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  1. 3DFlightDreams

    New SDK conversion 3dsmax

    old post delete
  2. [A51] Jag

    Mesh / Material Issues help [3ds Max 2022]

    Hi! So I'm getting back into MSFS development after a year hiatus and I am working on getting our model into MSFS ready for testing and development, however there are some normal issues that I have no idea how to fix. When the material is set to "Standard (Legacy)" they appear just fine...
  3. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Asobo Aircraft Submodel exporting

    Hello, I learned to add decals to the Asobo A320neo. But, I wonder, what are the exact steps for me to export it properly. I've spend days in trial and error... I first learned about it here...
  4. haykal17

    Creating SODE Jetway using Sketchup and 3DSmax

    here's my tutorial on making jetway created in SketchUp worked with SODE, using 3dsmax it could also be done using Gmax but there is no built-in.SKP importer in Gmax
  5. L

    Chaos Group Launches Chaos Vantage, Brings 100% Ray Tracing to Real-Time 3D

    Fastest Path to Real-Time Helps Users Explore Massive Scenes in Seconds; Free for a Limited Time LOS ANGELES, Calif. – December 2, 2020 – Today, Chaos Group releases Chaos Vantage, a new application that allows users to instantly explore their 3D scenes in a fully ray traced, real-time...
  6. Torealise

    3DS Max MSFS2020 Materials Tools - PhysicalMaterial to FlightSim material - error "unknown property: ''filename'' is undefined!"

    There are Materials Tools (MSFS2020 SDK for 3ds max) and it contain a script that converts PhisicalMaterial to MSFS2020 FlightSim material. But it gives me error "unknown property: "filename" is undefined!" in this part: on PM pressed do ( if (queryBox "Convert all Physical Materials to...
  7. Mosesjunior

    3DS Max 3DS Max how to install and run P3Dv4 SDK <HELP>

    Hello folks, i was trying to figure out how i can get models from 3ds to P3D but the SDK i have troubles with. 3DS MAX 2018 with P3Dv4 SDK and i would like if someone could guide and show me how to install the SDK correctly in max and how i can get to using the tools. How to tag parts, place...
  8. I

    P3D v4 [ Solved ] Ground poly from 3ds Max use Ground poly Wizard Disappear at edge of sceen

    Here is my little project of VTCL Lampang airport Thailand. Now I working on ground poly, I model it from 3ds Max and export it as .X and then use MCX ground polygon wizard covert it to .BGL Here is my video any ideas? Thank!!
  9. S

    Prepar3D Texture Map Converter (for Normal Maps and PBR Metallic Maps)

    HEY Guys and Girls :) I've developed a quick and dirty little tool (C# .Net w32), it makes the texture/modeling life easier :) 1st feature: Convert Normal Maps (valid for both, Std. Diffuse Textures & PBR Textures): You might know, when using Industry-Standard-Normal-Maps for Prepar3D, you...
  10. rflint

    I'm new - Trying to better understand ground polys and resampled imagery.

    Hello, I'm attempting to build a small airport near my hometown, primarily in 3DS Max, for use in P3D4 as freeware. I'm looking for a bit of guidance from those with experience. Up to this point, I've been able to create a resampled photo of the area around the airport that clings to the...
  11. M

    P3D v4 Rabbit light animation

    Hi, I've been trying to animate the rabbit light in the last days. I run into some problems after exporting. The light doesn't follow what I set up in 3dsmax. My animation is step and works well in 3dsmax and mcx. This is what I've receive in the sim: And this is what I've got in 3dsmax...
  12. R

    P3D v4 [SOLVED]3DS MAX material export and Alpha channel problem

    Hi all, I ran into really annoying problems these days ,just sorted out some of them, but this one is too hard that I had to seek for exact help with.:( First, I'm new to 3DS MAX, currently using version of 2017 with SDK version Prepar3D v4 SDK 4.2.21. I followed the tutorial that LM provided...
  13. Jetman

    3dsMax "Populate" function for FSX/P3D

    Hello, does anyone of you know if the 3dsMax populate tool for animated people flows and people animation can be used for FSX/P3D? And if yes: How do I have to tag these animations? I have not seen anything about it so far... Thanks in advance! Have a nice weekend!
  14. rcunningham12

    Modeling position available at Viewpoint Technologies (Paid Job)

    Hello all, We are looking to recruit modelers for a aircraft project that will be very unique. Our company is looking to expand from the 3 members we have in scenery development to a few in aircraft development. This project is very important to us as it has been very much considered for and...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] sode script error when creating blender imported jetway

    everytime i try to apply the script this happens
  16. Ridvan Celik

    FSX Object textures only visible from one side

    Hi, I've recently started using 3dsmax instead of gmax for modeling and I have an issue with the object i'm exporting. When i export the object certain parts of the object in fsx are either missing or only seen from one side. Other than that it looks transparent.. I have included the render...
  17. Jack737Fly

    P3D v3 Issue with attchment effects

    Hello guys! I have little trouble with my own effects on P3D and FSX, I can't see them. These are some pictures that describes my problem(see in the attchment), and also 2 main files(orginal and modified effect with bmp files). Should I modify some parameters? I've used the attach tool for...
  18. lazaro

    3ds Max Spline Boolean Problem

    I'm having problems with my splines here. Anyone know why I can't perform a boolean operation on them? There's an error message in the bottom-left corner which I googled but didn't find a solution that helped me. I've attached a video of me demonstrating the problem.
  19. B

    small contribution "mipoll Placement script " for 3dsmax

    Hi everyone i found this great small script placement tool to easy position an object accurately on the surface of another object in 3dsmax without problems.it works in 3dsmax 2008 - 2016.give it a try for more infos and download http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/mipoll-placement...
  20. Noah B.

    FSX Tail rotation problem

    (I'm not a native english speaker, sorry for the mistakes) Hi! I just get a small problem with the tail modelisation in 3DS Max, particularly with the rudder rotation mode, when I rotate it, that's doesn't work like I want. What I want is a rotation mode like a plane rudder. I google it and i...