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  1. Akhil Vijay

    FSX How to animate custom Jetway using blender IK-Chain?

    Hello all. I designed a custom Jetway using blender referring this link.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixztgc3mkCA) I completed all models, empties and all xml as instructed. Also I can place the Jetway using sode. But my gate has no animations. Is it necessary to create 'Amature/ bones' for...
  2. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Asobo Aircraft Submodel exporting

    Hello, I learned to add decals to the Asobo A320neo. But, I wonder, what are the exact steps for me to export it properly. I've spend days in trial and error... I first learned about it here...
  3. K

    Texture Shading Issue

    Hey everyone, i used this 3 extra shading modifications to make a grass texture in random tile pattern and a noise texture to create some darker spots on the ground. In MSFS it doesn´t show up like this. It is just the albedo texture. Is there a way to implement my modifications on shading...
  4. captainfrag

    MSFS NTTM - Moorea Project

    Hello, After the creation of the free scene of NTTE Tetiaroa for MSFS, I want to start modeling the main buildings of the airport of NTTM - Moorea. To carry out this project, I am looking for any photo document, plan, video of the airport area detailing the objects circled in red on the photo...
  5. zlin142

    MSFS How to create simple indicator lamps with emissive effect?

    Hi Devs, I have reached the point in the development of my airplane where I need to make different indicator lights. I've read through the threads here and elsewhere, but the solutions of this problem are quite confusing or complicated for me. Maybe someone here has made such lights and could...
  6. Jaxcksn

    MSFS Ground Polygon Alignment Issues

    Hi everyone, I’d figure I’d go here to ask for some help with some finicky ground polygons. Basically, whenever I am creating the ground polygons overtop my reference image (which is projected in WGS 84 / Psuedo-Merc like the bing maps imagery) it looks fine in the 3D modeling software, but...
  7. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Regarding the ASOBO A320 [A320NEO_AIRFRAME_RIBBONS_ALBD.PNG] [solved]

    Hello, I don't think this is a technical question for a problem, yet I wonder if someone has the time to answer this question. I placed rivets on the A320NEO_AIRFRAME_RIBBONS_ALBD.PNG but do not appear in the sim. Even after trying to change the values in the .JSON file for the...
  8. M

    Blender2P3D/FSX toolset

    i have followed the instruction to install the toolset but it doesnt show up in my blender :(
  9. P

    MSFS SSJ 100

    Hey guys , Long time lurker first time poster. I got myself heavily involved in the SSJ100 conversion project (with permission from Edgar). We are in the process of a native cockpit for the aircraft. 2 things I have a question about 1 ) Is the labeling i set up in the file correct. See...
  10. K

    MSFS SimObject animation does not work well

    I used the SimObject animation posted on Youtube as a reference, but it did not work well. Please see the XML code I pasted and the Blender image. Are there any flaws in this code or blender? Please comment if you have any other images or codes you need. <?xml version="1.0" ?>...
  11. S

    MSFS Problem Blender with wire animatio

    Hello, I want to make a cable animation for my ailerons for my plane but I have no idea if it will work, can I use the dumped track like in the video?
  12. R

    Extrude Help

    On excluding face, the margins are not proportional. Is there a way, where I can avoid getting those empty corners
  13. C

    Create impenetrable buildings (that you cannot see their interior) in msfs2020 with blender

    For a long time I have seen that some models of houses, cars and buildings of ASOBO are impenetrable, that is, you cannot enter to look with te camera dron inside them. Does anyone know how this condition is achieved using blender with the plugin for MSFS2020, it would be great if no one could...
  14. R

    MSFS Blender model showing white border in MSFS

    When importing the model into the scenery it's showing me only this white border. Also tried to uncheck the Snap to ground option but still the same. Any suggestions? *using latest sdk
  15. R

    MSFS Faces showing different shades with same texture.

    I am into a project designing hangers, but some walls are giving me such reflections. I am using the MSFS standard and both the walls are having same properties. While one gets darker and yellowish than other. Can anyone suggest a fix to this?
  16. A

    Instance Export

    Hi, Can somebody please explain to me how exporting instances from Blender works? If I export instanced (Alt+D) objects the draw calls and face count (almost) double. I used the Blender2Msfs from MSFSToolkid 0.41.4 to export.
  17. R

    Blender model not showing in object library

    Hello everyone, I have followed "MyPhysicalWorld" tutorial videos on creating the scenery project. I have the model ready with me and its all exported as the exact way. The problem I am facing is, its not showing the model in the sim. The project built was successful. Picture number 3 is...
  18. BlueMesh

    MSFS Blender Plugin do not export Anisotropic material

    Hi all, I'm actually trying to export an Anisotropic material for my aircraft but any plugin made for blender seems to not export it correctly (MSFS2Blender, FlybyWire, Asobo..). It simply does nothing. When i import a texture in "Anisotropic Direction (RG)" no nodes appears in the shading tab...
  19. pinepix

    P3D v5 Photoshop Alpha channel - P3D V5 PBR materials using Blender

    I think I am losing my mind. I am trying my hand at adding some PBR textures to some buildings and objects I am previously developed, but I am running into a brick wall. I am using photoshop the create the textures and I want to add some metallic elements and reflections. It looks like you can...
  20. T

    MSFS [SOLVED] Help needed with combined textures baked in Blender only outputting in Green.

    I previously baked my textures in Blender 2.79 and they were the correct colour. After changing the mesh in my project I am re-baking some of my textures in Blender 2.93 (also tried 2.83) but all the textures are coming out a shade of green as shown in the red boxes below. I have tried...