1. F

    FSX Read FSX Cameras - Static Lib

    I will be publishing all of my code for FSX which could be interesting maybe for someone. Here is the code to read the active camera position at any time (XYZ in meters) for FSXA-SP2-SE. Also it reads the 6DOF of the active camera. There are 4 Libs (MT, MD, MTd, MDd), you just need to link it...
  2. Pyscen

    GIMP: Preparing the 6 EM Textures (Preface) v1.4

    GIMP: Preparing the 6 Environment Maps (EM) Textures v1.4 for FSX, FS-SE, and P3D. PDF file containing instructions for GIMP. How to... A Preface - Preparing the 6 individual textures that make up the Environment Maps (EM). Photo Editor (GIMP v2.10.xx & v2.8.xx) GIMP: a. None No...
  3. R

    Words "Winter" and "Spring" on Texture Bitmap

    I posted this originally over at the AVSIM Forums, but thought I might repost here as well to reach a larger group of people...This may perhaps be the wrong subforum for my question, but the others seemed too specific and excluded my visual issue These are the two images I posted at AVSIM...
  4. E

    FSX Gauge does not load

    Hello experts, I have developed a version of EasyFMC for Mobile, which can be used on smartphones, tablets or any other device that can run a web browser. This product uses a gauge called "Data Collector Gauge" that must be defined in the panel.cfg, an invisible gauge that reads the sim...
  5. Kekelekou

    Tutorial to convert FS2004 aircraft to FSX (and later sims) using ModelConverterX 02012018

    Quick and dirty PDF edition by Kekelekou of Tom Gibson's online tutorial. Please refer to : http://www.calclassic.com/convert_tutorial/ https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fs2004-to-fsx-aircraft-conversion-tutorial.444227/

    P3D v4 How to calculate the front wheel coordinates ?

    Hello i want to get the coordinates of my front wheels ( aircraft ) using the simconnect and the p3d sdk, i know that we can get the center coordinates and i do it already. i need to calculate the front wheel coordinates only ( maybe with the aircraft.cfg entries ...) for my addon hope you help...
  7. Asamra

    PT Scenery Project - Freeware

    Hello fellow simmers. Started a few years ago as an FSX project, now FSX and P3D. Check our page and blog. Drop us a few pictures and give us your opinions. https://www.facebook.com/ptscenery/ https://ptsceneries.blogspot.com/
  8. E

    FSX After including a Lighting Poly Line, All Polylines now switch off when Airport lighting is switched off.

    Good day, Have a Large Airport with many Custom Ground Polylines etc for Parking Markers, Road Markers etc. The other evening I added lighting to the Aprons for Evening effect and all looked good. But I now see that when the sun rises All Polylines are switched off, not just the Lighting...

    DLL files in the flight sim

    Hello guys i saw many addons like FSUIPC that use a DLL i mean it runs with a DLL ( the programme is in the DLL ) ;P i know that DLL files ( at least in C# ) include classes / fonctions / variables / structers ........ but in the flight sim : what can a DLL contain ? i mean how to make a...
  10. S

    FSX Invisible aircraft Problem (Help me ASAP)

    Hi, I have a big problem with FSX. Recently, I installed some new aircrafts. They worked ok and everything looked ok, but then, randomly while I was playing with a plane's flaps, the whole plane became invisible. If I use the 1st person view in the Cockpit it's fine, but when I look at it from...
  11. J

    SimConnect functions error "too many arguments" and 737NGX does not respond to Data Change Events

    Hello Simmers and Developers. After 2 years im now back in the flight simulation world. And I try now to build my own "small" homecockpit for my favourite aircraft the PMDG 737NGX. After searching for SDK for the NGX i found out really fast that the PMDG delivers SDK. So I downloaded Visual...
  12. RED COOL

    C# Error after compile / Simconnect

    Hello i made a simple test app that request speed alt hdg and ptitch of the user with the simconnect "C#" P3D v4 i compile without error but once i lunch it i get this (image attached) in the pic i use the debug mode to let you see the LOG any ideas thnx in advance :)
  13. juan30005

    help me to export to mdl

    Hi. I'm trying to improve a plane that I like but I have problems exporting it with the changes already made. You can help me to find out. Thank you hola. estoy intentando mejorar un avion que me gusta pero tengo problemas al exportarlo con los cambios ya hechos. me pueden ayudar a...
  14. Albi

    Arctic circle coverage

    Iam doing ground photoreal for an arctic airport, but Sbuilder doesn’t have coverage on artic region, how can I do It? For satellite imagery
  15. Pyscen

    ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) v1.6

    ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) v1.6 for FSX, FS-SE, and P3D. PDF file containing instructions for ATI Cubemap Generator v1.1 & 'Modified' Cubemap Generation v1.66 Only. Photo Editor (None) ATI Cubemap Generator v1.1 or 'Modified' Cubemap Generator v1.66: (Original v1.1)...
  16. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v1.6

    GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v1.6 for FSX, FS-SE, and P3D. PDF file containing instructions GIMP v2.10.xx & GIMP v2.8.xx Only. Photo Editor (GIMP v2.10.xx and GIMP v2.8.xx) GIMP (v2.10.xx & v2.8.xx): Both the GIMP DDS Plug-in and GIMP Cubemap Layers Generator are...
  17. Jason z

    Cleveland Hopkins International

    In case anyone was wondering on what happened to the CLE scenery I was working on, here are some photos from the project: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dW6fgl06RAou4BxGZfHdj3hfDBKCS4L9/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W1NuI9FVDkPV9xnhod6OZms6ZC2HdLX9/view?usp=sharing...
  18. O

    P3D v4 Explore the world with a new type of career software

    A PILOT'S LIFE add-on for FSX/P3D simulates a commercial pilot career, taking you from the first steps of a junior first officer employed at a local small company, to a senior captain at a world renowned airline. Let me know what you think guys. Thanks! Developer website...
  19. Albi

    Gmax orientation help!

    How do I set axis Y is up in gmax? Currently Z is towards up. It’s messing up my animation when I take it to MCX.
  20. Albi

    Gmax animation problem (Solved)

    I created a loop animation line in gmax for a bus to follow, it animates fine but when I click Trajectory collapse, the bus snaps to origin/center and moves over there. 0,0 position. Any idea how to solve?