1. H

    Defunct DME gauge

    I have been spending hours to figure out what is wrong with this defunt DME gauge. It should connect to NAV1 and display DME distance in kilometers by three numbers. Any other DME gauge does work correctly so it has something to with the XML coding. Could some of your experts take a look and...
  2. H

    Vertical speed window in m/sec

    Hello, I am creating a custom made autopilot using XML gauges to a Russian made aircraft. I have managed to make an autopilot VS selection window that works perfectly in ft/min. Now I would need to convert this selection window to show values in meters per second as in this aircraft gauges...
  3. Leo2789

    FS2004 Adding stock NavAids to user-created Airport?

    Hello all! I had messaged Jon with this question, to which he replied that it isn't something people had asked him before and so he had no fix for it 'on-hand'. What I need is to add surrounding stock navaids to an airport I created myself which represents an actual real-life airport missing...
  4. Leo2789

    FS2004 Editing or creating Seasons BGL file for a certain area of the globe?

    Hello, I have an addon scenery for the area of a whole country (Portugal) that came with its own 'local' seasons bgl file, mainly to add snow to the highest mountains in winter, which was lacking per the default seasons.bgl from FS2004. Despite this, I'm still not entirely satisfied with the...
  5. edetroit

    FS2004 Add animated effects to FS9 model e.g strobes to a model with wing flex.

    Hello, I am told it is possible to attach an effect to a model using modelconverterX and it will move with the animation. Is this correct for FS9? I have seen this tutorial but cannot see the wood for the trees. Regards Ed
  6. tgibson

    FS2002/2004 VC Lighting Tutorial 1.0

    VC Gauge Backlighting - A Tutorial Using Emissive Texture Lightmapping I've perfected a technique which I feel provides the absolute best gauge backlighting in the VC that is currently possible, and is fully compliant with Microsoft's SDK. Fr. Bill Leaming Added by Tom Gibson
  7. JetMan-&-the-gay-noobs

    FS2004 Help fixing terrain

    I've installed fs2004 from an old computer by transfering the files, and everythingseems to run well... until i find out that many places of terrain in the world are damaged, all polynesia, Chile, South Argentina, Peru, South Ecuador, Brazil (all) are damaged or ... i dont know, if i am way too...
  8. Rudolf

    FS2004 A beginner with cruel doubts fotoscenery

    I'm sorry for using google translator, my english is bad. We know that : (AD) are Aeródromo. File (AB) are airport backgrounds ( VTP poly files ) File (AP) are your airport 'afcads' File (FL) are flattens ( LWM files that flatten the ground... usually for airports ) File (HL) are shorelines...
  9. Leo2789

    FS2004 Tokelau Islands - Complete Scenery

    Hello, As I mentoined in the thread 'I'm working on scenery... (2018)', I am developing scenery for the Tokelau Islands, which geographically includes 4 atolls: 3 compromising the nation of Tokelau itself - which is a dependent territory of New Zealand - and 1 which is Swains Island, part of...
  10. R

    FS2004 Model Converter X won't create a .MDL

    Hi to all of you. I have look for this thead but since most people today uses FSX I couldn't find one on FS9. So, I have made an airport ramp in sketchup, 301m long x 105m wide. Then I import it to Model converter X (Development release) It gives me an error that says " Error while loading...
  11. T

    Gmax/FS2004 suddenly stops exporting X file

    Greetings! Here is a question for the nostalgically inclined or those interested in archaeology: I am trying to make an animated scenery object for FSX, but am using the GMax/FS2004 gamepack --> makeMDL approach. The reason being that I want that animation to be triggered (with the help of...
  12. R

    FS2004 Default Taxisign Nightlighting

    It seems to me that once upon a time my default taxisigns in both FS2004 and FSX had nightlighting so they were readable when taxiing at night. Maybe that was just an illusion or I was seeing a lighted taxisign at a payware or really good freeware airport. At any rate, I no longer...if ever in...
  13. Leo2789

    FS2004 Installed aircraft not appearing in FS9 menu for mysterious reasons

    Hello I have a problem that has happened once or twice that I just can't understand how or why :S I'll use the most recent case as an example: I had all of the old HNAC Airbus A300's and A310's installed on FS9 some years ago, with lots of liveries, nice sounds and a cool panel, and all ran...
  14. johnman

    FS2004 Gmax - Cannot Export makemdl file

    Gmax - Cannot Export makemdl file I currently use gmax to export models to FSX ! I would like to start using gmax to also export models to fs2004. Not having a lot of luck! I get the error : MakeMdl was not found or failed to convert the model found in Export file folder ?? This is a copy of...
  15. Leo2789

    SBuilder FS9 Problem creating Mesh

    I was hoping someone could shed some light on what I'm doing wrong here. I'm trying to create some Mesh BGL's for Futuna & Alofi islands in the French overseas department of Wallis & Futuna. I downloaded the relevant SRTM .hgt files from this 'website'...
  16. Deano1973

    MakeMdl Tick 18

    Hi folks, A quick question: I'm in the process of building an animated hangar using FSDS 3.5.1, set to use MakeMdl, with the old FS2004 SDK installed. The plan is to use Farfy's guide with Arno's CAT to animate the doors using a proximity / bounding box trigger. My problem is that I cannot find...
  17. G

    FS2004 Can I invisibly disable the autopilot when simulating hydraulic failure?

    I want to be able to disable the autopilot without the "autopilot disengaged" sound playing or any of the autopilot settings visibly changing, in order to simulate a failure of the flight controls from hydraulic failure. If I just try to lock the controls by disabling the joystick (through...
  18. antaris

    FS2004 Bell 407 V2.0

    Hello lads I have been working with the open source Bell 407 designed by Alan Devins and Rory Kelly (R.I.P.). Hopefully she will see the light in a few months. Mostly, I've spent most of the time improving the base mesh and slowly adding more details. So far, I think I did a decent job on new...
  19. Milton_Shupe

    Gmax 1.2 for the Beginning Modeler (FS9 based)

    The Youtube based video instruction starts with gmax introduction and setup. It progresses through introduction of shapes and primitives, 3-view setup, construction of a complete exterior model including animations. The exterior model development is completed in 35 videos. It does not include...
  20. Lagaffe

    Blender To FS2004

    Hi, Do you think that it was possible to make a bunch of script to obtain an Blender2FS9 ? For people who make Ground Polygone versus FS2004 and 3D grass this could be interesting, no ?