1. P

    Creating ALS, light sources, SODE

    Have a nice day, everyone. Guys, help me in creating ALS correctly. I will briefly tell you how I do it and ask which I would like to improve. I do all my work in SketchUp. According to airport patterns, I determine the type of ALS. I make models of lamps, their layout. Light of lamps directed...
  2. Albi

    P3D dynamic light problem

    I have been playing with dynamic light for P3D 4. Added a spot light, set the orientation to face down to the ground. Added the created .fx to P3D's effects folder but when I test it in P3D, its always in the default sideways angle. Also it doesn't follow my light intensity parameters...
  3. BASys

    FSXA MCX - XToMdl.exe - Export Failures - Target Folder Names -

    Hi Arno A belated bug report. Whilst my main PC was busy doing other things, I began using my secondary PC to convert a set of FS8/9 models to FSX compliant. TASK OVERVIEW - As there were a large number of models to convert, and each required multiple actions during the conversion...
  4. K

    P3D v4 No object found in the file error

    Hi, I started mu own project for 1 week now and I have a problem with MCX. I modelised my building with Sketchup. I export the 3D without texture with .dae file, I load it in my MCX, it's work, I export it and then when I set the building on ADE, my P3D V4 crash so I load my BGL on MCX and I...
  5. I

    P3D v4 [ Solved ] Ground poly from 3ds Max use Ground poly Wizard Disappear at edge of sceen

    Here is my little project of VTCL Lampang airport Thailand. Now I working on ground poly, I model it from 3ds Max and export it as .X and then use MCX ground polygon wizard covert it to .BGL Here is my video any ideas? Thank!!
  6. W

    P3D v4 Some bugs

    Hi, Arno. I find some bugs and I want to ask some question. 1. In Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Weapons\ go to any 5 first folders and drag sim.cfg to MCX. When "Show particle effects" not pressed, all ok. If pressed - MCX freezes. 2. Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\F-16C\ drag aircraft.cfg to MCX...

    P3D v4 PBR Object only showing diffuse color instead of texture

    Hi, I have been trying to create some spheres and experimenting PBR metallic and smoothness value changes. When i export my spheres, I only get diffuse colour in P3D instead of the texture color. The texture colour is shown only if the diffuse colour slot in MCX is set to white (255,255,255)...

    Override an old Ground polygon

    Hello all i'm working on an update to an airport that has a Ground polygon the GP has been made by someone and he probably compiled it with SCASM as he used MCX for that and he used the fsx format so my update now works with PBR materials and i wanna get my GP to be on top of his GP you might...

    P3D v4 MCX texture converter

    Hi @arno i found that the mcx texture converted has a normal map to FS normal map feature and that is solving many problems for me :) can you plz tell me what is that feature doing to my txeture ? i found that it move the Red channel and delete the blue one, is that all it does ? i want to set...
  10. C

    P3D v4 Rougness/Specular textures in MCX PBR material?

    Hello everyone! I am not an expert in PBR, so I've got some problems.. I exported textures form quixel mixer, metalness workflow. I selected Albedo, Metalness, Normal. Then I applied that textures to ground polygon and this is result in Prepar - surface is really ''wet''.. I think this is...
  11. C

    P3D v4 .dae ground poly file (from 3ds max) reading errors in MCX

    Hello everyone! I have made a ground polygon in 3ds max in real scale (about 2000x1500 meters). I tried to export this to ground polygon wizard in MDX. When I select this model, it appears in the viewport just for a second and dissapears. Materials menu is empty, but there were assigned...
  12. FSX3D

    [RESOLVED]Problem creation "Material template editor" with the latest version MCX.

    Hi, With the version of 30-11-2018 (changelog) I can create a template no problem using an existing material. But with a 2019 version it does not work I have this error message: I have not tried on another computer. Thanks in advance
  13. Itay Dorfman

    P3D v4 mdl textures disapear after second export

    mdl textures disapear after second export. what to do? is it a bug in MCX? BTW the file size drops by 3kb.
  14. kevinmdavis2010

    Helipad for 3d Warehouse Model

    Hello, Over the past few days, I created a thread "MDL File Issue," where I talked about my project involving converting a hospital model into a landable helipad for FSX. In that thread, I was able to get some of my questions answered. However, now I need a little help with some additional...
  15. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Image tool Command lines

    Hello it has been two months since i'm working on a project and i post questions when i face great obstacles that docs can't resolve so my question today is : where can i find the list of Image tool command lines ? i've seen that MCX uses image tool ( in the options ) maybe it is what it uses to...
  16. BASys

    Effect display disparities - FXEditor/MCX versus In-Game

    Hi Arno. Could you please investigate/add the following issues to your TODO list. When attempting to create several effects I've encountered various disparities in supported behaviour between their rendering in FXEditor/MCX versus their rendering In-Game. N.B. Following results were only from...
  17. Kekelekou

    Tutorial to convert FS2004 aircraft to FSX (and later sims) using ModelConverterX 02012018

    Quick and dirty PDF edition by Kekelekou of Tom Gibson's online tutorial. Please refer to :
  18. tsgucci

    Ground Poly Wizard MDL output?

    Hello Arno! I'm trying to create a groundpoly with ZBias separation for our existing airport. I do have some questions: 1. To solve the seasons I would rather spawn the object with our DLL therefore it would be really nice to have the output of the GPW in an MDL (I would create separate MDL's...
  19. David Hilker

    P3D v4 PBR - What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, I made my first PBR test yesterday and unfortunately not very successful. I wanted to keep it easy and made a simple cube: I downloaded a few pbr textures from and prepared them how it was shown in this tutorial (red channel metallic, green channel AO and alpha channel...
  20. lionheart

    P3D v4 Can a Person.... Airplane MDL file... MCX..... (Arno)

    Hey all.. Can I go into a MDL file with MCX and find the parts Prop1 and change them to animation Prop0? To do this simple procedure in Max and the SDK pack would take hours (for several variants and their visibility settings, etc, etc, etc. This.... If it could be done, would save me a ton...