1. D

    FSX:SE Removing winglets

    Hello, I have the ModelConverterX and I am quite new to that programme, but the thing is I want to remove the winglets of the Boeing 747-400 and certain aircrafts of the Boeing 737-800 (all default ones), but I don't know how to do that. Does anyone know how? Thanks in advantage
  2. Gonzales

    FSX PMDG B737 Import Alpha to the Texture

    Hi, I want paint a Livery for the PMDG B737. The Day Texture is already done, but i dont know what to do for the Night Texture. my english is not so well and i think i did a Mistake with translation. I understrand that i must copy and resize the Alpha to the pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_1.dds. I open...