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  1. J

    P3D v4 MCX - DSF TO BGL Coordinate discrepency

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone has a quick fix for this one, I am converting an X-Plane scenery to P3D V4, When I import a DSF just with cars to MCX and export a BGL from this - the cars are offset in P3D for some reason? If you see the below screenshots, WED shows all of the cars correctly...
  2. P

    P3D v4 Strange problem with Ground Poly

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with a ground poly that I made in blender here I attached the images of the problem and here are more images of model converter x This error only happens when you arrive at the airport from another airport, but when you start a new flight everything is...
  3. K

    P3D v4 No object found in the file error

    Hi, I started mu own project for 1 week now and I have a problem with MCX. I modelised my building with Sketchup. I export the 3D without texture with .dae file, I load it in my MCX, it's work, I export it and then when I set the building on ADE, my P3D V4 crash so I load my BGL on MCX and I...
  4. christopherbritton

    Internal modeling not visible through semi-transparent texture.

    Hello. I have been building a greenhouse model off and on over the last few days. The model I have designed is a metal frame greenhouse with what is suppose to be a plastic cover over the entire metal frame. (The frame is just a 2D texture) I have added an alpha channel to my single texture...

    P3D v4 Image tool Command lines

    Hello it has been two months since i'm working on a project and i post questions when i face great obstacles that docs can't resolve so my question today is : where can i find the list of Image tool command lines ? i've seen that MCX uses image tool ( in the options ) maybe it is what it uses to...
  6. A

    Dynamic lights only partly showing

    hello all, I have a quick issue, I am in the process of adding dynamic lights to MMMX by TAxi2gate, just so I can experiment with the effect on non-v4 native airports. I am using MCX to add the spotlight effect to each position within the BGL gile, and I can see the dynamic lights in the sim...
  7. Itay Dorfman

    Missing Tile?

    when i converted my object in MCX there is one issue. what should i do
  8. Michael21

    Error: Index was out of range

    Hello guys. Someone had this error before? Would be nice if you could help me. Thanks!
  9. Airside Developments

    How do I make realistic looking buildings?

    Hi all, I have started work on making ENRY. I have modeled and textured all of my buildings in Sketchup, but when I put them into my sim (P3D V3) I notice that they do not look as good as other developers buildings... They don't cast shadows on the ground and I can't find any settings in Model...
  10. Nieggou

    corrupted Textures

    Hey, So.. I tried to export my model from ModelConverterX to P3D V4, but when it's loaded, the textures will look a bit.. ..strange... I made sure, that the texture is a .ddl file, but that didn't fix it either.
  11. christopherbritton

    [SKP/MCX] Stubborn model texture mapping issue.

    Hello. I'm throwing this thread into the 3D Objects General forum board because quite frankly I'm not sure exactly where it fits.. I've had this issue for a while and have ignored it until now since it has just been a minor texture issue. However, I would like to fix it. When viewing my model...
  12. R

    FS2004 Model Converter X won't create a .MDL

    Hi to all of you. I have look for this thead but since most people today uses FSX I couldn't find one on FS9. So, I have made an airport ramp in sketchup, 301m long x 105m wide. Then I import it to Model converter X (Development release) It gives me an error that says " Error while loading...
  13. christopherbritton

    MCX - Some parts invisible behind transparent glass. (Solved)

    Good evening, I have been working on a static Super Cub model for one of my sceneries. The model itself is a low poly model that I purchased from CG Trader. The person who created the base model only made it with one seat and an open internal fuselage, so I took it upon myself to add a second...
  14. christopherbritton

    MCX - NormalMaps. Is there a trick? (Solved)

    Hello, I created a NormalMap using the 3D function in Photoshop CC 2017. After creation, I converted it to FSX format using the MCX texture converter. However, for some reason, when I add this NormalMap to my model it fails to show any changes in the model preview. I have even tried exporting...
  15. K

    A bug and the solution.

    I am new here, so posted a bug report on the wrong place. You can read it here:
  16. T

    FSX Having troubleexporting MDL with ModelConverterX

    Hi all. Hope your day is going well, because mine is filled with frustration... For the past few days I have been trying to use ModelConverterX to move the default B737 VC in a freeware 767 I have downloaded. The cockpit is too far back obviously because its a 737 VC being used in a 767. which...
  17. 5TX6D

    FSX MCX Error

    I have been using MCX v13 with no problems. Decided I would give MCX v14 latest dev release a go. I loaded a ground poly mdl as usual and converted. Shows in fsx no problem that I could find. See error below. 1:07 PM SCASM Error Error in line 20 1:07 PM SCASM Information...
  18. christopherbritton

    MCX xtomdl error when using LODs

    @arno For some strange reason, in the latest (and previous) dev version of MCX, if I add a LOD to an object, I get the below error when attempting to compile a FSX (or P3D) MDL file. At first I thought it had something to do with the model, but if I remove all LODs, my model will compile...
  19. Xtreme Development

    FSX MCX creates no BGL

    Hey guys, I am having quite an annoying problem. Today, I tried to create a .BGL out of an .DAE file. The DAE file contained a hangar. I was using the "Convert and place object Wizard" from MCX. This is the problem I walk into: It creates no BGL. The textures are exported properly into...
  20. christopherbritton

    Exporting SODE SimObject in Model Converter X?

    Hello, I made a few performance improvements to a 3rd party SimObject windsock model that I'm using with SODE. However, I seem to be running into an issue. After I finished tweaking, I exported the model as an FSX MDL with the exact same name as the original. However, for some reason the model...