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  1. Luis_Sá

    SBX - Hole/Water polys become inverted on BGL export?

    Hello, I am sorry if there bugs in SBX315. I could try to debug this problem if you can supply me the minimum possible file/project that presents the problem. Kind Regards, Luis
  2. Luis_Sá

    SBuilderX Source Code

    Hello, I hope that we have now a stable SBX3.15 version. I opened a forum on PTSim dedicated to this update and will also try to come here for any question regarding to this update: http://www.ptsim.com/downloads/SBX315.zip Source code is available at: https://github.com/LuisVSa/SBuilderX...
  3. Luis_Sá

    Image size problems SBuilderX

    Hello, Just saw this right now. I am not sure about how large geotiff files can be in .Net and I do not remember if geotiff files can be the sources for photo scenery produced by resample. If large files are possible and if resample accepts geotiffs, it would be very easy to generate a big...
  4. Luis_Sá

    SBuilderX Source Code

    Hello, I am not (yet) very familiar with GitHub. I think I will use it to hold the last "official" release of SBuilderX 3.15. Just after publishing it, Dick and GaryGB called my attention to a limitation/bug when you have a project with vectored features of mixed type (say HPX and EXX just to...
  5. Luis_Sá

    SBuilderX Source Code

    Hello, Source code is available at: https://github.com/LuisVSa/SBuilderX Regards, Luis Edited by Rhumbaflappy: This version is not yet ready for distribution due to a serious error in the compilation process. Feel free to view the code and offer suggestions. Luis is currently in Brazil, and...
  6. Luis_Sá

    Adding textures for General Buildings

    Hello, I confirm what GaryGB just said. One should run the installer for SBuilderX 3.13 and then manually place the files contained in SBuilderX 3.14. Very soon I will make available a set of files that I will refer to SBuilderX 3.15 that should be manually placed over the previous...
  7. Luis_Sá

    x86 file tester needed

    Hello Dick, I am typing from my old PC which boots either on XP or Windows 7 Professional. At the moment it is running W7 and it is 32-bit. The CreateShapeFile opened a console window for a while and then closed it. But a lot of files now appear in the folder Shapes. So, I think this library...
  8. Luis_Sá

    Importing SBX tiles into Scenproc to export to GEOTIFF (??)

    Hello, As referred to in http://www.ptsim.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1053 SBuilderX uses a Lat/Lon Geographic projection. When SbuilderX displays tiles downloaded from Tile Servers it re-projects the images from Mercator to Lat/Lon (and makes an adjustment equivalent to a local azimuthal...
  9. Luis_Sá

    SBuilderX Source Code

    Hello Ron, Thank you for your valuable tip. I hope you will not be disappointed because I had never thought in sharing SBuilderX and so it is not well organized. I can push the project directly to github with one or two clicks from inside Visual Studio 2017 but I need to understand first the...
  10. Luis_Sá

    SBuilderX Source Code

    Dear SBuilderX users, From time to time I see complaints about my absence in responding to questions related to SBuilderX. Actually, since 2010 I rarely use FS and most of the times I do not know (or I do not remember) the answers that users are looking for. Fortunately many users have helped...
  11. Luis_Sá

    www.ptsim.com Down

    I will try to keep it going which is more difficult during the summer! :-) Luis
  12. Luis_Sá

    PTsim.com offline

    Hello, I am very sorry that www.ptsim.com site was down for a long time. I received an email from Luis Feliz Tirado calling my attention to the problem but I was sailing since April 30. This Friday I returned home for a couple of days and I made a reset on the ptsim.com web service. The forum...
  13. Luis_Sá

    FS2004 Scasm under Windows 7?

    Thank you Jon and Dick for the welcome. I just had my first night sleep in firm ground since June, 10 and I spent this morning playing with my 3 dogs. Sorry for this out of topic comment. Regards, Luis
  14. Luis_Sá

    FSX SbuiderX_Questions

    Hello, I am writing from memory (it is a long time that I do not use objects) and may be I am totally wrong. But length and width could just refer to the front-print of the object as seen in the tool's screen. Scale is a global parameter that affects all dimensions and could be set at the...
  15. Luis_Sá

    FS2004 Scasm under Windows 7?

    I am 12 nautical miles from my home port after 2 months in sea. I hope, that, in a couple of weeks, I will be able to look to some of the problems left on the 314 release. Regards!
  16. Luis_Sá

    FS2004 SBuilder compiler errors

    Hello, It looks like you have not the latest SCASM. I could not open the SBP file with the version of SBuilderX that I presently have (for FSX). I do not remember if SBuilder for FS2004 is capable of exporting files. If so, please post here and I will ry to have a look. Regards, Luis
  17. Luis_Sá

    Asking for help with SBuilderX problems (Windows7/8)

    Hello, There is an update of SBuilderX for 64-bit platforms. It can be downloaded here: http://www.ptsim.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=2306 Regards, Luis
  18. Luis_Sá

    FSXA add map from disk

    Hello, I will try to explain. For the sake of my explanation I suppose that your map has 2000 x 3000 pixels (2000 in the north/south direction and 3000 in the east/west direction). You need to know the Latitude/Longitude of 2 points in your map. Normally you know the coordinates of the borders...
  19. Luis_Sá

    FSXA add map from disk

    Hello Jim. If you use Firefox as in my case, you can add an extra to the browser called ScreenGrab. Then with just one click you can copy (or save or ...) the screen even if the screen is larger than the browser window. I am not sure if there is a similar plugin for the other browsers...
  20. Luis_Sá

    Photo Scenery Help

    Hello, You could add a blend mask so that (i) you only get the part of the image that you want and (ii) the image blends to the existing background without abrupt edges. Regards, Luis ps: could you please indicate the tutorial that you refer to? Thanks.