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  1. M

    MSFS best way to add lights to google map biuldings to export to msfs

    HI I import over 20 buildings from google maps and add to msfs but I try different ways to add lights to the buildings windows change color but never show on msfs, I did transparent squares over the building's windows and put in blender as a emission surface but doesn't work i m a beginner...
  2. T

    MSFS Easy Blender FS2020 tutorial needed

    Hi all! New member and love the commitment, knowledge and atmosphere around here! My question. I see a lot of info but I miss one easy tutorial how to setup a 3D model with correct texture (day and night) with lighting and LOD setup to export into FS2020. I think this could be important as...
  3. M

    MSFS What is the simpliest 3d object from blender to msfs2020

    Hi Folks, I am dipping into this whole msfs2020 scenery as I want to add VFR VRPs to my local area (VFR is sooo much better in msfs2020). I have dabbled with creating 3d objects in the past, but this is completely different to my day job as a Software Engineer. I prefer to get...
  4. R

    MSFS Ground Poly Compression

    i tried exporting a ground poly from blender into the sim as a projected mesh.However for some reason the farther i get away from the texture the more it seems to compress and load in a lower quality (see video),Not really sure whats going on
  5. E

    MSFS Help a newbie texture his first landmark work in MSFS

    (skip this to get right into the problem) Greetings everyone, when MSFS released I got quite interested in adding some missing landmarks to make the astonishing scenery look even better, I decided to start with Morocco, since it's the last country I visited, its famous by a big mosque in...
  6. Vitus

    Blender2MSFS toolkit 0.40.0

    The Blender2MSFS toolkit is an addon for Blender which allows the user to export 3D models to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It features a customized glTF 2.0 exporter, batch export for multi-LOD scenes, and support for all 15 materials of the sim platform. This toolkit was made possible by the...
  7. Vitus

    MSFS Blender to MSFS Exporter on day one?

    Dear Friends, I'm happy to announce that there will be Blender2MSFS toolkit uploaded to the fsdeveloper resource section on the 18th of August! I want to give you all a quick heads-up here, while avoiding some pitfalls of the NDA... :duck: While I worked hard to get as many features as I...
  8. Apoorv Pal

    Methodology for Ground Polygons

    Hey, I have recently begun developing airport sceneries for Prepar3D and I use Blender to model and export the objects. While working on the Ground Polygons, what process do you follow for the texturing? Most tutorials I see online use tiling of base textures (asphalt/concrete and cracks) over...
  9. Apoorv Pal

    Unknown Property: "standard" 3DS Max P3D v5 SDK

    Hey, I am actually a Blender user and just need 3DS Max to get my SODE Jetways working. I have the jetway modelled in blender with all UV maps and PNG textures and I exported it to Collada and imported it in 3DS Max. I need some help setting up the Prepar3D Materials in 3DS Max. Is there a...
  10. H

    Which tool is better?

    Dear developers, I will star to learn 3D, to make scenery and, maybe in the future, aircraft. In your personal opinion, which software is better, to adapt the models to FS: Gmax or Blender? Why? Thank you
  11. Apoorv Pal

    SODE Jetways with Blender

    Hey, I saw a couple of threads about this but couldn't find a suitable reply yet. I tried importing one of the demo Jetways using Model Converter X to get it into collada (.dae) and then Blender (import collada) but I don't seem to see any bones and rigging. It would be amazing to have a...
  12. V

    P3D v4 Abnormal terrain

    Hi, I've been trying to develop a scenery for VABB. I am a complete newbie. So far I managed to draw a base asphalt layer and add just one taxi line (for testing purposes) in blender. From blender I export to collada, then using MCX's GPW I create a bgl. When I place it in the sim, it appear...
  13. Jason z

    Blender not exporting taxiway lines

    For some reason Blender is not exporting taxiway lines but still can export my base "runway." The only difference between the runway and the taxiway line is that the runway was made from a plane while the taxiway line was made from a beveled curve that has been reconverted into a mesh. Is there...
  14. Jason z

    Failed initialization of Blender

    I'm new to Blender and I'm just getting used to it so forgive me if this question has an obvious solution or I'm providing too little information. I recently downloaded the latest version of Blender and the latest compatible FSX/P3D Toolset. I followed the tutorial...
  15. Vitus

    P3D v5 Blender2P3D/FSX

    Hi folks, I just uploaded a first test-version of the new Blender2P3D/FSX toolset. You can find it in the Resources, currently listed under Scenery/Tools - but I'd like to stress that it works for aircraft, too. :D Here's the Link...
  16. Vitus

    Blender2P3D/FSX toolset 0.98.21

    Blender2P3D/FSX is an addon for the latest version of Blender: 2.8x. It is a continuation of the work performed by various members of the fsdeveloper community to bring you Blender2FSX. This new toolset features a new UI, incorporation of Blender's new shader graph, full PBR support and more...
  17. christopherbritton

    Sketchup to Blender - UV Mapping and Model Scale Issues

    Hello all, I'm still doing the bulk of my object/building modeling in Sketchup as I am much more efficient at building simple models in it than I am with Blender, especially when it comes to buildings. I have been utilizing Blender a lot more recently for the fact that is extremely easy to...
  18. christopherbritton

    [Resolved] Dealing with model part conflicts (z-index?)

    Hello. Let me start by saying that I am very new to Blender and my basic understanding of how some things work is by no means close to an expert level. To date, I have done almost all my modeling work in Sketchup, which is obviously a night and day difference from Blender. However, I have...
  19. M

    Ground polygon not physical

    Hi! I try to make a basic ground polygon with only one texture. I made it in Blender, exported in collada (.dae), then in modelconverter x I exported it into .mdl, then with the ground polygon wizard I exported the mdl to bgl. After it, I put it into my airport scenery with texture of course. I...
  20. Osian

    Learjet 45 (Blender) 3.1

    Hi All, So here is an old model of a Learjet 45 I made in 2016. I have never and will never finish the model, so it's up for grabs for anyone who want to have a go at it! If you release the model, please give me some credit ;) Well, that's all for now.