it does reduce the lines but doesnt completely remove them setting more...
  11. consta

    P3D v4 Could not find linked animation for object

    Hi , so i tried to make a simple box in 3ds max and animated it by putting key frames and moving it about the x and y axis the animation works in 3ds Max , when i load it into MCX , it is just loading the object and not loading the animation and giving error "Could not find linked animation for...