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  1. RomanDesign

    Blender Quest for Animated People - distorted animation in MSFS

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to create animated person in MSFS. I would really appreciate any advice. Here's what I did: 1. I created a human figure in Make Human and exported to Mixamo website, where I rigged motion capture to it. So far - so good: I then downloaded FBX and imported to...
  2. B

    MSFS How are people modeling complex windows?

    I am creating a building in Blender that has complex windows which I define as having a large window broken up into many window panes separated by mullions. My question is whether it is better to model each window pane and mullion in Blender or to have one large pane and 'paint' the mullions on...
  3. AndreasR

    Blender model coming out in with different location ingame

    So I have been modelling a building in blender, and when I port it over to the sim some of the window frames and doors are in the wrong location. They might be offset by a bit. I have run some tests and found that the origin points of the different objects dictate this, however all the origin...
  4. T

    Blender Materials don't show in MSFS when exporting from Blender

    Hello everyone, I try to export my aircraft model with Blender 2.83 (Blender MSFS Toolkit) and load it in the sim. I made some materials in Blender, but when i try to load the exported gltf file with them, i can't load it in the sim. When i export the model without any materials, the blank...
  5. AnelToro089

    MSFS LQBI Bihac Sport Airfield

    My first ever scenery for a simulator ever. As matter of fact this are my first 3d models ever made since I just recently started learning blender and the exploring the whole 3d world. The Fort I did is my own photogrammetry that I made using a drone and the textures for my 3d models are...
  6. Kiartz

    MSFS glTF Blender IO MSFS - Black object texture problem

    Hi guys! I'm trying to use the importer/exporter used by FlyByWire, here the LINK ! Someone know how to show the object textures in the sim? Because the result is totally black and work only metal and roughness! Could it be an Ambient Occlusion problem? How can I fix it? Here you can see...
  7. T

    MSFS Modify asobo model

    So I'm trying to add a turtlepac 33gal ferry tank into the da62 that has been made by asobo, however i cannot find how to modify the model in the sdk. All i have been able to find is that i need to create a whole new airplane. I've tried something else and decided to simply export the lod00 with...
  8. D

    blender object to msfs size to big

    Hello, I am a beginner in blender and fs2020 SDK... I designed a simple taxiway bridge .. nothing special (see the picture) , no texture applied yet... and i want to export it using Blender2MSFS tool. when i press export... computer stuck... looks like the object i am try to export is so...
  9. Y

    MSFS gear animation don't work in sim | please help

    I'm working on an aircraft and now I'm got to the part of wheels animation. I did the animation in blender and it does not work for me in the sim. <Component ID="GEARS"> <UseTemplate Name="ASOBO_GEAR_Center_Template"> <ANIM_NAME>GEAR_Center </ANIM_NAME>...
  10. C

    Can´t see Blender objects in MSFS2020

    Hi; I have been trying to export Blender Models to MSFS following the Flying THeston videos. Sometimes. I could do it, but some times (many) I am not able to see my models in the SIM. I did it the same many, many, many times, and sometimes I got it, but many, no. I am going crazy. I have Blender...
  11. pyreegue

    MSFS Blender Bones and Moving People

    So this has started in the flag animation thread, but I think it deserves to have a thread of its own. I'm trying to animate a human, just like many of us are trying to, but weird things are happening, the animation in MFS does not look even close to what we see in Blender. Post your...
  12. S

    MSFS Is there PBR comp textures tutorial for MSFS using photoshop

    Hi all, I am struggling to get my head around creating comp textures for MSFS using photoshop using the RGB channels for AO,Roughness,Metalness. Does anyone know of a tutorial document or video? All the PBR videos I have found so far do not seem to fit what I need. thanks Stinger
  13. RomanDesign

    MSFS Triggering Hangar door animation in SimObject by distance?

    I'm trying to figure out how to trigger hangar door animation based on distance. The idea is to play the opening animation once when inside or close to the hangar, and play the closing animation when farther away. I was able to create a normal animation with scenery objects, and a flag waving in...
  14. RomanDesign

    MSFS Multi-room Parallax material. Finally!

    I think I finally mastered multi-room parallax texture properly. Here's the test video with a simple cube building. Emission works too. What's funny is that rooms are randomized somehow by the sim. They are showing in a different order than I have them in my background texture. Same for emission...
  15. Losco Nosciuto


    Is there by any chance somebody who's gonna update / maintain the Blender2MSFS aka MSFSToolkit for next blender's versions, and maybe do some bugfixing? Wondering because still exporting LODs that way is tedious, as the internal LOD exporting is buggy. Also something's weird with rigged model...
  16. D

    3D Studio Max plugins in the SDK? What do they do?

    I'm very curious what the 3D Studio Max plugins included in the SDK provide. Do they offer things that Blender's GLtf import/export don't? What are the pros and cons of using 3DS vs Blender for developing mods and assets for MSFS? I'm an experienced 3D art professional, but just trying to get...
  17. RomanDesign

    MSFS Parallax glass - no reflection... Any ideas?

    I’ve been using parallax windows/interiors but the glass is not reflecting, no matter what I do. I used it in small buildings on individual windows before, but now I tried a large one, with multi-room parallax texture. It’s working OK, although with a surprising effect that seemingly the actual...
  18. T

    What reference to use to model aircraft parts without Blueprints?

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the modelling of aircraft parts of which blueprints do not exist. What I mean is, how should i model things like the cockpit without an exact reference like a blueprint. (I've never seen something like a blueprint of a cockpit) Of course I'm familiar...
  19. NotBasti

    MSFS Weird Texture in Glass

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to get full reflections from all angles on my windows. I've tried msfs_glass and msfs_standard, set the roughness to 0, metallic to 100, played around with the reflections parameters, but reflections can only be seen from a very sharp angle. Is there a way to...
  20. NotBasti

    Root element is not a JSON object

    Hello everyone, I just created my second blender model and wanted to test it out in msfs but then I got these error messages