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  1. F

    P3D v4 Model Converter X viewport not working

    I exported a model via blender2fsx and when i want to apply earth curve correction to the model suddenly mcx viewport become like this.Sometimes after applying the curve correction,itll flicker some broken grey color on the viewport. Im using blender2.79 with blender2p3dfsx 0.9.5 and latest ver...
  2. Jason z

    Failed initialization of Blender

    I'm new to Blender and I'm just getting used to it so forgive me if this question has an obvious solution or I'm providing too little information. I recently downloaded the latest version of Blender and the latest compatible FSX/P3D Toolset. I followed the tutorial...
  3. Deano1973

    Visibility tags breaking animations - solution!

    Hi folks, While working in Blender, using Blender2FSX, I came across a solution to an oft-found problem where adding visibility conditions ( in my case, weapons and their pylons ) would break animations ( in my case, the catapult launch bar ). In brief, the solution was that all...
  4. JohnnyBoythePilot

    [SOLVED] Blender2FSX Help: How to Manually Link/Find FSX SDK Path? (Using FSX:SE)

    I'm trying my hand at FSX aircraft making, and before I tackle a Sonex Onex (my ultimate goal), I'm starting off with a fictional design (named "Greenhorn") that I originally made in SimplePlanes, and then exported it as an .obj file, and imported it into Blender, and removed all the material on...


    Hello everybody and again lot of thanks for Blender2fsx ! It seems that "visibility" is not reachable in Blender 2.79 : See attached file. The field stays closed even if you click on it.
  6. Ronald

    News - Blender Internal Render removed from version 2.8

    I just read this news on Ton Roosendaal's Twitter feed: - https://twitter.com/tonroosendaal - https://code.blender.org/ EDIT added this link: - https://www.blendernation.com/2018/04/24/blender-today-live-rip-blender-internal-rip-game-engine/ Question: How will the removal of the Blender...

    FSXA Effect attachment procedure using Blender & Blender2FSX Toolset

    Hi, I would appreciate if anyone can show the procedure how to attach effects using blender and the toolset. Thanks, Manochvarma Raman
  8. Ronald

    Blender2FSX - Krispy1001 tutorial video transcripts 2017-02-23

    This is a set of 26 (PDF-formatted) video transcripts i've made for myself and everyone else who is getting started with the "Blender2FSX Toolkit". These transcripts can be used alongside the Krispy1001 Blender2 FSX video tutorials over here: -...
  9. krispy1001

    Bleder2FSXP3D Wish-list for Added Functions

    Hi Blender2FSX tool-set users! This thread will be used to suggest new functions to be added to the tool-set. All suggested functions will be discussed and voted on to see if they are to be added or not be added. Thanks, Kris :-)

    FSX:SE Blender to FSX Export Error

    Hi there, I am new to Blender. I have installed Blender to FSX addon and successfully activated it. I have tried to export my model to FSX using this addon. But it shows the following error (as shown in attached image). The path i used to export is as follow: File > Export > DirectX for...
  11. N57105

    Blender to FSX Without Toolset

    I don't make airplanes, only scenery objects (though I do static aircraft). I currently use Sketchup .dae -> MCX .mdl -> ADE 1.70 .bgl -> FSX with no problems at all. I want to use Blender in a similar workflow. I tried Blender2FSX, but I'm using FSX:Steam with P3D 1.4 SDK (in the P3D default...
  12. krispy1001

    Blender2FSX After Blender 2.75a Crash (CLOSED)

    Hi All Blender Users! This will be the new thread that I will Post new Blender2FSX updates to. I would first like to give a very, very big "THANK YOU" to Mr. Felix aka (Catp_X) for giving us this incredible tool set. I would also like to give a very big "THANK YOU" To Mr. Rohn for updating the...
  13. Ronald

    Blender to FSX Toolkit question

    Hello All, 1 - First of all I want to give a very Big Thank! You! you too: - "Krispy1001" for creating the Blender2FSX series of videos, (they are awesome material to learn from) - The creator(s) of the Blender2FSX toolkit (what a great tool). 2 - I am working with Blender 2.70, the exact same...
  14. Mellin

    FSX Exporting shading

    Hi everyone! I hope someone can help me with an issue: I designed aircraft in Blender (with Blender to fsx addon), created it's textures and imported that to fsx, but for some reason, when I tried to Bake normal map for my models in blender it came out flat (not including shading I've set up)...
  15. N

    SDK installation for FSX SE so tools are avaliable in game and Gmax and Blender2fsx would work!

    This is a repost of my original thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/flightsim/comments/3yvmqe/how_to_set_up_microsoft_flight_simulator_x_sdk_on/ How to set up sdk for FSX SE for FSX, Blender and GMAX Preface: SDK on FSX SE also known as Steam Edition is incomplete and does not start...