1. MatthiasKNU

    PSCreator ALPHA 2.000d

    This is a ALPHA VERSION This tool creates photoscenery BGLs from Imagery, which has been downloaded with Ortho4XP for P3D. The tool creates the blend- and watermask, based on shapefiles and resamples. Furthermore, it is able to create 5 seasons (winter, hardwinter (snow), spring, summer and...
  2. Christian Bahr

    Bavaria - Lake Constance scenery in development

    X-Plane 11 Lake Constance. Infinite widths. We are writing the year 2017 ... and get a nice Lake Constance scenery for the X-Plane. By "we" we mean the X-Plane user. Agi, known for some very good and high-quality conversions for the X-Plane, is currently building a Lake Constance scenery in...
  3. peacefarm

    Ortho + Autogen

    Hello everyone, I'm curious as to if there is a way to add auto-gen to ortho scenery? I'm looking to cover large areas using SbuilderX. Currently using P3D v3.4 with Orbx Global, Vector, LC. It would truly be wonderful if I could substitute the Orbx ground textures with ortho, but leave the...
  4. Younes

    P3D v3 How to make a Photo real Town?

    Hey Guys! Once again im am starting with new scenery after finshing my first one which can downlaoded here if you wish to ;) : http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fsx-scenarii-83/scenariy-aeroporta-gomel-umgg-fsx-p3dv3-60020.html Anyways to get into the point Im trying to make a small town in Belarus...