1. DirectDani

    I have a problem exporting my .bgl from ModelConverterX

    //// I yesterday exported the .mdl file i made with sketchup, and i put the texture files into Skive Airport/ Texture and the .bgl file into scenery along with the proper taxiway align and runway i made in ade175. //// The only thing i saw in the sim was the photoreal scenery but i didnt...
  2. pinkjr

    P3D v3 Photorico TJPS update for 2019 (Freeware as usual)

    I feel like I have been working on this forever and need to get it out, but REAL work keeps interfering. This is my home base airport, where I learned to fly. I did previous versions for FS9 and FSX, and feel it is worthy of a P3D V3 (V4) refresh. It is also a good excuse to showcase the new...
  3. Vitus

    P3D v4 Throttle/Mixture overwrite using simConnect. Problem: FSUIPC

    Hi folks, It's been a while. I've been super busy getting the update for my Vega out of the way. Since the update, some of my customers experienced some issues in combination with FSUIPC and I was wondering if someone here has an idea how to resolve this. I am overwriting the sims throttle and...
  4. C

    P3D v4 .dae ground poly file (from 3ds max) reading errors in MCX

    Hello everyone! I have made a ground polygon in 3ds max in real scale (about 2000x1500 meters). I tried to export this to ground polygon wizard in MDX. When I select this model, it appears in the viewport just for a second and dissapears. Materials menu is empty, but there were assigned...
  5. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating "Specular" Maps v3.6

    GIMP: Creating Specular Maps v3.6 for FSX, FS-SE & P3D. PDF file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.xx Only. How to... Creating a "Specular" Map using material masks. Note: GIMP v2.10.10 (recently updated) has a built-in DDS plug-in. If you plan to update to v2.10.10 from a prior version...
  6. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v3.6

    GIMP: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v3.6 for FSX, FS-SE, and P3D. PDF file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.xx Only. How to... Create a Normal/ “Bump” Maps with (“Diffuse” Maps) or without (“Albedo” Maps) directional light information. GIMP (v2.10.xx): a. GIMP Normalmap v1.2.x - make...
  7. Jason z

    Resample.exe not working

    For some reason when I try to drag the INF file over the resample.exe a black window opens suddenly and then closes. No bgl is created. I've checked that every source file and directory is correct. I've also tried using some of the resample examples. I've also moved the folder to the desktop and...
  8. Y

    FSX ModelConverterX - Convert and Place Object Wizard

    the Convert and Place Object Wizard of ModelConverterX i have a problem happened ?
  9. D

    FSXA Controlling AI Aircraft

    Hello everyone, I'm using Simconnect to inject faults in AI aircraft. Through events I'm able of toggling some faults like engine and brakes, but most of them are not available, at least according to the Documentation. Now I want to inject control surface failures nad tried using all the events...
  10. winrace12

    ENFB Fornebu Airport - Bringing back a closed airport in P3D

    Hello all! Thought I would share a special project I am working on at the moment, Fornebu Airport. Fornebu was the main airport serving Oslo and Eastern Norway from 1939 to 1998. It was then replaced by Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and the area has since been redeveloped. This is how the airport...
  11. kevinmdavis2010

    FSX:SE DSF file to FSX?

    All, I own both X-Plane and FSX: SE. However, I came across a scenery package on X-Plane's site that is highly realistic and ten times better than any scenery I've found for FSX - Payware or Freeware. In the Zip folder that came with the X-Plane scenery package, there is a subfolder called...
  12. F

    FSX Read FSX Cameras - Static Lib

    I will be publishing all of my code for FSX which could be interesting maybe for someone. Here is the code to read the active camera position at any time (XYZ in meters) for FSXA-SP2-SE. Also it reads the 6DOF of the active camera. There are 4 Libs (MT, MD, MTd, MDd), you just need to link it...
  13. Pyscen

    GIMP: Preparing the 6 EM Textures (Preface) v1.4

    GIMP: Preparing the 6 Environment Maps (EM) Textures v1.4 for FSX, FS-SE, and P3D. PDF file containing instructions for GIMP. How to... A Preface - Preparing the 6 individual textures that make up the Environment Maps (EM). Note: In versions P3D v3.1 and later, if the user has the “Dynamic...
  14. R

    Words "Winter" and "Spring" on Texture Bitmap

    I posted this originally over at the AVSIM Forums, but thought I might repost here as well to reach a larger group of people...This may perhaps be the wrong subforum for my question, but the others seemed too specific and excluded my visual issue These are the two images I posted at AVSIM...
  15. E

    FSX Gauge does not load

    Hello experts, I have developed a version of EasyFMC for Mobile, which can be used on smartphones, tablets or any other device that can run a web browser. This product uses a gauge called "Data Collector Gauge" that must be defined in the panel.cfg, an invisible gauge that reads the sim...
  16. Kekelekou

    Tutorial to convert FS2004 aircraft to FSX (and later sims) using ModelConverterX 02012018

    Quick and dirty PDF edition by Kekelekou of Tom Gibson's online tutorial. Please refer to : http://www.calclassic.com/convert_tutorial/ https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fs2004-to-fsx-aircraft-conversion-tutorial.444227/
  17. RED COOL

    P3D v4 How to calculate the front wheel coordinates ?

    Hello i want to get the coordinates of my front wheels ( aircraft ) using the simconnect and the p3d sdk, i know that we can get the center coordinates and i do it already. i need to calculate the front wheel coordinates only ( maybe with the aircraft.cfg entries ...) for my addon hope you help...
  18. Asamra

    PT Scenery Project - Freeware

    Hello fellow simmers. Started a few years ago as an FSX project, now FSX and P3D. Check our page and blog. Drop us a few pictures and give us your opinions. https://www.facebook.com/ptscenery/ https://ptsceneries.blogspot.com/
  19. E

    FSX After including a Lighting Poly Line, All Polylines now switch off when Airport lighting is switched off.

    Good day, Have a Large Airport with many Custom Ground Polylines etc for Parking Markers, Road Markers etc. The other evening I added lighting to the Aprons for Evening effect and all looked good. But I now see that when the sun rises All Polylines are switched off, not just the Lighting...
  20. RED COOL

    DLL files in the flight sim

    Hello guys i saw many addons like FSUIPC that use a DLL i mean it runs with a DLL ( the programme is in the DLL ) ;P i know that DLL files ( at least in C# ) include classes / fonctions / variables / structers ........ but in the flight sim : what can a DLL contain ? i mean how to make a...