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  1. W

    Anti-aliasing in MCX

    I have not worked with MCX for a long time, and now at startup I realized that when switching to a new engine somewhere, anti-aliasing was "lost". Previously, in the Nvidia control panel, it was enough to set forced anti-aliasing to make the ladders disappear. Now this method has stopped...
  2. ashmanmedia

    Bridge Lights from ModelConverterX

    Question using ModelConverterX recently it converted my X-Plane.obj which had lights into a .gltf OBJECT just fine. but looking at the code and the lights they appear not to offer a STAR or maybe are just CONE lights? Can anyone recommend a change to this light type to get Bridge Lighting...
  3. Matteo07

    Invalid file X

    Hi everyone, I tryed to convert a file .mdl and ModelConverterX v1.4 reported this error: I saw that MCX doesn't create the file .X How can I fix it? Thank you, Matteo
  4. T

    Applying earth curvature correction to a city model for P3Dv4.5

    Hi , I'm fairly new to this development stage so please enlighten me. I want to know how can I add the earth curvature to a 3d city for use in p3d v4.5. So here's exactly what's happening now. I have a model of a city which is quite large area. It doesn't have a ground poly as I used fsearth...
  5. J

    MSFS Glass material parameters

    Hi everyone, maybe I asked my question in the wrong forum, so I try once more here. It is actually MCX related. I made several scenery objects in Sketchup, exported them in Collada format and converted them to MSFS format using MCX. Everything is working fine so far except the window screens...
  6. J

    MSFS Transparent glass with Sketchup and MCX - Help, please!

    Hi Arno and everybody else, I started 3D modeling only recently and I'm getting along with Sketchup quite well so far. I know how to build scenery objects, export them to Collada, then convert them using MCX and place them in flight simulator 2020 SDK. But I can't get glass surfaces look...
  7. R

    Conversion on MCX

    Hello, Im using P3DV4.5 i have SDK instaled on my computer i want to put 3d models directly via MCX sadly is not working the problem i can't see the model on p3dv4.5. I create file scenery & texture ;) Please guys help me to fix this problem
  8. T

    Missing materials and. Blend file importing error when importing to MCX

    Hi, I'm stuck in my project and if someone can help me to fix these errors it will be a huge relief to me. I get below Error when I try to importing a .blend file. " AssimpReader Error importing file: BLEND: Expected at least one object with no parent" Things may gonna help you, 1.I tried...
  9. R

    sketchup model to P3D

    Hello guys, i try to convert sketchup models to P3DV4.5 via MCX unfrontely i have 2 problems Normaly i have to see the 3d model like that ... Please guys give me a solution !
  10. alexito_178

    MCX Suspended Right After Launch

    Hello! MCX 1.4 is getting suspended every time I launch it; it's been going on for a while now (maybe a month?). I opened up the Task Manager and in less than three seconds, the app gets suspended. I managed to create a DMP File in case it was necessary, though it's too large to upload. Any...
  11. Md Alavi

    Weird artefacts can be seen through the transparent PBR glass texture

    Anyone knows why the back side of the pbr glass texture is giving out those black triangulation artefact PS- I had created this texture using substance painter
  12. Jason z

    FSX Ground poly disappearing below ground

    I created the ground poly in Blender and exported it via ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard. At certain areas of the airport, the ground polys dip below the ground and disappear- I'm assuming this is because of the curvature. What I've tried: -I've tried cutting and grouping the polygons...
  13. M

    MCX trouble importing older mdl files

    Hi, I'm trying to make good use of the latest lockdown by converting some ancient scenery from FS2004 into FS2020. However, the newest version of MCX that will open the files is bc3aee92 DEV 12.4.2020. With newer versions I get an error opening FS mdl files An error occured during...
  14. hartmut

    MCX MCX 1.4 crashes on my Model when opening Material Editor

    Hi, I have a weird problem and hope you can help me sorting it out. I would like to import a Model from 3dwarehouse into a FS2020 scenery. As a first step I have opened it in sketchup, selected everything, unlocked it and exploded it following the directions of ths video. To get it into MCX I...
  15. Matteo07

    Merged object must move to a model part

    Hi everyone, I'm training to move the merged object (red) into a model part of the tree. I must to do it because the wing gets up when on flight. Anyone knows how to do it? Thank you, Matteo
  16. christopherbritton

    MCX [Solved] Backwards Animations

    I'm taking a stab at doing my first FS9 to FSX native conversion using MCX. I've been following the great tutorial from tgibson. I have gotten both external and VC models exported. The VC model animations are 100% working as intended, however I'm running into some issues with the external...
  17. unc1rlm

    MCX Changing a visibility condition to "none" and saving it

    I have a models fsx aircraft and I want to change it from this to "none" and save it so it will stick..lol...how do i do that? I know you can double click and select none but maybe going about this wrong? Thanks for any help, BobM.
  18. BASys


    Hi Folks Arno - My apologies for not having raised these issues previously. I only investigated properly after loading an unrelated BGL yesterday where I'd observed a totally unexpected model HEADING MCX - Development version - 01/08/2020 For a BGL containing multiple objects - MCX -...
  19. J

    P3D v4 Drawcall Monitor Unhandled Exception

    Hi, I have scene built a single BGL file containing all custom buildings within my airport boundary. When I try to check drawcalling is enabled in drawcall monitor (latest dev version) I recieve the below error: Error text: See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time...
  20. Jason z

    Blender not exporting taxiway lines

    For some reason Blender is not exporting taxiway lines but still can export my base "runway." The only difference between the runway and the taxiway line is that the runway was made from a plane while the taxiway line was made from a beveled curve that has been reconverted into a mesh. Is there...