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msfs 2020

  1. MoMadenU

    MSFS SkyVector Moving Map add-on

    This is an add-on that is in beta right now. I don't have a release date yet as there are some details I still need to work out. The preview video is Here Like other moving maps it has 2 parts. A web service running outside the browser, and in this case a Chrome extension running in the...
  2. mjk.kirschner

    MSFS SDK - synthetic vision implementation

    Hello, I posted a similar question on the official sdk forum but didn't get any replies: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/rendertotexture-intercept-and-synthetic-vision-implementation/304399 I'd like to implement my own synthetic vision gauge - I've searched many questions and the current...
  3. Serega_G

    MSFS Runway with only one taxiway connected in the middle

    Hi, I building my airport with one taxiway connected in the middle of the runway. All my previous airports are good and working as they should. So, I know many how to :cool: For this particulat airport I have only one path to runway which is connected in the middle of runway. Runway path is...
  4. E

    MSFS Toggle taxi ribbon

    Yes, I known the taxi ribbon is ugly but sometimes useful to get taxi guidance to the parking. Many people, including myself, think that turning this on/off through the assistance menu is a pain. Does any of you have an idea about a way to make it toggled by a key press? I am not sure it is...
  5. P

    SDK Missing SimVars?

    Hi, I've been working on my home cockpit for FS2020 for a few weeks. Using the example SimVarWatcher project along with the documentation, I can't seem to find the SimVars for Master Warning or Master Caution. I even searched the Event IDs as these maybe set there?? I am not sure. Does anyone...
  6. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS Aprons with custom texture misbehaving [SOLVED]

    I have made a custom material with an arrow resembling the ones used at this airport. I have placed them on the runway extension using square aprons. Made one and duplicated it. I also made the custom threshold marks using the same procedure with another, simple white material. Everything looks...
  7. J

    Blender to MSFS 2020

    I am having problems getting my Blender project into MSFS 2020. I can’t work out what I am doing wrong as I had it working last week. I have tried various things but I am stumped. This is how I export from Blender. In Blender File / Export / extended glTF 2.0 (glib/glTF) for MSFS Then in...
  8. C

    Texture in River

    Hi all, I created the beautiful city of Bamberg with a custom satellite picture, the airport and the main sights. The problem I have is now, that the river has the satellite picture underneath the water. There is water, but it looks as if it is super shallow because of the aerial texture (see...
  9. C

    MSFS Living World & Services at Airport

    Hey everyone, I created my first custom airport and now want to adjust the life on the airfield a little bit. That includes services, airplane spawning (so far there is no aircrafts spawning at my gates) etc. I did some research and found this interesting discussion with the hint of...
  10. C

    Sim Objects in custom airport

    Hi all! I just finished my first custom airport. Everything is fine, ATC is working, the runway and the taxiways look nice. The only issue I am having are the sim object. I added sim objects (like boarding stairs) to the parking spots and whenever I start the simulation all sim objects just...
  11. MoMadenU

    MSFS Getting Started With FS2020 HTML Gauges

    After searching high and low for information on how to write HTML gauges I stumbled upon a Test HTML file left in by the FS2020 developers. That got me started. I was able to get the basic G1000 Hsi gauge to run on its own outside of the sim. Here is the video that walks you through the steps...
  12. WildLynxPilot

    MSFS EFNU, Nummela airfield (published freeware)

    A highly detailed scenery of the Nummela airfield (EFNU) about 40 km NW of Helsinki, Finland is now available at https://files.fsnordic.net/sceneries/efnu-2020 Note, that you also need the newest version of the FISD Library, avalable on the same server.
  13. F

    MSFS Objects exported with Blender appear in the sim in dev mode but not when flying

    Hi all!! (excuse my poor english) I have succesfully made two sceneries with landmarks. I get the data from "that other web that is not Bing" , imported into blender and export to gltf. Made the sceneries, place object in dev mode, compile, exit sim, copy package to comunity folder and relaunch...
  14. T

    MSFS White objects - textures not showing

    Hi guys, been exporting objects to the new MSFS via MCX and compiling them with the in sim compiler (build packag) - how ever when i try to place them they appear white with no textures loaded even though all the textures are in the community folder. any ideas?
  15. R

    Decal material

    Hello, I'm trying to place poly over wall on building with material type Decal. As it stated in SDK this material type is for geometry decals, which are shapes rendered on top of another mesh. But in my case this poly flickers over wall poly in the sim. What should I do to correctly use decal...
  16. lionheart

    MSFS 3ds Max 2020 Indie Edition

    Hey all, For those that wish to get 3ds Max 2020 at an affordable price ($287 USD a year) and find that you can only get Max 2021, when you purchase it, you can go back to Max 2018. Its a Subscription service, so you can back-step to earlier versions of Max, including (presently) back to 2018...
  17. F

    (UVW) Textures in flightsim

    I've been working on a model for FS2020 for my home airport and the model itself is coming along nicely. I've started texturing as well and I've looked up as much as I could about materials and UVW mapping, but I'm stuck. In 3ds, the model is textured (I've restarted the texturing process a few...
  18. F

    MSFS Object instancing

    Hello all! This is my first post! :) I'm very glad to be here in such a helpful community with great content! My question about modeling for MSFS 2020: Let's say i'm building a custom road model with many lamp posts at each side. One option would be to just repeat the same model (array in...
  19. Z

    MSFS Textures problem on scenery

    Hi all, I have a problem with textures on my scenery project. Do you know how to fix this ? Thank you
  20. Lagaffe

    FSXA CYMX - MirabelX

    Good evening, This joint project between Jean-Pierre Fillion, Dominic Marier and Lagaffe/French-VFR started more than 6 months ago. The first version is planned for FSX but the objective is to be able to use the full potential of P3D afterwards. This scene has a cover of more than 25 km²...