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  1. A

    Convert aircraft from Xplane 11 to P3D?

    Hello my friends how are you? I'm wanting to start converting some aircraft for experimental work, what do I need to use for conversion?
  2. L

    MSFS Airbus A340-600 for MSFS (freeware > no pay) Modelling, Coding, Information (Very early Stage)

    Hey everyone, Recently i started 3D-modeling an a340-600 for fun and spent some time on it since then because it's quite fun to do. I have limited experience so i got some problems now. Firstly the landing gear, because it's an airliner it's not that easy, but i would like it to look really...
  3. B21-soaring

    is there a way not to get these speckly shadows on instrument dials?

    As picture above, it's common for our planes to have quite speckly shadows on the instrument dials - I've adjusted the time/clouds/sun to make this example as extreme a I can but the speckle is usually there if you look carefully enough. Anyone else seen this? Is there an obvious...
  4. C

    MSFS how to manage code for power ON and OFF a LED with condition?

    Hi all, I've done a works code for power ON a Led into the cockpit as soon as I switch ON the the Circuit n.20 Follow the code <Component ID="BKP_BATTERY_LED" Node="BKP_BATTERY_LED"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GT_Material_Emissive_Code"> <EMISSIVE_CODE>(A:CIRCUIT...
  5. FrancisJohannes


    HI GUYS, So I have this mesh on top of my aircraft. It keeps turning black at a certain time of the day. Normally slightly when the sun is at 1%. This is a mesh exported from blender. I've followed the default aircrafts shading configurations and utilized default NORM & COMP textures as well...
  6. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS How to replace default exterior and interior lights on default planes?

    Hi all, How to replace default exterior and interior lights on default planes? I'm looking for the process on how to successfully replace my own custom fx lights on any default aircraft? Can anyone tell me which methods works best? I've seen numerous people do this and would like to know the...
  7. M

    MSFS Question to a small XML Change

    Hello, i have a B738 and this is a part of the Behavior XML: <Animation name="738_Rudder" guid="ABC3F7EF-FEE7-4201-EF21-3F22F5641234" length="200" type="Sim" typeparam="AutoPlay" /> <PartInfo> <Name>738_Rudder</Name> <AnimLength>200</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter>...
  8. B

    MSFS How to add materials to an imported aircraft?

    Hello, I’ve just imported a FSX aircraft using the legacy converter but it’s textures don’t show any reflection at all (the livery looks like it’s made of concrete). I’ve tried opening the aircraft.cfg file in the Model Converter X, changing the smothness to 1 in all textures and export them...
  9. I

    Create airplane model and make it work in MSFS2020

    Hello I am Iveta who is business manager of one agency from the UK. I found you here in fsdeveloper's forum and we are interested in your expertise. Currently, we are looking for MSFS2020 SDK expert, 3D modeling artist with MSFS2020 experience, QA tester. Our client has one MSFS2020 project of...
  10. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Asobo Aircraft Submodel exporting

    Hello, I learned to add decals to the Asobo A320neo. But, I wonder, what are the exact steps for me to export it properly. I've spend days in trial and error... I first learned about it here...
  11. S

    MSFS Problem Blender with wire animatio

    Hello, I want to make a cable animation for my ailerons for my plane but I have no idea if it will work, can I use the dumped track like in the video?
  12. vezirgiannis

    Job opportunities for everyone.

    Skyline Simulations, a company with about 10 years in the field, is looking to expand its team and is starting a recruitment period. !!!THIS IS A PAYING JOB!!! What we're looking for: - Anyone that loves developing airport sceneries. - Anyone that knows how to texture. - Anyone that knows how...
  13. A

    Looking for developers for 777-300ER

    Hello! I got into modeling and that’s about all I can do. I’m pretty good at modeling but I have no experience in developing or coding. I’m looking for developers that can help me code a plane and put it into the game (freeware addon). I don’t know where to look or if anyone will help but I just...
  14. R

    NH90 Helicopter 1.0

    This is a low poly NH90 helicopter, suitable for ai or as a static model. The model file is Blender v2.83. Texture mapping is very simple, so you would probably need to do your own. There are no animations at this time. You can use this model source in your MSFS, X-Plane and Prepar3D creations...
  15. vezirgiannis

    Cessna Corvalis

    Hi guys, I need help to find the aircraft's manual and I need help with the programming of this specific aircraft. Can anyone help me, please????
  16. NotBasti

    Looking for Project

    Hey, I am a 3D modeller from Germany who is looking for a project. My main software is blender, although for texturing, I use subject painter, which allows me to create high precision pbr textures. I have gathered plenty of experience creating sceneries for msfs2020 and high detailed aircraft...
  17. G

    MSFS How to create Switches and Handles in Cockpit

    Hello everyone, I am new in building planes, and I decided to build an old glider like you can see in my pictures below. It looks quite good already, and I have done four gauges this time. I am using Blender for the 3D-construction, and I know a little bit about making animations, so my gauges...
  18. K

    Needing to create a VERY basic aircraft for MSFS2020

    Hello! Kevin from PilotEdge here. I’m looking for someone who can create an aircraft for MSFS2020 from scratch- however I can nearly guarantee this will be the easiest aircraft you have ever made. The quality can be fairly poor (so beginners are welcome to try) and the aircraft literally just...
  19. BrunoReichert

    MSFS Beechcraft Queen Air B80 - Work In Progress

    Hello! My name is Bruno and I'm a scenery developer for MSFS, but I've also made an aircraft for X-Plane 11 (EMB-200 Ipanema). I recently had the interest to learn how to make an aircraft for this amazing simulator. I come here to announce the first aircraft I am making for MSFS, the aircraft...
  20. L


    Hi after last update april there are no jetways at airports, in devmode under tools psckages it says asobo-jetway unmounted has error. Is this file replaceble? A320nx at gate, When pushing ready to fly button aircraft swing around with engines on start moving a bit forward. Is this a part of...