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model converter x

  1. WorldSky

    MCX texture looks blurry from far

    Hello, how do I restore the texture so that it is not blurry from a distance view? because in p3d it looks the same as what I see in mmcx.
  2. FS9ER

    Creating paintkit using MCX

    Hi, I've been reading and searching lots of contents lately but I can't find a lead so I ask here if it's ok please. Can we create a paintkit for a FS2004 model using ModelConverterX? If yes, is there more about it like a tutorial video or experienced users who have good knowledge or text...
  3. WorldSky

    MSFS Animation from MCX Not Working in MSFS2020

    Hi, I have a problem when using animation on an object for MSFS2020. I created the animation in 3dsmax and exported it to modelconverterx and then exported it to MSFS2020. When in Modelconverterx, the animation is detected and runs smoothly, but when tested in MSFS2020, the animation does not...
  4. B

    MSFS How to add materials to an imported aircraft?

    Hello, I’ve just imported a FSX aircraft using the legacy converter but it’s textures don’t show any reflection at all (the livery looks like it’s made of concrete). I’ve tried opening the aircraft.cfg file in the Model Converter X, changing the smothness to 1 in all textures and export them...
  5. F

    MSFS Issue to convert FSX plane to MSFS

    Hi ! ! Disclaimer ! Following plane i use, is from Carenado, it's Fa50 EX. All the credit go to the dev. Also, i use this module only for me and my self. Back yesterday... Trying to convert fsx plane to msfs with ytb tutorial : [First Part] Open aircraft.MDL in modelconverter X, try to...
  6. WayneS

    FSX Lights not working properly after export on MCX

    Hello, I recently started editing and adding materials to all the aircraft I fly to give it better reflections (my attempt to get some P3D-style reflections in FSX). I did this via ModelConverterX's material editor and adding environmental, fresnel and specular maps. I was quite impressed with...
  7. M

    P3D v5 Ground polygon issue transparent PBR Material

    Hello guys! The issue consists in the fact that some of the translucent layers (PBR materials) from my custom ground poly, disappear at certain view angles. If I set materials to opaque the problem goes away. Z-Bias begins from 4 to 6, 8 and so on... There's no "overlapping" z-bias layers. The...
  8. M

    MCX A suggestion for MCX

    Hello, @arno ! It's been a quite some time now using your tools, especially MCX. It is a great tool! Thx! However, I think it can be further improved in terms of user experience. This is not a request but a suggestion, how the title says ) What I think you could do to improve interaction with...
  9. H

    Posky 747 in P3DV5

    Good day to everyone. I've been trying to convert the posky E-4B Model to P3DV5 for quite a while, but never got big results. Everytime i convert the plane, the engines wont spin. Hiroshi Igami, big guy in flightsim community told me to talk with Carl. I tried talking with Carl Lyndon Nepomuceno...
  10. alexito_178

    MCX Suspended Right After Launch

    Hello! MCX 1.4 is getting suspended every time I launch it; it's been going on for a while now (maybe a month?). I opened up the Task Manager and in less than three seconds, the app gets suspended. I managed to create a DMP File in case it was necessary, though it's too large to upload. Any...
  11. P

    [P3DV4] Ground poly flickering

    Hi, i am making an airport which then cause my ground poly to flicker. I have no idea why this happens. I have set my layers, flatten them with autogen, set my MCX altitude same as ADE. but none is working. I have attached an image of my MCX settings. Please take a look. I can't continue with...
  12. Claviateur

    MSFS Strange transparency in converted 3D Object faces

    Hello, I used Model Converter X to batch convert the 3D assets I created for my XP scenery to MSFS. I went from the XP obj files and they all look good in MCX. However in the Developer Mode of MSFS, when I import and place them, some of them have strange transparency. When I move around, it's...
  13. yowman

    P3D v5 stuck with custom placed mcx dynamic lighting

    hi guys, I really need your help....I add some spotlight using mcx on a scenery....I have followed all solutions on every dyn light discussion...my DL still not active when I makes the scenery as my arrival.... what should I do? this is my dyn light .fx file : [Library Effect] Lifetime=5...
  14. Apoorv Pal

    SODE Jetways with Blender

    Hey, I saw a couple of threads about this but couldn't find a suitable reply yet. I tried importing one of the demo Jetways using Model Converter X to get it into collada (.dae) and then Blender (import collada) but I don't seem to see any bones and rigging. It would be amazing to have a...
  15. J

    P3D v4 MCX - DSF TO BGL Coordinate discrepency

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone has a quick fix for this one, I am converting an X-Plane scenery to P3D V4, When I import a DSF just with cars to MCX and export a BGL from this - the cars are offset in P3D for some reason? If you see the below screenshots, WED shows all of the cars correctly...
  16. H

    P3D v4 Strange problem with Ground Poly

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with a ground poly that I made in blender here I attached the images of the problem and here are more images of model converter x This error only happens when you arrive at the airport from another airport, but when you start a new flight everything is...
  17. K

    P3D v4 No object found in the file error

    Hi, I started mu own project for 1 week now and I have a problem with MCX. I modelised my building with Sketchup. I export the 3D without texture with .dae file, I load it in my MCX, it's work, I export it and then when I set the building on ADE, my P3D V4 crash so I load my BGL on MCX and I...
  18. Rotornut44

    Internal modeling not visible through semi-transparent texture.

    Hello. I have been building a greenhouse model off and on over the last few days. The model I have designed is a metal frame greenhouse with what is suppose to be a plastic cover over the entire metal frame. (The frame is just a 2D texture) I have added an alpha channel to my single texture...
  19. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Image tool Command lines

    Hello it has been two months since i'm working on a project and i post questions when i face great obstacles that docs can't resolve so my question today is : where can i find the list of Image tool command lines ? i've seen that MCX uses image tool ( in the options ) maybe it is what it uses to...
  20. A

    Dynamic lights only partly showing

    hello all, I have a quick issue, I am in the process of adding dynamic lights to MMMX by TAxi2gate, just so I can experiment with the effect on non-v4 native airports. I am using MCX to add the spotlight effect to each position within the BGL gile, and I can see the dynamic lights in the sim...