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  1. S

    Flatten a embankment

    Hi Guys, I want to flatten a embankment in my Scenery. Problematically I get only many, many hills, but no flat surface. I used polygons und rectangels, but with the same result. Can anyone explain how to make a flat surface with straight edges? Many thanks! Jens Wilke, Germany
  2. pyreegue

    MSFS Tunnel/Overpass Mesh Editing

    Hi there, I'm no expert in mesh editing, and I mean at all. How would one do precise mesh editing to create tunnels/overpasses like this one? Default MFS tools do not allow this level of precision and often produce jagged edges, falloff values do nothing. Thanks
  3. TheoAzur

    MSFS Projected mesh unwanted rotation/scale

    Hi, I'm trying to add custom ground polys to my scene via projected mesh but it seems not to keep its own scale and "heading" when it's projected. Each marking have their own poly and are link in blender + the origin is at 0;0;0 (as mentionned in another thread). See the pic: Green: Non...
  4. chudobadesign

    Do you need to buy ortho for payware sceneries?

    Hello, as a developer, do you need some special license for orthophoto for your payware scenery or can be used one from the Ortho4XP? Have a great day! Filip
  5. Md Alavi

    Paved Drainage System

    Hi guys I want to create this drainage system in prepar3d v4 Do anyone knows how to sculpt the mesh like this What software do I need to use?
  6. S

    Quick and Dirty: I slowly continue HeightMapToMesh, first version Downloadable

    And you will get just a video as manual.. I got some interests on it and keep this idea living.. NOT INCLUDED THIS time: Any Kind Of Smoothing.... THIS IS TOP ONE for next version. Because of this, you see all the sharp edges, shading triangles.. As said, next Version will include some basic...
  7. JetMan-&-the-gay-noobs

    FS2004 Help fixing terrain

    I've installed fs2004 from an old computer by transfering the files, and everythingseems to run well... until i find out that many places of terrain in the world are damaged, all polynesia, Chile, South Argentina, Peru, South Ecuador, Brazil (all) are damaged or ... i dont know, if i am way too...
  8. Leo2789

    SBuilder FS9 Problem creating Mesh

    I was hoping someone could shed some light on what I'm doing wrong here. I'm trying to create some Mesh BGL's for Futuna & Alofi islands in the French overseas department of Wallis & Futuna. I downloaded the relevant SRTM .hgt files from this 'website'...
  9. J

    Use water elevation from DEM

    Hi, let's say i have a 1m mesh for a large area and the area includes a lot of rivers. As the mesh also covers the water surface, the original water polys have a different altitude, so the rivers are most of the time elevated. I further have a water shp file from OSM but it looks too complex to...
  10. J

    FSX Mesh tutorial (xyz/csv to fsx mesh)

    After many days of research i found a good solution to convert csv/text/xyz data to fsx mesh with opensource tools. Maybe this tutorial is helpful for others too. Prerequisites Data source (csv/txt/xyz with values x,y,z), in this example the data source is projected in EPSG:25833 FSX SDK...
  11. J

    mesh from csv

    Hi, i have a large ascii csv (lat,lon,altitude) which i convert to a geotiff with gdal_grid -l layername layername.vrt layername.tif the csv (example, altitude in meter): x,y,z 14.21989837,50.87816992,326.79 14.21989837,50.87817920,326.79 14.21989837,50.87818848,326.79...
  12. Rotornut44

    The Alaskan Mesh Project - 10 & 3m Terrain Mesh - Now Available!

    Thanks (A sarcastic thanks) to Tropical Storm Cindy hitting the Gulf Coast, I have been off from work all week. Yesterday, with the rain coming down in sheets and the wind howling, I decided to put my boredom to good use and show some love to my old flightsim stomping grounds around Talkeetna...
  13. PlutonianEmpire

    FS2004 How do I convert my greyscale bump height BMP for use as a mesh in SBuilder?

    I have a greyscale height image for an island I originally made for SimCity 4, but I would like to use it as a mesh for FS9 to import using SBuilder. Looking at the help files, I see that mesh maps are generally green. How do I convert it into a format usable by sbuilder, and how do I actually...
  14. Paul Domingue

    Aero Ae-145 2016-07-02

    Aero Ae-145 The Aero is a model that I put on the shelf in preference of my WWII military aircraft modeling. I will not have the time to complete it so I am making the mesh, reference material and the FSX package available for anyone interested in continuing the work. I wont get into any...