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  1. T

    Any documentation on how to create an ATC for MSFS 2020?

    Hi, I am new, I hope I post at the right place. As the title says, any documentation or anything to help on building an ATC for MSFS 2020? Thank you.
  2. D

    Blender2MSFS day/night textures wrong

    I'm new to scenery creation and trying to add some missing details to Detroit. I'm using blender, blosm plugin for google maps import to blender, and blender2msfs to export. I was able to get the the scenery into msfs, but during the day the textures are washed out. At night, they look how they...
  3. A

    MSFS Random animation start

    Hello guys! I have some troubles with an 3d human model, which I place multiple instances in the sim and their animation is synchronized, even if in the .xml I've put Autoplay, Random. The object itself has 4 LOD and only LOD0 has animation. I need to mention the fact that if I remove LOD's...
  4. UbiSumus

    MSFS FLARM SimVars

    Hello, I searched the web for a while now, but so far I was not able to find any helpful information. I'm working on an app in managed code to get real-time and AI-traffic details. So far my requests and responses are working as expected. Now I found some FLARM simulation variables in the SDK...
  5. B

    MSFS Need Help with Adding Grass

    So I'm trying to make an airport in the simulator and the default airport literally just had a picture of the ground with no actual grass. I've tried adding grass using both aprons and polygons however both cause the grass to show up on planes with synthetic vision and maps instead of just the...
  6. A_day

    How to write ils approach xml code?

    https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/coding-xml-sids-stars-approaches-a-small-tutorial.449969/ By examining the example in the link, I wanted to write SID, STAR and Approach codes for my airport, but I couldn't. In the example in the link, ils is entered on a waypoint. At my airport, ils is...
  7. A

    MSFS Same model with different textures?

    Hi all, Please, tell me if it's possible to have the same model (not simobject), for example a static car (for parking) or human, with different textures (liveries) for it? Thank you!
  8. Simmerdiman

    Blender Looking for 3D modeler

    Hi all. The development team is looking for a 3D modeler to implement paid aircraft for MSFS/X-Plane 12. We promise a fixed percentage of sales (more profitable than piecework). The team already has all the necessary specialists, except for an excellent 3D artist. We need a person who knows...
  9. A_day

    MSFS MSFS2020 New Airport Glideslope and DME setting problem

    Hello everyone, In FSX, I designed a private airport between the mountains with ADE. I wanted to make the same airport in Msfs2020. Before moving on to the objects of the scene such as polygons, terrain leveling, taxiways, aprons, buildings, I wanted to design the positions and frequencies of...
  10. F

    MSFS Editing Parking Spots in Default Airport

    Hello Hive Mind, I'd like to edit the dimensions of the parking spots at EGNX )East Midlands Airport) so that addons like AIG or FSLTL will send the right sized aircraft in to park up. I've downloaded and installed ADE V20.22.8157 Alpha with HF5. I appear to be falling at the first hurdle...
  11. J

    Is VR camera animation possible?

    In smaller, faster planes the standard VR camera is pretty uncomfortable in turbulence. Unlike the monitor view, whose camera bounces a bit with physical shifts (as your head would be, keeping your view somewhat stable with the horizon), the VR camera is hard locked to its position and...
  12. swissairMD11

    MSFS Saab 340B MSFS2020, self training

    Hello there! Am working on a project that suddenly came up in me to create an Saab 340B, am not sure what I will do with this project or if it will stall. This is no announcement for a product on the horizon but a privet training program for my self, but I want to let people have a looksy in my...
  13. I

    Changing Default Creator / Company - where is it stored?

    I had to reinstall my MSFS2020 to move it from one drive to another and, since doing so, the default creator and company entries in the Dev Mode Project Editor are blank, with red error text for the titles. Entering values into the boxes in the Project Editor, the text is red and cannot be...
  14. M

    MSFS2020 - Need Help Making Light Preset for ALSF-2 Approach

    I'm trying to make a working ALSF-2 light to extend the approach lights further than what the runway editor will build. I've built edge light presets before but I'm having a hard time with this one. I've managed to position 5 lights relatively okay on the structure but I'm struggling to get...
  15. E

    MSFS MFS2020 Counter Rotating Blades King Air 350

    Hello, I am working on a personal advanced version of the king air350 using the news sdk features. I'm looking for the function to create CW (engine0) ACW (engine1) contra rotating propellers for better lift. The visual animation, does not interest me. Should I use shortcuts or ? It happens...
  16. I

    Create airplane model and make it work in MSFS2020

    Hello I am Iveta who is business manager of one agency from the UK. I found you here in fsdeveloper's forum and we are interested in your expertise. Currently, we are looking for MSFS2020 SDK expert, 3D modeling artist with MSFS2020 experience, QA tester. Our client has one MSFS2020 project of...
  17. J

    AI Traffic State

    Hi, I'm trying to monitor AI traffic by using the SimConnect API to retrieve the AI Traffic State (e.g. STATE_ENROUTE_AS_FILED, STATE_TAKEOFF, etc.). I can successfully get values such as Airspeed using SimConnect_AddToDataDefinition and SimConnect_RequestDataOnSimObject, but when i try to get...
  18. M

    MSFS PBR Textures Too Shiny & Metallic

    I'm having an issue with many PBR textures I download (particularly it seems those from textures.com) where the textures are showing up in MSFS as way too shiny and metallic/relective. One example is below, the tiles on the building are extremely shiny both during the day, and at night. I...
  19. O

    MSFS Modified default jetways help please

    Hi everyone, i need a little help please. I imported the default sample jetway in blender and saved it and exported as a custom jetway. Everything works fine except the Capote and Door. For some reason i can not figure out why is not rendering in the correct position inside the sim. Please take...
  20. P

    MSFS SSJ 100

    Hey guys , Long time lurker first time poster. I got myself heavily involved in the SSJ100 conversion project (with permission from Edgar). We are in the process of a native cockpit for the aircraft. 2 things I have a question about 1 ) Is the labeling i set up in the file correct. See...