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  1. Majid

    P3D v4 Very low quality Baked texture in Blender

    Hello First of all sorry about my Broken English. I Imported textured Model (that i was created in Sketchup) into blender , And Finally Find a way to unwrap it with Textures with out messing up textures coordinates , Now the problem is After I use cycles bake , The generated Image (Texture...
  2. Majid

    sketchup Model Render to Texture issue in 3ds max

    Hello friends, Sorry about my broken English , I'm new in 3ds max , just imported Textured skb model into 3ds max and add uvw unwrap for flatten mapping , after that All textures and materials getting messed up is there any solution to solve this problem ? regards,
  3. Majid

    P3D v4 AFLT light texture

    Hi yesterday I used your awesome AFLT App for my project in P3D v4.5 I really like its good looking and very nice Great work , now I have a question about Lights glow texture , This Texture is so big can I use my own Transparency Texture instead ? If your Answer is Yes could yo please tell me...
  4. Majid

    P3D v4 Question about Approach and runway Lights

    Hi , Sorry for my broken English... I'm working on project for P3D v4.5 and I decided to create Approach and runway lights , is it possible to use default Simulator lights source or lights Guides and attach them to a light stand MDL? Thank you. Regards.
  5. Majid

    Wet rain effect over groundpoly for P3D v4.5

    Hello guys, I'm looking for step by step tutorial about how to create wet rain effects over P3d v4.5 GP , I find some post in forum about it , but they are very brief. Is there anyone that know a detailed tutorial or teach me how to create such this thing ? Thank you. Regards
  6. Majid

    White border lines between polygons in 3Dsmax

    Hello guys, first of all sorry about my broken English. I'm trying to create Shader texture for my GP , first i divided main plane airport texture in to 1024 x1024 px using photoshop , I got 7 rows in 11 columns in result (Shot 1) , After that I Create plane in 3dsmax and divide it into same as...
  7. Majid

    *[Solved]* P3D v4.5 Ground poly flickering issue is back again...

    Hello guys, The ground poly flickering is back again in my Scenery but this time happened when i reach to airport from Long Distance , as i noticed the problem came from main airport GP bgl file. I also realized this happen when i fly under 7000 ft. here its Screen shot that I marked Problematic...
  8. Majid

    How to Create Loft Edge using 3Ds max (Tutorial needed)

    Hello guys, Can any one Help me or Suggest a PDF or Video tutorial (Except 2014 tutorial ) to how to create Loft Edges using 3ds max ? Regards
  9. Majid

    *[Solved] *P3D v4.5 Ground poly flickering

    Hi guys I used 3ds max to create GP for P3D v 4.5 , but this flickering issue Driving me crazy, I did every possible solution that i find in this forum but the result is same flickering and flickering ; for your info i did the flowing: 1- The airport is completely Flatten (Used ADE flatten...
  10. Majid

    Gmax Export Issue (Degenerate poly detected)

    Hello guys I Reinstall gmax a few days ago , and now I get this error Message when in Try to export GP to MDL Thanks for any Advice here its the phrase: WARNING: Degenerate poly detected in file (GMaxExport) mesh (Main_Apron) WARNING: Face vertex 0 x=71.34995 y=-398.9635 z=0 WARNING: Face...
  11. Majid

    Import Coordinate issue with latest MCX version

    Hi I got a error Message when I try to Import My location's Coordinate into MCX using Options Section , can Anyone help to solve this? here its a Screen shot about this problem.
  12. Majid

    FSX FSearthtiles Water Mask Problem/ Red Tiny Lines Appear Between Tiles [SOLVED]

    Hello Guys... First of All sorry about my broken English... I recently Create my Regional aria photo scenery using FSearthtiles for FSX , The problem occurred when I compail water mask with other Sources and the problem is some tiny Red lines that they are appears in between Tiles , here is...
  13. Majid

    MCX Error

    Hello Guys Today I downloaded MCX Latest Development , and when I try to Input my WaveFront OBJ I got following Error Massage Below: 12:53 PM AssimpReader Error Error loading unmanaged library from path: Assimp64.dll, see inner exception for details. is not a valid Win32 application...